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Russian Aerospace Forces Deploy New Warplanes At Hmeimim Airbase (Video)

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Russian Aerospace Forces Deploy New Warplanes At Hmeimim Airbase (Video)

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On February 21, the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed additional warplanes at their Hmeimim airbase near the Syrian coastal city of Jableh. According to Syrian pro-government sources, four Su-35 multi-role fighters and four Su-25 attack aircraft escorted by a Tu-154M plane arrived to the airbase.

An A-50U Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) plane was also deployed, according to the sources. The A-50U is equipped with a Vega Shmel-M radar. It can detect a launch of missile or a fighter jet in the range of 650km. The detection range for ground targets is 300km. The plane can remain in the air for more than 9 hours and has an ability to guide friendly fighters and track multiple enemy fighters on the same time. It can also detect ground targets and ships.

The sources suggested that the new warplanes will support the long-awaited military operation of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Eastern Ghouta pocket. The deployment could also be linked to the current tensions between US-backed forces and the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance in the Euphrates Valley.

However, the newly deployed warplanes could be replacing other ones that have been serving in Hmeimim airbase for a long time, according to observers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to withdraw a large part of Russian forces from Syria during a visit to Hmeimim airbase on December 11, 2017. However, Putin noted back then that if terrorists gain an upper hand in Syria, Russia will carry out strikes that “they’ve never seen.”

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has not commented on the deployment of additional warplanes at Hmeimim airbase. This could mean that the warplanes were indeed deployed to replace other ones that had been withdrawn or are set to withdraw soon.

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The pointy end of a Su35 appears to be the only way to get the attention and respect of the West.

Spanker Dane

Thirty year-old Su-35 is very dangerous because it causes Western militaries to LAUGH themselves to death!


So you are not a simple moron you are a time traveler visiting us from 2045 when today’s brand new Su-35s are 30 year old news. So who won UEFA Champions League 2018 – I’d like to earn some cash…




Lol seconded.


Looks like Einstein was wrong about time travel, Spanker proves that.

Mo Richard

I LOVE you man. Awesome reply.?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Typical Brit reply totally selfish, what you forgot was the Stanley Cup ,Superbowl , NBA Finals , European Championship , Cricket World finals , PGA Tour ,NASCAR Champion ….. you get the picture. This will help with the bonafides of our time traveler as long as we get it to 2044 as we want the Grandchildren to be able to afford college with extra spending cash.


I stand corrected – and humbled by your altruism ;-D

John Whitehot

actually it’s like ten years old – and when it comes to laugh to death the f-35 really has all of the lights.

Graeme Rymill

” The F-35 has incorporated Northrop Grumman’s MADL [Multifunction Advanced Data Link] into its missions systems to provide pilots with the ability to connect with other planes and automatically share situational awareness data between fighter aircraft. The MADL is a high-data-rate, directional communications link that allows for the secure transmission of coordinated tactics and engagement for 5th Generation aircraft operating in high-threat environments.”

Some more detail:

“MADL is a millimeter wave (MMW) radar that is being developed by the Harris Corporation. Advantageously, MADL has a low cost and is small (approximately 4″×6″ aperture). Six MADLs provide full four pi coverage around the aircraft. This allows the aircraft to detect any aircraft within around 10 miles. MADL is a very high bandwidth, steerable data link on the order of around 1.5 megabyte per second for line-of-sight applications. A high frequency (around 20 GHz) and low power (around 5 watts) afford MADL a very low probability of detection and interception.”

John Whitehot


There are no emissions that cannot be intercepted. this is classic US military complex propaganda made to justify hundreds of percent fold increases in spending.

more, they can spend whatever they want, but they are not going to change electromagnetic waves propagation laws.

Graeme Rymill

Is English your first language John? Because nowhere in my reply do the words “emissions that cannot be intercepted” appear nor anything meaning that. If you claim “very low probability of detection and interception” means “emissions that cannot be intercepted” then you need to put that dunces hat firmly back on your head.

