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Russia Will Supply Syria With Short To Medium Range Air Defense Systems Beside S-300 – Report

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Russia Will Supply Syria With Short To Medium Range Air Defense Systems Beside S-300 – Report

Illustrative image

Russia will supply Syria with a batch of short to medium range air defense systems additionally to long range S-300 systems, which will soon be delivered to the country, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported on September 26 citing Russian-language media.

According to state-run news agency, Syria will receive additional Buk-M2E, Pantsir-S1 and Pechora-2M systems which are already in service with the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF). The report further speculates that the Tor-M2E low to medium altitude, short-range air defense system will be also supplied to the Middle Eastern country for the first time ever.

Two days ago, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that Syria will get a S-300 air defense system within the next two weeks in response to the Il-20 incident, which occurred on September 17. According to reports, Russia is also strengthening EW capabilities of its military group in Syria by deploying Krasukha-4 multi-functional jamming stations and R-330ZH Zhitel jamming cellular satellite communication stations in the war-torn country.

While the S-300 system will give Syria a much needed long range anti-aircraft and anti-missile capabilities, boosting of the medium and short range air defense capabilities will allow the SyAADF to intercept Israel stand-off weapons more successfully.

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Layer after layer of downed Anglojew terrorist F-16s is the way to achieve peace in the region. There can’t ever be peace if the invader Rothschild neocolony mercenary murderers and landgrabbers are given a free pass for their machinations.


Russia needs to develop and integrated SAM umbrella from Syria to Iran. However, providing SAA with a wide range of layered defence is a good start. Hopefully, the Iranians will start deploying their own Bavar 373 systems in eastern Syria and beyond.

Jens Holm

They could put a roof on it and be the first indoor country in the world.

Zionism = EVIL

The roof is called S-500 and is coming soon. You Zionists better start packing for colder climates.

Joao Alfaiate

Back to Minsk, Pinsk and Miami Beach.

Joe Dickson

So there is no excuse for Israel to get away with air raids any longer. Otherwise it will be a bad day for Russia’s marketing department.


At the present time Israek in the panic mode. The party is over.

Jens Holm

Typical ME conclusion having no eyes out being in cirkels, where we only see the behinds in the reflexions.


Exactly, shooting down some Israeli planes, especially an F35 or an American F22 would be the advertisement of the century for Russian arms makers.

Jens Holm

No, it wouldnt. They are well prepared for losses too.


What are you taking about? Read their marketing slides regarding air superiority, invisibility and ROE capabilities. All gone in smoke, if the f35 of f22 is shot down, and Russia provides their Radar data as they did with the IL-20 incident. It will show that the claim of stealth etc is false.


israel would be IN BIG TROUBLE NOW

S Melanson

This goes beyond an upgrade for a Russian ally:

‘Apart from disrupting electronic warfare within the Russian airspace, the Russian army will provide better control systems to the Syrian air defense systems, such as the systems currently only provided to the Russian military, according to Shoigu.’


The Defence Minister states explicitly that Syria will get ‘systems currently only provided to the Russian military’

For the Defence Minister to be so explicit about what would normally be highly sensitive information tells me that the Russian military command want to make it very very clear to Israel that their days of impunity are over.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Russian response is real and comprehensive to put a halt to aggressive actions by Israel AND anyone else. That said, the circumstances surrounding the incident of the IL-20 shootdown are complex as indicated in the article linked below:


I have a lot of digging to do and encourage others to do so too. The truth is out there.

Promitheas Apollonious

always is, few find the truth

Tommy Jensen

I am one of the few. I found the truth.


You found it?
With toilet paper?

Tommy Jensen

And its possible to find it for those who seek.

Jens Holm

And russians now also like Hesbollah and Iran as well ?

S Melanson

Yes, but do not forget the sheep.

Jens Holm

I dont. I just bought a big new slaugtered leg being food for many days :)

It says “Made in Saudi Arabia”.
Shaved and no shoe.


Theres a couple of point missing in those articles in the link.
1. Israeli f16 jet squadron is well known to have conducted deep strike on syria and iran in the past. Primarily due to terrain hugging techniques i.e flying near the ground or sea level. Radar have difficulties detecting low flying object due to reflections from the ground.

