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Russian Aerospace Forces Eliminated 250 ISIS Terrorists near Palmyra

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Russian Aerospace Forces Eliminated 250 ISIS Terrorists near Palmyra

The Russian Aerospace Forces have eliminated 250 ISIS terrorists and 15 vehicles armed with machine guns near the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on September 14.

“Anti-Daesh fight is going on. Yesterday, the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted airstrikes to the north of Palmyra where a group of Daesh terrorists was preparing offensive on the city,” Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, first deputy chief of the General Staff’s Main Operational Department, told journalists during a news briefing.

According to Poznikhir, the group of terrorists had been preparing for an advance on the Syrian army’s positions in the area.

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Brad Isherwood

Syria need some capable strike aircraft which can hit real-time SAT targets like Russian TAC air…and stay out of manpad range. Syria’s Su 24 and the somewhat capable upgraded Mig 23s are tired frames and few in numeric. Unless Russia has been slipping in upgraded Su 24s to Syria. Syria’s Mig 29s. …20?…are reported to have wing rails and targeting to carry the standoff Anti ship strike missile. ..Su 24s are upgraded to similar strike ability. Which leaves Syria with maybe 40 aircraft to counter with reasonable strike power. Still lacking vs Israel and NATO aircraft with their superior com interface with AWACS.. SAT real time and weapons load out.

Israeli aircraft should not be crossing into Syria or Lebanon so oft and so easy. Russia could show Alot more here. .. Said incidents force Israel to explain at UN why they violate Lebanon and Syrian sovereignty.

So far it seems like Israhell gets to do whatever the hell it wants…and gets $38 Billion More weapons from Uncle Shlomo.


The syrian airforce has lost a lot of pilots to defection and combat deaths. They use some obsolete aircraft like su-22, mig-23, mig21 and some newer su-24 (su-24m2 to be precise). The russians have replaced some of the syrian su-24 combat losses.

With this lack of manpower and aircraft they have managed to put the pressure on the rebels/jihadis and be a factor in this war. But you can forget about trying to control the airspace or engaging other air forces. They only have a few mig-29 and the mig-25 are permanently out of service. They have resorted to using transport helicopters and dropping barrel bombs out of them from high altitude to keep up the pressure ….

Also, Russia is already spending a lot of money in this war and on top of that is donating su-25 to Iraq and has donated su-24 to Syria. That’s as far as it goes. Iran tried to help with some ex-iraqi old mig-23 for spare parts but they can’t do anything else either.

After the war is over, Syria should get some su-30 aircraft and some air defence systems from Russia on loan. They have oil, they will be able to pay sooner or later :D

Ilies Bekhtaoui

russia gave them like 10 su-24 modernised i don’t know if it was a gift or they had payed for them but yeah the have good planes now + russia is repairing the old planes and add to them a little modernisation from time to time it’s just the plane russian pilotes are state of art trained nothing to do with the planes

Brad Isherwood

The new YAK 130 aircraft would train Syrian pilots for seat in Gen 4++ frames from Russia. Hopefully Syria has 100 capable men to go thru training . Syria was fortunate the man pads were not around in numeric from the conflicts Beginning…or they might have lost their Airforce. .that. ..and the number of airbase That were overrun.

The Russian Su 24 are still capable platforms…. As Russia is moving towards its newer Gen designs….these Su 24s could replace the Old Su 22…Mig 21/23.

RAC Mig have upgrade programs for Migs on foreign export Sukhoi probably has similar.

Syria’s Airforce has done well all things given them to face. Syria’s Army and Intelligence failed from the get go. It seems coordination with Iran Syria and Hezbollah is still a problem Syria has regional players who will rally forces in their region….they are not Transport to Raqqa or Der Ezzor for ex.

Russia can stabilize things with its humanitarian designs and negotiations. The US is losing its ability to roil the country in chaos as before. Future political dynamics favor Russia.

I’ve read that Iraq does not want US boots on the ground…The US are extorting Iraq to stay in the country. Kurds must be b’tarded if they trust US after Joe Biden kicked them in the ass.


The rebels are not getting MANPADs because of fears that they will be used to bring down commercial airliners (as they takeoff or land)

Why should Russia also carry the costs of modernising the syrian airforce? They just give them a few su-24 to replace the losses.

I think the kurdish men in charge are on the CIA payroll and they herd their fighters wherever the americans tell them to, not caring about the sacrifices being made and the USA undermining the kurdish interests by supporting the turkish invasion. All that part of Syria was totally lost as far as the Assad regime is concerned.

Brad Isherwood

Russia will have to carry the cost …until the conflict is resolved and Syria able to market oil/nat gas and other. The YAK 130 contract…the first batch indicates Russia is planning to upgrade Syria’s Airforce and Air Defences. This may still be delayed due to the conflict. Some of the YAK 130 frames for Syria could go to other foreign export buyers.

The Syrian conflict reveals the weakness of UNSCR on Sovereignty. ..with Several nations violating that. Lavrov may seem like a dupe for continuing the negotiated settlement track While US lies thru it’s teeth…yet that path gives Russia a future advantage in Syria on the street.

Russia is showing its committed to Syria’s Future

Jens Holm

And Assads get nothing from someone.


Do you think the Russian airforce would strike Turkish forces directly if they attack Allepo?

Ilies Bekhtaoui

they will not the objectif of turkey from russia is to elliminate the kurdish forces so like that there would be only assad army to take on all of syria so assad stay in power russia wins syria wins turkey wins that’s what they plane to do so i think that turkish forces will be busy attacking ypg units and not attack allepo or russia will fuck up turkey with new santions

Tom Johnson

Under your scenario you’ll have Turkish and Syrian forces looking at each other on the outskirts of Aleppo. You need to think about how that would work.

Ilies Bekhtaoui

turky isn’t in syria they just support there proxies they will helped them only enough so the kurds and the terrorists auto destroye themselfs

Jens Holm

Dont think that. First Turkish airforce will make russian guest of Syria back to stoneage having only rubbel left – Then Russians porbatly will nuke Turks.

The turkish airforce is a big one – You can check it – I have – In 1999 they had 232 F16 and they alaone easaly can manege the russian ones – even first comming help from Russia.

Today (2008 I think) Turks has about 1500 very mixed aeroplanes. If You compare ziese, they have ordered 112 F35 Joint strike Fighters to replace the F16(none shouldbe there 2030).

Tom Johnson

They also have thousands of cruise missiles, anti radiation missiles, cratering bombs along with a geographical advantage.

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