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Russia Withdraws 100 Servicemen Of Military Police From Syria

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Russia Withdraws 100 Servicemen Of Military Police From Syria

FILE IMAGE: Musa Salgereyev/NewsTeam/TASS

100 servicemen of the Military Police have returned to the place of their permanent deployment in the Southern Military District from Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said on July 17.

“One hundred military policemen were brought to Mozdok by an Ilyushin Il-76 military transport plane. In Mozdok, they were warmly welcomed by the command of their army units and fellow servicemen. In Syria, the policemen were deployed to ensure security of facilities, escort humanitarian cargoes and ensure security of humanitarian operations,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

According to reprots, Russian aircraft and crews continue to return to Russia. Thirty-five planes and helicopters as well as some aircraft maintenance personnel and medics have been withdrawn from Syria.

The analysis below was originally released by SF on March 11, 2017:

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Bill Wilson

I bet they’re glad to get away from there!

leon mc pilibin

I bet the remaining zionist terrorists are glad to see the back of them.BUT they will be back,if there is any nonsense from the zionist scumbags.

You can call me Al

New ones coming shortly; just a switch out. I HOPE.

John Whitehot

The war is won and Syria is the one who won it, with Russian help.

You should see it this way – as combat operations are reduced there is no need of high amount of Russian personnel there.

Tartus and Hmeynim will in any case be operational with ships and planes to operate against terrorists – but it’s unlikely we’ll seen anything of that sort, for a simple reason, which neither the MsM or SF have ever said:

Syria is the tomb of an entire army of ragheads, there are at least 60k, possibly much more, pushing up daisies in the country.

No foreign power will be able to raise anything similar to try regime change in the next 5/10 years.

and fuck those foreign powers, i add.

Feudalism Victory

Thats true at some point recruits must be hard to come by. Im guessing with the defeat its probably zero.

You can call me Al

Don’t get me wrong, I know all that. BUT and a big BUT for me, if the Russians leave, I feel the Yanks will bolster their forces and turn into arrogant bastards again.

My view only.

John Whitehot

they can’t.

unless they start a full scale invasion, which at this point would be a sort of suicide. The Russians also have withdrawn bombers and attack helicopters, but the fighters and the SAMs are all in place.

Rex drabble

They havent got the balls to do it.Russia is BOSS now.


I bet Assad isn’t happy about this. So much for reunifying all Syria, whatever it once was.

Tudor Miron

Routine rotation.

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