John Whitehot

Answer this.
How can they claim “Very low probability of intercept” if they lack the intercepting equipment, as they are not supposed to intercept the emissions from their own planes operationally?

Graeme Rymill

John 2 minutes spent Googling might explain it to you – but given your past history I doubt it. I couldn’t be bothered – you are still claiming the grass in Latakia is always brown – what hope do I have explaining data links between F-35s if you refuse to accept the most basic evidence that I give you that in winter, the highest rainfall months in Latakia, that the grass really does turns green at Khmeimim air base?

John Whitehot

and it took you like five mins to write this.

you should had employed those two minutes in something arguable instead of your usual ramblings.

bernie garland

Why dont we let the planes fight it out lol

Graeme Rymill

Classic Whitehot! Lost the argument (again) and the best you can come up with is that I took too long to reply to you!

Sincere apologies for my tardiness!

John Whitehot

yawn yawn.

you always claim to be winning arguments.

your obsession with the color of the grass at latakia probably already is giving you nightmares at night, so i refuse to answer it all over again after having done it countless times.

Besides how grass can be colored, there’s one thing:

The pentagon disinformation campaign related to that attack has gone to fuck off.

Graeme Rymill

It isn’t the colour of the grass that is significant here John. It is your refusal, no matter what evidence is presented, to ever admit you are wrong about anything. That tells me a lot about you.

Tudor Miron

John, you’re waisting your time with that zio creature.

John Whitehot

: ) thanks, but no worries, really.

Tudor Miron

That’s not about worry :) That’s about “teaching a pig to sing” – waist of time.

Graeme Rymill

According to TASS it is 26 years since its first flight. If you include the design phase 30 years is not that far off the mark!

“The first flight of the Su-27M (which was shortly renamed as the Su-35)
took place on April 1, 1992. The Su-35 was on display at various international airshows and was offered for export but it did not find prospective buyers. The serial production of new fighter jets did not begin due to economic problems.”


John Whitehot


The Su-35 is not at all a rename of the Su-27M.

it was a technology demonstrator for SOME of the follow-on features of 2nd generation flankers (not included: thrust vectoring engines, lcd cockpit and more).

Moreover, the version employed by the VKS is the SU-35S, which has been finalized in 2009.

Graeme Rymill

Don’t tell me… tell TASS!

John Whitehot

you fronted me, not tass.

Graeme Rymill

I quoted TASS as my evidence…you quoted…ummm.. nothing much

John Whitehot

I don’t quote, because i’m not one of the pentagoncry- babies needing links to handle themselves in conversations because they always do propaganda.

go find some specialized site on aeronautics and avionics and come back, although of course you would need translators to even read the titles, while it suits you much more to link generalistic russian press as usual, because “Russians are saying it not me”.

besides, what’s the source on the “pearls” on the F-35?

Graeme Rymill

John “the grass is never green at Khmeimim” Whitehot never does propaganda?

Who knew? :-)

Graeme Rymill

The pearls on the F-35 are from a specialized site on aeronautics and avionics in English. I doubt you could read it John because you need help understanding why the grass in Latvia sometimes turns green in winter.

John Whitehot


publish the link or accept being intellectually prostituted.

Graeme Rymill

Publish your link first.

John Whitehot

Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft 2013

Graeme Rymill

By the way John it did rain on 31 December 2017 at Latakia. I even gave you a link way back. Yet even now you say it didn’t but of course as usual no evidence to back your “intellectually prostituted” claims of zero rainfall up.

John Whitehot

but it didn’t rain the following days when the pics were taken and you were given plenty of links.

Graeme Rymill

Again you provided no evidence that the pictures were taken the next day. And of course even if they were you have no way of knowing how long the rain lay on the tarmac. So once again John you are making claims that you cannot back with any evidence.

John Whitehot

the burden of evidence is on who publish the pictures, not me. If they publish dubious and suspicious information, than they should address those doubts, something that they – or you – haven’t done in the slightest.

Graeme Rymill

Yet you don’t hesitate to make claims you can’t substantiate about those same photos. How very convenient for you John!

