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Russian Aerospace Forces Destroyed Formidable ISIS Convoy Preparing To Attack Syrian Army Positions In Homs (Video)

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On Thursday, the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force destroyed a formidable ISIS military convoy in the province of Homs.

According to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria, the convoy was moving in the direction of the Zaza triangle area with an aim to attack on government forces operating there. The incident took place at 10:30 (local time).

Following this devastating blow to ISIS forces in the province of Homs, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies liberated a large area south of the Palmyra-Homs highway, establishing a full control over the Damascus-Palmyra highway.

Russian Aerospace Forces Destroyed Formidable ISIS Convoy Preparing To Attack Syrian Army Positions In Homs (Video)

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Nigel Maund

Great stuff and very well done to the Russian Aerospace Forces!!

Leo Jansen

Eat this Terrorist Scumbags!!!


easy task…..find them in open ground, hit the first vehicle and the last..then they are sitting ducks….send them all to meet the 72 virgins.


I thought that as well but it didn’t look like they did that, it’s a shame the video didn’t show more !!!


Bad/mislabeled map.
Sawana junction is actually Zaza junction, the “zaza triangle”

If anyone is wondering where this is at in relation to the map, if you watch the video you can kindof see that they reach the “T3 Station” on the map and then get off the highway and start heading south.

Once they reached the “tall farri” area on the southfront map is when the fireworks started to fly.


Sawana junction and Zaza junction are two different locations. Zaza is located south of Sawana.
Please, take a look:
Zaza junction: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.819874&lon=37.885666&z=14&m=b&show=/36488243/Zaza-Junction
Sawana junction: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=34.001443&lon=38.000336&z=10&m=b&show=/7123355/Sawwanah-Junction
Unfortunately, this map does not show the Zaza area. Later today, SF is going to release own map that will provide a more detailed look at the situation.


Yes. I think you misunderstood my comment, and pointed out what I said earlier =D


No he didnt misunderstand, the map is correct 100%. Zaza is further down


Should have hit the entire line in several simultaneous strikes so no one could escape

Robert Guttierez

Did I miss something? I saw only 2 explosions. It looks like a missed opportunity. SU-25’s going up and down that column with cannon fire would have destroyed everything.

guy deborde

Obviously you have missed quite a lot . That convoy has been rendered ineffective and the surviving stragglers will provide Intel . This isn’t an American movie the net positive for Russia and it’s Allies is the ultimate goal ..minimal risks were taken all Christians come home alive .

paolo duchateau

Monitoring, monitoring and destroy this wardogs and rats before casualties. Great work.


Ahhh that was satisfying.

georgios ksintavelonis

Does anyone know the title of the instrumental? Very catchy, indeed


This was the convoy that left from khunayfis and busayri areas hahahhaha!

Well done SAA very proud of you!!!!


Seems hama pocket is next!!!! When tigers take maskanah then they can push southwest and meet near ithriya while the others push east of salamiyah and north from shaer / south of jubb al jarra areas.

Also, there are the desert hawks in the area as well. (Allegedly)


Solomon Krupcheck hope your negative ass shuts up now, Tanf border is next!!!!

Solomon Krupacek

i bat with you, tanf will not happen. and the anericans are closer also ti deir ez zor


Saa wont attack tanf if nato is there but pmu dont give a fk. They already got many guys killed by us airstrikes and want revenge.

As for deir ezzor you are no prophet so you cant predict the future. Lets wait and see

Jonathan Cohen

SAA can still be first to Deir Ezzor if they throw everything at it and forget stuff like Hama pocket for now.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, also my question is, Is able the SAA focus its forces?


0.18 isn’t that the shadow of two choppers flying above? Is the monitoring instrument a drone or from the same aircraft used to bomb? How much damage do you think was done to that convoy? I was expecting more airstrikes in a row as well.

Nice to see such a good target being destroyed! Interesting though to know if it was leaving or reinforcing ISIS positions in Homs province. Very exited by the late SAA progress. BTW nice catchy tune.


ever saw an USA video of trageting ISIS?


“…ever saw an USA video of trageting ISIS?…”

The US Military is play acting in Syria.

IS – Islamic State is still in place after 70,000+++ Air Bombing Sorties by the US led “Terror Axis” in Syria.

The “Terror Axis” is led by the USA and includes the UK, France, NATO, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, etc, who are unlawful facilitators of Terrorism in Syria and other countries by unlawfully financing, arming and training terrorists as well as unlawful oil and weapons trafficking and unlawful trading with terrorists.

Pampi Ta

Why only two bombs ? The RUAF should have annihilated them !


Those were thermo baritone bombs that suck all the air out of your lungs. Less than 10% survivors escaped. And they would not fight again in a hurry.

El Diablo

I know they were 35 veicles and they were be killed all (the militants). But not how much manpower they were.


Wrong, look carefully this video. Not even a half of it.

El Diablo

The video can not be all the operation. It is only 5 minutes.


OK, Then, you know about the whole operation, right ?

El Diablo

I’ve read on twitter that were involved also terrain troops and they have killed them all. Maybe is false, i don’t know.


Every report I’ve read said the entire column was eliminated, the video appears to be just the initial attack.


Wait, this is not a great things, and let me explain it. We see a large column of terrorist vehicles. The attack is done just to the first twenty or so vehicles, but more than 30 or so are spread and go away ¿ what kind of attack is this one ? Do you realize that when USA made the attack to the Syrian convoy, they destroy completely everything, nothing was left alive ! Here in this video, one can see A LOT of terrorist left alive ! It looks like Russia had only one plane with one bomb !! On the other hand, this video shows that Russia can see everything in Syria with many details, So, there is not excuse for the aerospace russian force for not being able to destroy every threat terrorist movement in Syria.
Well, i f you have a single plane with a single bomb, at least , it was well done, congratulation. I hope you continue doing well with so little support.

Solomon Krupacek

i think also, there is lack of c130 or A10

otherwise almasdarnews wrote, the syrian army destroyed.


Solomon Krupacek

IS – Islamic State is still in place after 25,000+++ Air Bombing Sorties by the Russian Air Group in Syria.

The Russian Air Group is play acting.

All Russian SU’s are armed with Cannon, after dropping their payload bomb, the SU should go in and cannon strafe anything left over.

Solomon Krupacek

probably withjout ammo, if did not.

su is su, c130 is better for such cleanings.


I seriously doubt we are seeing the entire attack in this video. There is no indication as to what aircraft did the initial attack or what aircraft was brought in to continue the attack. It looks to me like maybe a Syrian or Russian bomb truck started the attack but perhaps they called in su-25 ground attack aircraft or MI-28’s to finish the job. Regardless of what you see in this short video the written reports I’ve read all say the column was destroyed

Solomon Krupacek
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