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RussiaGate Coming Undone: “Russian Meddling” Not Proven By Simply Indicting Russian Companies

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RussiaGate Coming Undone: "Russian Meddling" Not Proven By Simply Indicting Russian Companies

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The “RussiaGate” scandal, Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US Presidential Elections appears to be falling apart even further, following a decision by Federal Judge Dabney Friedrich.

The decision deems that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s claim of “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election,” was not proven by the indictment of a Russian “troll farm.”

Mueller’s charges against Concord Management & Consulting, the Russian company accused of running a “troll farm” and “sowing discord” on US social media in 2016, do not establish a link between that private company and the Russian government, Judge Friedrich underlined.

The special counsel’s much-publicized final report claims to have “established” and “confirmed” Russian government activities based in part on the indictment against Concord, which is a breach of prosecutorial rules.

To put it in layman’s terms, Mueller’s report claimed that what needed to be proven as fact was actually used to prove itself, without being substantiated.

Mueller’s report says that Concord CEO Yevgeny Prigozhin “is widely reported to have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Any of the allegations against Prigozhin are yet to be backed up by any proof whatsoever and are simply assertions, rather than evidence.

The entire decision raises the question that if the Mueller report was disingenuous regarding alleged Russian government interference, could it have possibly been disingenuous about other things. An example pops out: Ukrainian Businessman Konstantin Kilimnik, who was deemed to have links to Russia, despite him being a sensitive US State Department Intel source.

Judge Friedrich’s ruling was issued on May 28th, but only unsealed on July 1st.

Just days after Aaron Maté’s report, he provided more evidence showing that the Mueller report’s claims of a Russian government connection to the “troll farm” were based on nothing.

One of Special Counsel Mueller’s own prosecutors – Jonathan Kravis said:

The report does not say that the Russian government participated in” the troll farm’s activity, acknowledging that the report was disingenuous.

The Mueller report further undercuts its own claims that the Russian government took part in any operation whatsoever.

Mueller’s report conspicuously does not allege that the Russian government carried out the social media campaign. Instead it blames, as Mueller said in his closing remarks, “a private Russian entity” known as the Internet Research Agency (IRA).

Another part of the complete lack of necessity to establish any causality or provide any evidence is further reinforced by the CrowdStrike report that Russia hacked the DNC Servers in 2017 on absolutely no evidence and on a redacted report.


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  1. Ilya says:

    DeepStateGate is being sunk, snuffed out of the public conversation. To be replaced by EpsteinGate. Mossad will have something on Trump. Will he fold? He has done it many times already.

  2. Gezzah Potts says:

    Perhaps they may consider doing a report on another country fully influencing American ‘democracy’ and having most politicians dancing to its tune, and that same country’s prime minister getting repeated standing ovations in Congress. Any prizes for guessing who? Little clue: they have ‘the most moral army in the World’. I’m sure most of us have seen The Lobby. How long has this Russiagate garbage been going on for now?

  3. Brother Thomas says:

    Russia having influenced the outcome of the US election was a bold-faced lie manufactured to cover up the shameful defeat of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.
    End of story.

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