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Russian Aerospace Forces Destroyed 950 Terrorist Targets Over Past Week

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Russian Aerospace Forces Destroyed 950 Terrorist Targets Over Past Week

A Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber delivers a strike on ISIS near Syria’s al-Bukamal on November 2. Source: Russian Defense Ministry

According to official Russian Ministry of Defense media outlet Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star), Russian combat planes in Syria have destroyed over 950 targets of various terrorist groups in Syria during this past week, mostly in Deir ez-Zor province.

The targets were destroyed during more than 390 sorties that took place over the period. Also 173 drone sorties were conducted, which resulted in discovering 151 new targets.

On the ground, more than 500 acres were inspected by the sappers, demining more than 4600 objects in Syria.

Comparatively, the US-led coalition has conducted 37 strikes in Syria consisting of 65 engagements near Abu Kamal and Deir ez-Zor, according to operation Inherent Resolve website. The strikes destroyed a number of vehicles, ISIS tactical units, lines of communication, ISIS-held buildings and one ISIS training center.

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You can call me Al

Sounds pretty good to me.

As a side issue, which Gump in the US makes up these stupid operation names ??. This one “Operation Inherent Resolve” drives me mad, just the sound of it makes me cringe.


Its all to do with the bastardisation of the true meaning of words of course.

‘Gay’ being a prime example. It was never used to describe men who insert their penis into the orifice’s of another man until recently.


I knew I wasnt losing my mind.When I started school in the late 80s, we were taught that the word gay was synonymous to happy..I honestly dont know when it changed


Should be called “operation take our sweet time and bomb isis around the edges and aid isis as much as possible to fight against the SAA”

You can call me Al

Or “operation, darn – we lost again”.

Solomon Krupacek

weak, weak, weak.

last time during weekend were 850.


The strike stats of SOJTF – “Operation Inherent Liberation” seem like damp squib next to the Syria-Russia allies figures.

Jonathan Cohen

One wonders about the efficiency of flying bombs all the way from Russia in strategic combat aircraft instead of shipping the bombs by sea and land to the theater and then loading them onto combat aircraft only for the last 100 or 200 miles to delivery. Though I suppose Russia has lots of fuel and the strategic aircraft can return to strategic readiness near Ukraine in a few hours vs the weeks it might take to return tactical aircraft to readiness after Syrian deployment. Plus their is repeated offloading and risk of ambush on Syrian highways.

Carol Davidek-Waller

In the words, the U.S. is fighting a fake war against ISIS Daesh.

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