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Russian Advisors Train Syrian Artillery Units On Precision Firing, Counter-Battery Tactics (Video)

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Russian military advisors are training artillery units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on precision firing and counter-battery tactics.

On January 14, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV shared footage of the training, which saw SAA troops practicing on target detection and firing with M30 122 mm howitzers and 2B14 Podnos 82 mm mortars.

SAA troops also received training on the 1L271 Aistyonok counter-battery radar. The system can detect moving ground targets at a distance of up to 20 km, mortar posts at a distance of up to 5 km, moving ground equipment at a distance of up to 20 km. It can also adjust artillery fire from 5 to 15 km depending on the conditions.

Last month, an 1L271 Aistyonok radar was spotted in a post of the Russian Military Police near the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

Russian military advisors have been training SAA troops and pro-government forces since the start of the Russian anti-terrorism operation in Syria in 2015.


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Mr T

you cant teach a arab anything, especially a alawite arab….


Yes you can, if you have effective and good training program.
Russia is training Syrian troops forming the 5th Corps after Russian corps guideline and mode of operation.

They will clean up the Idlib effectively and send the Turks packing.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, I hate to tell you but the 5th army corps aren’t that effective, only the 25th division of the 5th army corps is, and the 5th army corps isn’t as big as all the other regular army corps either, so they need more recruits as well as training.


It is getting tiresome with your misinformation.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I correct misinformation, you just spout out whatever you want to believe, do some research and see if the 5th army corps has anyone at all praising their effectiveness, no one is, but a lot of military analysist’s have pointed out just how ineffective they’ve been [except the 25th division].
The best unit in the 5th Corps is the 25th division, and they’re a light infantry division, not a mechanized division, or an armored division, they’re a light infantry division, and as I said they’re under strength and lack manpower, and so does all the rest of the 5th army Corps.
I can’t find the latest breakdown of 5th Cops unit descriptions and affiliations but there is one from last year that describes all units that make up the 5th army cops and their numbers, but I couldn’t be bothered searching for it though because you should be doing it instead.




edit, even infantry divisions have tanks and artillery units, but they have more infantry than anything else.


I do not spout whatever I want, who cares if there no accolades for the 5th corps.
Before the civil war Syria had division sized units, as a result of the civil war because of mass desertions of entire units and casualties those divisions became brigade or smaller sized units.
For Russia to help Syrian fighting effectiveness and remain loyal, they need to instill their military doctrine to train, organize and re equip these units.
They have to be division size or corps, as Havez Assad, a client of Soviet Union had his army constituted.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Again more misinformation from you, all the other 3 army Corps are either close to or at full strength, nearly 50,000 for the 1st Corps and about 40,000 for the 2nd and 3rd Corps.
The Wiki says the SAA has been reduced to only 100,000 soldiers but the Russians have said that’s an inaccurate figure and claim the total numbers are much higher, and I think they’re right, at least 35,000 higher.

And Brigades make up a division, they’re unit sizes, a division can’t become a Brigade just because it loses fighters.
A Division is formed from Brigades, and Brigades are formed from Battalions, they don’t change in title, just the numbers of troops.


A division can be reduced to brigade strength because of mass desertions or casualties and equipment losses.
SAA has currently appox. 140,000 troops, enough to form 7-8 divisions.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Each army Corps at full strength = 50,000 men in 3 divisions.
Each division holds from 5,000 to 15,000 men in 5 to 6 Brigades.
Each Brigade holds between 2,500 to 3,500 men in 5 to 6 Battalions.
Each Battalion holds 1,500 men max but usually about 500.

Brigades are either armored, infantry, artillery, or special forces, and depending on the mix of armored and infantry Brigades, the division is considered either an armored division or an infantry division.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see for yourself,



I am aware of battle group formations, you miss the point I am making. I said in Syria a division level unit, with 3 brigades, in other words about 15,000 men….through mostly desertion and attrition was reduced to an effective fighting force of maybe 5-6000 men.

In instances where fighting was ferocious, for example WW2 Afrika corps, and units fighting around Stalingrad, battle casualties quickly decimated the ranks of most fighting units. There was no such battle intensity in Syria, however desertions contributed to units being reduced to a fraction of their nominal strength.

Concrete Mike

You imperialists have sometjing in common that gives you away.

You all use race or faith as a wedge to divide people.

Go to hell you corrupt peice of shit.


The Russian military has always excelled in the use of the God of War.
Artillery power is in the Russian DNA.

Icarus Tanović

Oh yes, they do. That is so very right you said.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The cradle of modern western civilization, agriculture, animal husbandry, organized religion, politics.
Europeans would still be hunter gatherers if it wasn’t for the people you call unteachable.


More training for efficient fire control and delivery for SAA.


The ‘Deliveroo’ of the battle field :)


They need to unleash these and level Idlib which is terror central.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There’s been a few heavily laden Russian cargo ships berthing in Syria lately, so I wonder if they’re shipping in extra artillery units as well, maybe that’s why they’re training.
Artillery units means both defensive and offensive capabilities will be elevated now, good job Russia, killing two birds with the one stone, now the terrorists will have something to worry about if they try to attack the SAA, and something to worry about when the SAA attacks them.
Al Ghab plains the SAA is coming to liberate you soon, start getting ready.

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