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JUNE 2021

Russian Aerospace Forces Destroyed 26 More Pieces Of ISIS Military Equipment Amid Clashes In Southern Raqqah (Video)

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The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed 26 more pieces of the ISIS military equipment and 2 fortified strong points belonging to the terrorist group, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

“Russia’s aerospace force during last night and the day of Monday went ahead with successful attacks against facilities of the Islamic State [ISIS] to destroy four tanks, 16 cross-country vehicles armed with heavy machineguns, six trucks carrying ammunition and two fortified points, including artillery positions,” the ministry said.

The announcement came amid the continued clashes between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS in the Ghanem Ali area in southern Raqqah.

According to the defense ministry, following the failure in southern Raqqah ISIS is now trying to re-group its forces in the province of Deir Ezzor.

On Sunday, the Russian military announced that its warplanes have destroyed the most battle-tested and well-armed unit of ISIS in the Euphrates River valley. Over 800 ISIS members, 13 battle tanks, 39 pickup trucks armed with large-caliber machine guns and 9 mortars and artillery guns were reportedly eliminated.

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Damn that is some good video. keep up the glorious work


This is a continuation of more losses suffered from yesterday’s published losses, these barbarians need to learn some basic strategy that in an open desert you are at the mercy of air attacks.
ISIS got soft thinking the US airforce was the ultimate, in dishing out punishments, only to find out that Russian Air Force gives them a hammering like they never seen before.


These huge, huge losses show that ISIS now lacks in not just manpower and good equipment but skilled military officers/strategists too. Right now, maybe most of their skilled leaders and officers are killed or escaped…

Tudor Miron

It is disgraceful the the Western MSM does not report on this issue. As we know the Israeli’s and US have been supporting ISIS since its inception.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Daesh/ISIS lost 800 men in the counter offensive from SAA they had members of Tigers elite unit and RG 124th members in this fire brigade, they were mixing them right and it worked effectively. The reinforcements coming to support were obliterated by Russian fighters, if it were SyAAF the US would have claimed they were attacking SDF troops and shoot them down.

The only ones fleeing are the looters from US/Coalition whom were there as advisers stealing gold money and artifacts.This has always been their modus operandi in the region, steal as much as you can and get out.

The SAA will hopefully be able to achieve their objectives before the US can put together a credible force not made of foreigners which as it stands they have in Shadaddi.


The ISIS loses are really starting to add up!
This should make the taking of Maadan easier.


Could it be that the Syrians didn’t resist the counter-attack by the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers, rather than react quickly after being surprised?


as it seems…..they denefited from the counter attack. they had a large amont of isis fighters in one place along with precious tanks and other hardware….now they eliminated them…..rather than escaping to another place and continue the fight. obviously isis made a very bad decision. they had a huge victory and then they vanished !!!


This conflict east of government positions all of the way to the Iraq border has turned into death zone, kill box territory for the Jew’s regime change lackeys in the 99% of land outside of river bank and remote villages. Once they enter the death zones, they can be, and frequently are, targeted for extermination. As their Jew masters do nothing and watch their slaves die horrible deaths.


Nice. Secondary explosions, so it’s definitely military vehicles. I suppose RuAF and SAA learned the lesson of 2nd fall of Palmyra in December 2016. That time air strikes were not so efficient and couldn’t stop IS advance. This time SAA retreated in good order but retained the high ground south of the Euphrates villages. Compared to footage in late 2016 RuAF seem to be much better in target acquisition and shortened significantly it’s response time. It used to be random carpet bombing of general target area. Now it’s quality CAS. In short – IS is literally toast…


Carpet bombing can be very effective in open territory like this with few or no civilians present. The Russians have precision munitions and with modern computer equipment which they also have. Free fall munitions can also be dropped in with a high degree of precision and effectiveness. As the Jew slave invaders are learning to devastating effect.


I do not believe Suk 25s were available during the Palmyra debacle, they were pulled out for modernization, and subsequently the Russian Air Force lacked a true ground attack aircraft.
Now the Suk 25’s are back, and the Russians are using the Tyas airbase, which is far more advantageously positioned for operations in Racca and Deir Ezzor provinces, they can reach a target within a few minutes and start the turkey shootout, go back refuel and reload several times a day.

Solomon Krupacek

But Putinm the almaghty told, in 1 day can send back 100+ planes. if he want, he can send another planes. but he wished to see fall palmyra. i have picures and videos, russian soldiers left heavy equipment for isis. if thes were had brain, blow them up.

Alex Black

These are lies, ISIS managed a surprise attack with the help of the CIA and coalition jamming aircraft. This happened at the Time most of the Syrian and Russian assets were concentrated on taking of Aleppo. When considering the propaganda value of captured or dead Russians, the Russians made the decision to abandon some equipment that was later destroyed by air power. ISIS took a worthless city, in the middle of an open desert, and lost it 3 month later, having lost so much man power, that they would never mount another real offensive for the rest of the war.

Solomon Krupacek

so, if some jihadists can arrange so huge surprise attack, themn russian and syrian soldiers are less then dogs. there is no excuse for them. uncle stalin would made with all of them very short process.

Alex Black

I don’t think your comment makes sense. At the time the attack happened, ISIS was still a force to be reckoned with. They controlled Mosul, most of Syria. Today, ISIS is a ghost shell of its former self, now that Trump cut of the Saudi terror dollars, losing like a Chinese degenerate at a baccarat table. Your comment about Stalin is neither here nor there. Stalin wasn’t a particularly good general. He was a bandit that was willing to kill a lot of people to get his way. I guess I expected a more intelligent response. Lo siento, amigo.


Few of his comments make much sense. He’s either not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or is deliberately trying to dumb down the the forum. I’d guess a little of both.

Ivan Kumar

learn the language of you masters before posting anything. stupid cunt


Tu eres muy estupido :)


Hanba mať takéhoto “krajana”.

Solomon Krupacek

carpet bombing was never effective. germany, coalition, later vietnam were without significant effect.


US Carpet Bombing does have an effect Solomon. The American planners are rather short sighted though and do not consider that they will be despised and hated for many generations after such indiscriminate assaults.

Alex Black

This is the future of Daash
comment image


‘Critical, biatch!’ – Borderlands video game

Keep stacking up the pyramid of dead rats.

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