John Whitehot


who the fuck am i, in your conveniency list?

Graeme Rymill

Who the fuck are you? You’re nobody John – believe me!

John Whitehot

then why the fuck don’t you “employ your time better”.

look, i’ll give you this:

you are very careful.

in the end, it will serve you nothing.

Graeme Rymill

The irony is John, we fight these word battles here in Southfront, but in the end none of our words change a single thing out in the real world.

Still I get a perverse pleasure from it! :-)


Graeme “careful” Rymill

John Whitehot

btw, you were bitching about “my interpretation” of HEAT munitions, and i still haven’t seen a word on technical subjects, only “i’m right you’re wrong”.

Graeme Rymill

John… really what is the point? And in the end you might even be right about what happened to that ATGM when it hit the armoured vehicle.

John Whitehot

till next time Graeme.

John Whitehot

you provided no evidence that the pictures were taken in ANY day.

Graeme Rymill

I wasn’t the one claiming the photos were fakes because it didn’t rain that day. You were. I simply showed that it did rain on 31 December. Did that evidence prove that the photos were genuine? Of course not. I can’t prove that they are genuine. It just shows your claim that they are fakes based on rainfall is wrong.
It isn’t rocket science John. It is actually really really simple stuff.

John Whitehot

So you have proof, uncontrovertible, that pics were taken on 31 december.

At this point, you will have to show it, or take back the whole argument, which is utter bullshit, or if you prefer, gossip, without that proof.

Graeme Rymill

see you still don’t get it no matter how many times i say it… i don’t know when the photos were taken…. I do however have evidence though that it rained on 31 December therefore your contention that presence of rain= fake photos is wrong, wrong, wrong….unless of course you have evidence that disproves or throws doubt on my rainfall evidence. But you don’t. You claim that the photo was taken the next day and that any rain on 31 December would have disappeared by the next day is just a guess. It might be true – it might not – but you have no evidence to back your claim – just your “gut instinct” that it is so.

Let me say it one more time.. I cannot prove the photos are genuine… they may well be fakes…. all I can do is show your particular claim about rain is disproved by some direct evidence… namely a weather web site quoting rainfall for Latakia on that day.

Graeme Rymill

That’s not a link. but i guess you know that.

John Whitehot

right, it’s a book. you want me to scan it and upload it?

Graeme Rymill

Yes please

John Whitehot


i wish you to get well.

in any case http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Su-35S-Flanker.html

explains some of the inter-variants developments.

In case you decide to use the above link to perform some sophism (which is “high probability”), know that i won’t reply anymore and “employ my time better”, because you aren’t interested in differences between the baseline and the S version, you are interested in propaganding that the current Su-35 is from 1992.


Here, I v got a link for you ! From one of the most the reliable US propaganda sites…you l llike this one !


Pentagon: Here are all the problems with the F-35

Here are some of the key problems that the Pentagon
identified :
Software delays
F-35B fuel tank redesign
Lightning protection
Flight control problems
Helmet display issues
Numerous components of theaircraft are unreliable
The Automatic Logistics
Information System (ALIS)
Is that enough wise guy ?


Also add to that list: seriously deficient in protection from birds.

Peter Stein

You must be a dick with some serious problems


Graeme Rymill here you have a link of a specialized site


feel free to read it

Graeme Rymill

Hey Sputnik has made the same “mistake” as TASS. Funny that…..

“In 1991, it was decided to launch the Su-27M into mass production under
the designation Su-35. The first serial aircraft took off in April 1992,
though this model was never produced in large numbers. Due to the lack
of funding between 1992 and 1995, only 12 Su-35’s were delivered to the
Air Force. These aircraft have been used for tests and demonstration


So you believe that whaever technology the Russians had in 1992 they just left it asside and today they opened the old warehouse and dug it out and they put it on the new airframe… thats what you are saying…!
Whoa ! The Russians must have had incredible technology back in 1992 …!


Graeme Rymill

Gee. even the Russian manufacturer of the Su-35 makes the same “mistake”. How careless are all these Russian sources??!!