2. Il-20 was flying over Idlib for recon mission, gathering electronic intelligence. Their mission was not awacs type. The plane was hit during landing process. It takes much more than 1 minutes to start the landing process. And chances during landing, the plane was not turning on its reconnaisance radar. It was probably busy following landing path and communicating with airbase ATC.

3. Even if russia detect 4 f-16 on their radar, they do not believe the f-16 were there to shoot down russian planes. US and Israel has been trying to stay away from Russian plane. Unfortunately Russians did not anticipate the problem from older Syrian anti air defense that did not have compatible IFF with their own plane. Similar to the issue of su-24 didnot heed the warning from Turkish F16 due to older equipment that were not catching mesages from Turkish plane frequency


Ace think you overlooked the fact that there was an announcement 2 weeks prior to the downing of the Il-20, which clearly stated “Syrian air defence systems have now been fully integrated with their Russian counterparts.” This I believe was the beginning of greater Russian control of Syrian skies and would have meant Russian authorisation for all Syrian A/D launches. (No comment on consequences)

John Whitehot

this doesn’t answer acc_’s post in the slightest.


I was not answering a question John. I was making an observation about the statement: ‘the integration of Russian and Syrian A/D systems.’ Which according to RMOD were integrated weeks earlier. It is indeed probable that Russian A/D technicians and engineers have been reconfiguring older Buk and Pantsir systems to make them compatible with Russian Air defence strategy. And, when the upgrade was completed the announcement was made, however, it is probable when each Syrian system was upgraded it was incorporated in to the A/D umbrella and when the last such Syrian A/D system became part of this United A/D the announcement was made.


I believe those news came out event in mid 2017. See http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/13836/its-official-russia-and-syria-have-linked-their-air-defense-networks

I believe the statement from Russian MOD about the integration is more about their radar and intelligence connecting with Syrian air defense network. Politically, this statement serves as scaring tactics to hostile airpower (ie: US/NATO/Israel)

Syria has a lot of older Soviet A/D systems that can be made backward compatible with Russian radar system. What I believe happened is that they have been servicing Syria A/D systems so it can be guided by Russian radar, which would explain the performance of Syria old A/D system vs the cruise missile strikes

It does not means that Russia takes over control of Syria A/D system

Another important thing to note is that Russia military IFF system is absolute top secret (2nd to Russia military GLOSNASS signal).

It would be foolish for Russia to integrate Syrian A/D to work with Russian IFF, at least until now. Russian would need to think hard about what information and hardware that can be shared with Syrian forces. Any leak about this IFF would compromise Russian own A/D system

Similarly, US/NATO won’t share their IFF with Russian.

US & Russia airspace deconfliction strategy in 2015 involves mostly visual confirmation and communication through an agreed radio frequency

In latest news, the Russian has just provided the control system on S-300 to Syria. I believe this is more about getting Syrian air defense network to be able to work with Russian IFF, so less chances of accidental shooting. I do wonder how Russian will try to secure their IFF given now that Syria A/D is being integrated to work with it.

John Whitehot

“But the truth remains that Israeli planes were attempting another USS Liberty incident with french frigates.”


This is something that I entirely missed to theorize.

And it is very close to provide an explanation for ALL the question marks still standing in the matter, especially the activities of the french frigate, which so far have remained rather misterious.

good job.

S Melanson

very good points. Thank you.


It is to be taken in context to the Us and EU sanction against Russia. This measure by Russia hits US and EU within another field not directly linked to sanctions, but with a greater effect then counter sanctions. The “sanction” against the US and EU by Russia is to deny them air superiority in a greater area in Middle East, hence blocking them from supporting their terrorists and foreign policy. Nice move by Putin so to say.


To defend the S300 positions, Buk M2E, Pantsir S1 and Tor M2 will provide a vey strong layered defense. Syria finally is receiving weapons to enable her to defend herself from Zionist and FUKUS provocation EFFECTIVELY.
Shoot some IAF planes down and shut up Lieberman’s and N…yahoo howlings.
How many aircraft do you want to loose Lieberman?

Tudor Miron

What’s interesting is that West/Israel has no one to blame other than themselves for what is happening.


Yes indeed, give US and Israel enough rope, they will end up hanging themselves.

Jens Holm

now 12 sheep.I thonk Sheep added 2 or 3. Some died too = 500.000 ?

But of course many milllions are well protected by not being in Syria at all.

Zionism = EVIL

Are you really that STUPID or take lessons at the Yeshiva academy for morons in Tel-Aviv?