“Versions of the Su-27, such as the Su-27M (T-10M) modernized fighters
designed and produced on order from the Russian Air Force in the 1980s,
had been demonstrated at international air shows under the name Su-35
since 1992. Their production was stopped due to a lack of financing in
the 1990s.”


John Whitehot

you gotta be kidding.

SU-35S is the name of the current airplane.

The SU-35 that was stopped was another plane. You get it? You need drawings?

Graeme Rymill

The letter “S” must be packed with meaning in Russian!!!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Here is another Russian 2 Jets spotted and supposed few Su-57s in Syria should make things interesting.


Poor fella. If they suddenly name a new variant “S-37”, I fear he’ll go mad. x]


It’s ESP, they’re all a bunch of telepaths down at Langley.


Unlike in the states, where they “reinvent the wheel” many times over in order to screwover the taxpayers.

The russians go with the old saying: “If it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it till it is”….

Besides that, the F-15 is 46 years old, so eat a dik u stupid sht…


You didn’t feed the pussycat?


Are you an experienced military pilot? Because the reports indicate NATO pilots do not want to engage or be in vicinity of Su-35, and the operational mass of NATO warplanes are certainly not F-22’s – they are far older 1970’s based F-15, F-16 and FA-18 designs.


He meant F-35. Lol!


pfffffft ……….. It’s lineage is from the SU-27 family, that is true. But, and a big one, the SU-35S was first deployed in 2008. that is like comparing the M-16 from Viet Nam to today’s most recent variant. Get it together Dane! I wish you well.

Feudalism Victory

Yes because us military doctrine presumes air superiority.


Good news, I hope Russia air support and protection be higher and higher overtime until bad dogs (Kurds, Israel-USA-NATO Turkey and their terrorists) be totally under control.


Russia is as always very calm and is saying without bluster or bravado, ‘ US terrorism will not succeed in Syria or Ukraine.


Just another evidence of Putin’s failed strategy in Syria: deploying an AWACS incapable of deterring US/NATO/Israel air operations over Syrian airspace (American-NATO-IDF/AF warplanes will keep destroying SAA-IRGC-Hezbollah targets whenever they deem appropriate regardless if the A-50U detects their presence ahead of time)…in a few words, the Russian Air Force never gained control over the skies in Syria despite having a “mighty” arsenal at their disposition.

Roddy Wehrmacht

Kikelord, what is a winning strategy in Syria? Allowing it to be dismembered?
Or allowing terrorist loser types beholden to the United States of Saudi-Israelia to take it over?


It is an electronic surveillance aircraft – it gets electronic data for situational awareness. You comments are really clutching at straws.


Imagine provoking war everytime someone breaches Syrian airspace.
You really have an empty box for a head.
Russians being responsible and calm-headed don’t use a “shoot first think later” policy.

Mohammed Asim

i can understand that you are a supporter of Zionist, amarican and wahabi sponsored terreriost but the fact is with the help of the very same Russian Air Force, saa and its allies took back Aleppo Homs palmyra dier ez Zor and large part of idlib so how did Russians failed ???

You can call me Al

He is a troll that gets paid ever time someone responds. Keep that in your mind next time…..

PS I all for it as well on numerous occasions and may just block the effer soon.

Langaniso Mhlobo

I think he has a point.Unless Russia try to move aggressively USA/NATO won’t stop sabotage and bloody attack on regime and allies.

alejandro casalegno

Faglord. After 35 years a IDF plane was shot down by SAA with russian SAMs…..and perhaps some aditional “undercover” russian help.


More like Russia being friendly to Israel kept out until Iran supplied the new missiles to Syria . Results F16 shot down.

Very likely , I am guessing, it’s the Iranian supplied SAM that brought down the F16 not Russian missiles. Why? Notice how vocal was Iran after the shoot down while Russia was completely silent
This means the one who supplied the new missiles are the ones shouting hurrah and CONFIDENTLY declared Israeli planes are out of bounds in Syria.

Russia will not hurt Israel as friends.

Btw any evidence that the F16 was brought down by Russian supplied SAM which in the past we’re not that effective. I don’t know.

Nigel Maund

You seem appropriately named and I guess at it all the time! Because only someone who is could write what you have. Sucked in all the US propaganda like many of your countrymen. Pity is most of us non Yanks don;t believe it any more only a country of wankers would and boy does the US ever deserve that epithet. Personally I would love to see the complete demise of the US soonest. The financial markets are now crashing and the US economy will implode taking your idiot President with it. I will celebrate the end of the Anglo – American Zionists wankers with huge glee!

Jaime Galarza

Even if you want to live in Fantasyland, you have to accept the fact that there is a big difference between the situation -both political and military- in Syria. That you don’t want to accept it and your ass still burns because of the whacking you got is your problem.


You should really ask your controllers for another narrative as yours is rather stale and boring now.


How many shekels today?


I’ll contribute to wanklord’s college troll fund. He clearly needs the schooling.

Tom Tom

A-50U’s are in America right now.

Feudalism Victory

Russia is too exposed there. Their air defenses can be overwhelmed easily by numbers. They just need to pose a credible enough threat to stop unlimited air strikes.


Their air defenses can be overwhelmed easily by numbers.

why dont send 800??

Feudalism Victory

1. Its expensive and time consuming to produce the systems. Russia cant print money unlike americans(reserve currency) so are limited in resources.
2. Syria isnt secure. The bases may be over run or get betrayed by syria.
3. If the us coalition cant make any moves they may escalate uncontrollably. Their leadership are mostly on ssri(prozac type drugs). They may not worry about consequences. Russia wants to cool things down and stop the war not wind it up.


ad 1) because dont have. ;)

I understand you, but unfortunately, all your argues show, russia is not a big player.

Nigel Maund

Well said FG!


Watch here how the mf Zionist America, UK and Israel justifying their invasion, brutality by their propaganda Media and making our world a fire hell. They are not so many in numbers. They are so scaring from death that you cannot imagine because they know the conclusion of their own crimes.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Bana Alabed’s teacher was Abdulkafi Alhamdo and speaks English well and teaches these social media skills in Idlib City he is on Facebook.

Andrea Howard

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Good day, Florian, sorry for using this reply to make a warning, but it’s necessary. Guys, I’m seeing here the trolls using the same patterns that I saw them use in Telesur and (amasing! They don’s spare nothing) Wikipedia: the maron that suddenly become a good guy, the constant, repetitive and clearly conscient use of one or more fallacies, the troll comments introduced immediatly at the start of an discussion, or on a reply to the first comment and so on. And by the degree and quantity of their activity, I don’t think that they only be a group of crazy trolls acting on their own, it smells more to me to an institution, or to an intelligence school on a similar organization. I think the better it’s to itentify and to respond them fast and shorter, so that they can’t annoy and arm the discussion. The responders must be guys known by all, because the trolls love to be mimickers.


Even have the feeling a lot of’m Pro & Con Trolls are one and the same person….. there are many, many which is a good sign….. you people get the attention of “Nervous” people… good reason to continue on your Track….:)


Sorry, friend, but I’m busy in making an medieval pillory that is only 600 years late (to do). I would like it very much, but I have no time. Maybe a couple of years on the futur I can do something else. I less that actual pillory, and other things (a scientific study about trolls would be interesting) for someone else.


Thank you Jorge.

Awareness is the key as you say. The Trolls often use the tactic of playing good and bad cop in the same post :) They all seem to adhere to a prescribed narrative. Their greatest weakness is of course the promotion of infantile fantasy that is obvious to those who have knowledge of their duplicitous methods.

Some trolls are intelligent but most in my experience are not .
The fact that trolls even bother with posting here shows that their masters are concerned . This in turn suggests that South Front readers are a threat to those who seek to silence opinions and more importantly DEBATE.
The fact that this debate is enjoyed by people from many countries is another threat to those who fear what we think.

That’s mu humble opinion anyway :)


where is the link i asked?