Jens Holm

Very good 11 sheep joke.

Zionism = EVIL

Lonely Zionist idiot posting to self :) hasbara that desperate?

Jens Holm

Very naive assumptions.

You have no idea about, what others can too.

paul ( original )

If all the reports are true then it looks like Russia has passed its
tipping point and is now making Syrian air defence a formidable
force. Reports can be wrong but I hope they are not. In the long run
a very strong Syrian military ready to stand by Russia when the
inevitable conflict with the USA comes will be of immense value.

S Melanson

If they were not true, NetanYahoo would not be having a hissy fit.


Netanyahu and the IDF are in panic mode. They know that the party is over.

paul ( original )

I take your point. I just naturally, and I think wisely, mistrust the media.

Floyd Hazzard

Good logic. Wait and see is the best approach. I remember S300’s being shipped to Iran followed by an Iranian outcry shortly after. It seems the Russians had also shipped the codes for those same weapons to Israel and the Iranians were unable to register any radar reading of Israeli Military Aircraft because they were effectively bypassing the system. The Russians are traitorous. Imagine being engaged in conflict and all of a sudden finding out that your equipment doesn’t work. I think Syria should source their equipment from the Chinese or Iranians. The Russians are not trustworthy.


Lol well you don’t know that the Iranian already betrayed the Russian first because their current president is actually just a robot planted by mossad. He’s been very careful using the Internet because the humans are getting clever in finding out and each time he encountered the spooky questionnaire that asked whether he’s a robot or not he had to call his human attendant to fill them out.
L O L.

Tudor Miron

I would say that’s Floyd who’s not trustworthy. Facts on the ground speak for themselves. Comparision of Syrian map of 2014 and 2018 tells the story. Hoping that people are unable to see simple facts tells a lot about you.


Sounds like the Russian general staff has learned its lesson, and after having had further conversations with Tommy, seem to have taken his ‘advises


Russian MoD has had enough and decided to take defense of Syrias airspace into their own hands by allowing the SyAAD access the worlds most advanced AD systems and in appreciable numbers.

Israel has quite literraly shot itself in the foot in the worst way possible. This is what happens when your hubris gets too big…

Joe Doe

This is long over due

paul ( original )

There are a lot of comments associating these announcements with the recent
event with the Israeli attack. However, I think that this is only one
of the driving factors. Constant US, UK and French threats to attack
Syria will not have gone unnoticed by the Russia military and I think
will have provoked it extremely. The Israeli attack may have been the
final straw, but these air defences will serve all comers who try to
throw their weight around. My guess is that military pride will
ensure that Russia makes these defences very effective.

S Melanson

Very good point. Agreed.

Tudor Miron

“The Israeli attack may have been the final straw”(c) – I would better say that it was Israeli strategic mistake that allowed Russia to capitalise on this situation if you know what I mean.

Douglas Houck

“There’s an alarming situation regarding the issue of chemical disarmament. First of all, this is in connection with the actions of a number of Western states accusing the Syrian authorities with more and more unsubstantiated allegations of using banned chemical agents. We warn [the West] against new strikes on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic under another staged pretext,” Lavrov said at a UN Security Council meeting, as quoted by the Sputnik News Agency.”

Tudor Miron

Logic tells me that there will be our operatives working with those systems. That’s not an AK-47 and it requires time and training to operate them, otherwise they are usless. So there’s no other way around other than providing systems together with personnel that will work side by side with Syrians while they learn.


They better make sure Israeli know then. It’s way overdue but i hope the destruction of Syrian infrastructure can finally stop.

Tudor Miron

I suggest that you don’t hope for a magic bullet. Syria is not immune now but it is much better protected.

Tudor Miron

“The Defence Minister states explicitly that Syria will get ‘systems currently only provided to the Russian military'”(c) quoting S Melanson. That phrase was directed to Israel/west.


They already have some trained S-300 operatives from when the sale was cancelled at the last minute. They also already have some Pantsirs operating. The BUK is interesting- High altitude capability. I’m sure Russia would provide on-job training where necessary. Perhaps that is also what the Russian military references may imply. There will be Russian personnel involved and present at these systems so if you try to degrade them, that would be met with “extreme prejudice”. I hope the UK & French poodles also take note. Engaging Syria is Illegal and not sanctioned by their own parliaments. Pilots/Naval vessels are not protected from prosecution for war crimes by the excuse they were following orders.