Ask me in readable English and I will show you :)


you moron! :))

you anderstood me. link to internet shop, where i can buy russian movies in dvd/br quality.


I have no idea where such items can be purchased.

Your manners really are appalling by the way.


So, you are not russian?


Why did you think I was ?

I do support Russia and all other nations who seek to neuter the US Coalition of Terror that is responsible for the majority of chaos , death and destruction in the world today and since WW2.

I will not submit to the slavery of our times. The US seeks to chain us all to the oars as galley slaves, only today the chains are Debt.


How about the “dozens” of Russians killed? If it wasn’t for the “fake media” we would never know about it.


If you love serial killers and serial killings, you must go see the pussycats at Eastern Ghouta.

Joe Dokes

Mercenaries choose their own fate.

Richard M

All those nice new Ottoman Leopard tanks will soon be smoking piles of scrap metal along the roadside. Better get your Ottoman armor out of Afrin. Leave your Bashi Bazouk Orcs to be slaughtered! :D

John Whitehot

he he he ottoman armor.

Mahmoud Larfi

“Bashi Bazouk Orcs” love it ^^

Prince Teutonic

Su-35 is primarily air superiority fighter. Hope it shots down some nato jets out of skies…


NATO is a code word for ZIONIST.




US Helicopters Spotted in Al-Hasakah Reportedly Evacuating Daesh Members (VIDEO)


The US-led coalition is often accused of supporting terrorist groups in Syria, including organizing safe passage and extraction from encirclements and hot zones. Videos have appeared on YouTube and
Facebook allegedly showing the process of transportation of the terrorists.

This news comes on the hot heels of reports made by Iraqi media, which indicated that American helicopters were moving members of Daesh from the prison in al-Hasakah to their base near the village of Abu Hajar in the eastern part of Syria. According to their sources, over 100 Daesh terrorists, most of them with foreign citizenship, most likely were brought to this prison by the US from Deir ez-Zor.

Never had a doubt the US sponsors, trains and uses terorrists for its own geostrategic gains !


some su-57 were spotted toocomment image


wait, seriously? if true, this is fantastic

Graeme Rymill

“Russian aircraft producer to deliver first batch of Sukhoi-57 fighter jets in 2019”

http://tass.com/defense/990172 (dated 15/02/2018)


Wings are correct (at any rate, not SU35) but what is source of photo? Seems unlikely ti be in Syria???

israel first murica last

assad is screwed either way

Nigel Maund

This is the first game changer in Syria since the Russian support three years ago. The deployment of an AWAC and advanced fighters sends a clear message to the US and Israel. One also hopes to see the mass eployment of advanced Russian MANPAD’s to the SAA and Hezbollah. When the USAF and IAF jets start falling from the skies in significant numbers then they will finally realise it’s effectively game over.

Joe Dokes

US and Russia already have an understanding, stay on your side of the Euphrates. This is a message to Turkey, don’t even think of attacking Assad or you will get slapped back to the Stone Age. Russia will always choose Syria first.

Nigel Maund

Joe we all know the US is not Governed by a peoples Government but one totally controlled by the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal of Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Oppenheimers and so on who call all the shots and control the US from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) on Wall Street. These are the so called Deep State. The US lost control of their country when they very foolishly established the Rothschild’s owned Federal Reserve which is neither Federal or a Reserve Bank but a parasitic monster destroying the US to benefit the banksters. Trump may as well be a Jew as his daughter married a Mossad agent and everything he has done since coming to office is to kiss Israel’s arse!


Russia already deployed Awac, also the better one system. Later removed. And the PAK … well, this is stupid move.

Nigel Maund

Velo – tell me more! Also, why is the deployment of PAK a stupid move? Do you know more than the Russian strategic planners?


Read my comment above.

Nigel Maund

I’ve read that and it does not answer my question. “why is the deployment of PAK a stupid move?”.


So that’s where Homer gets it from…..

Richard M

Several cultural memes were started by Dr Strangelove. Critics rate it as the 3rd funniest movie ever filmed.

Black Eagle
Langaniso Mhlobo

Some opportunist grab every opportunity to call to insult us or call us Zionist troll without familiarise them self with real time events.Some does not even understand the opinion or can’t properly read yet their criticised.
When ever Russians are killed or bases attack and we try to reveal the truth their opposed without knowing nothing.Of cause out of military point of view Russians are lying in military uniformity to aviod embarrassment.

Russians which we all support wants to play double game by being in favour of Syria and USA/NATO.Look at Deir Razor event we Russians have openly supported very same YPG/SDF which USA support.Prior to any attacked Russians are always informed.

When the news of Russians attack came Russian spokesman and military brass wanted to distance them self by pretending not knowing the event .Unless Russia or allies stand aggressively on the grounds USA and puppets won’t stop attacking the regime illegally on Syrian sovereign soil.Like in case of Afrin let Turkey as Astana peace guaranteed sort out that shit including Manbij.

Russia must seriously concentrate in Homs, Hssaka, Euphrate ,Gouta and Idlib.Regaining Raqqa and all Syrian oilfields and gas field’s must be the priority.Denying Israel jets and USA jets access to sovereign airspace must be prioritised.


May be an aircraft rotation or an addition.
But flight of A-50U is meant to send a message.
comment image

Icarus Tanović

Thats right, bebe!

Feudalism Victory

Greece should join russia and stop all debt payments. Send a military contingent to work with the russians.


Latest report by m AMN that Russia’s 5th Su57 are in Syria most likely to challenge US’s F22 now flying regularly in Syrian air space.

Russia is preparing just in case .

Robert Guttierez
Jabbar Abbo

The war in Syria’s / eastern Ghouta/Damascus .comment image advisors Ross and pilots Ross and planes and artillery and materiel Russian industry and satellites that watch and direct Russian and the Kremlin denies Russia’s involvement in the massacres of Eastern Ghouta


Yup, we are heading into good old fashion war fare with clubs, since everything else can be manipulated.
Some of you dont understand how an air defense missile works and how some of them is been able to affect air plains, look at the Plain shoot down in Ukraine by the Orcs from Kiev, and do notice the difference in the holes witch was in the images first represented to us by the MSM, witch also contained 30 mm cannon holes, among the “squares” fragments have riddled the hull of the front cabin area, that, comes from an Missile, fired from the ground or not.
Russians, well, as far I know them, they are more into how things work, does it for fills its purpose, if not, scrap it, and what I know, and have read thru the years is this, the Wankees have nothing of sophisticated equipment’s, and have an missile tech that have shown us nothing, some thermobaric shit, yeah, even Norway have that, but apart from it, they havent hit anything else than Schools, kindergartens, plazas, funerals, etc, to solid structures, and that is supposedly to scare the shit out of the Russians.
EW, is another issue witch I dont bother to go into, Wankees, just remind you about an certain lame Duck.
Har, har, har.

it boils down to this, the Wankees equipment’s like this flying Ambolt, is probably like driving an Wankee car, goes like hell is an straight line but as soon an corner comes the shit disintigrades and have no handling.
F35 was hyper moder in the 80s, thats soon 40 years ago, I bet an Twin Decker could out maneuver and out gun this hyped expensive piece of shit.
The rest, tanks etc, to Manpads is OK, but that goes to others as well as the Russians counter parts.
But the tanks them self, I thing I would rather stay in an Russian that this cardboard boxes the Wankees have, and the Hummer works when there is tarmac, apart from that, an idiotic big thing, witch floats in the terrain, like an Anvil floats in the sea.
Yeah, the entire fleet can be reduced to mere nothings by some few cruise missiles, etc, big targets, easy to evaporate.

I believe Putin in one thing, Russia will never again allow an war in their land, stick to that.
And if the Wankees as much as farts in the general direction, tell the Joojos to stay home or be vaporized, blast them down from the sky, the rest of the scums will fall straight after, if Russia must, wipe the entire fleet off the face of this earth, 30 min, and their fleet is gone.
Wack em, and wack em hard.


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