Jens Holm

Russians proba´rly only can effort to put some up made of plastic. They are safe from friendly fire too.

George King

Syrian military units have been training in Russia per the original agreement to supply the 300’s. The agreement of delivery was suspended prior per Israel’s concerns to Russia, delivery will/have been made.

Tudor Miron

Yes, but do you think that training 5 years ago is enough to be effective? I doubt it.


I think everyone is overlooking two key factors: Previous air defenses were of little deterrence to Israel in the past, and the IAF has got stealth.


Yeah and they had to lob their munitions outside of the Syrian airspace after one f16 were shot down.
Aand… The only stealth aircraft available to them is F35…


Compared that to 200 seccessful missions and the fact that I’m more aware of the F-35s virtues and limits than most and I conclude that you are deliberately wasting my time


well you are kind of an arrogant dick like all of you so that’s ok lol


Oh i knew about them. They have this scary destroy mode that equipped them with double their payloads… At the expense of their stealth…
Might as well just paint an f16 black and pretend it was an f35.


I really can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or you literally refuse to hear a kind word about the IDF.

John Whitehot

“Compared that to 200 seccessful missions”

according to who exactly?

right, Israel.

Ricky Miller

Oh, yes. This is all about you. And btw, stealth isn’t magic. All it does is reduce radar visibility. Fly too close to radar/missile units sitting dark and an F22 and F35 can be target locked and destroyed by even older SAM systems. Stealthy airframe and materials work mostly edge on to the aircraft, less so from above (Mig-31) or below (any system waiting in ambush.) Add to the fact that any loss of these aircraft over Lebanon or Syria would mean a big setback to the entire stealth project and it’s hard to see how they’ll be much of a real factor in this standoff. Israel does have a history, though, of taking big risks. Just taking off in one is risky though. But mostly to the Israeli and U.S. taxpayers as they cost North of some $55,000 an hour to operate. Ouch.


Give it a rest Smaug. :P

Tudor Miron

Smaug, stealth is a nice for marketing but that didn’t stop Yugoslavian ancient S-125 to shoot stealth F-117 out of the sky. We still don’t really know what was that misterious bird that downed Israeli F-35. Watch this https://southfront.org/in-photos-russian-su-35s-intercepts-us-f-22a-raptor-in-syrian-airspace/
“Previous air defenses were of little deterrence to Israel in the past,”(c) You show that your memory span is a bit short. A year ago Israeli planes were freely entering Syrian territory to attack. At one point (after initial upgrade of old Syrian AD systems by Russia) they started to take losses and switched to attacking from Lebanon air space. Lets wait and see how it goes now (Rumors are that Syria got permission to shoot hostile planes over Lebanon). I’m not saying that Israel has no chance now, but I’m sure that it would not be that easy anymore and guess what? They have no one also to blame other than themselves.


Either you have no idea what you’re talking about or your lying, either way the only reason you’re freaking out is because you know I made a good point.

Tudor Miron

Smaugy :) What exactly allows you to say that I’m freaking out? Is that a case of you projecting your fears? I’m perfectly calm :)
Now let’s talk about facts (that you clain that I don’t know). Do you suggest that it is a lie that F-117 was downed by Yogoslavian S-125 during NATO operation in 1991? Do you suggest that it was not a stealthy aircraft.


Your point was, way off.

Concrete Mike

Thats a disengenuous comment at best.

Very rarely did israel dare to go into syrian airspace. They use stand off ammunition, cruise missiles, glide bombs shooting from lebanese or israeli airspace, or using med sea.

I aint getting into stealth, waste of time.


You’re wasting my time, because either you are oblivious to or are simply ignoring the tactics the IAF has crafted in order to get around air defenses.

John Whitehot

jamming navigation and attack systems will deny those tactics.

it’s the point number 2 of the measures undertaken to make Syrian airspace more secure.

thanks, have a nice day.


No, dude. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of countermeasures and counter-countermeasures…

John Whitehot

A chinese civilian GPS jammer costs a handful of 10 dollars bills on ebay, and it works (personally saw a friend messing up several types of navigators).

you really are at a loss on what military equipment is able to do.


If that were true, then every aspect of the air force would revolve around it. Now that I’m muting you you can get a life and hopefully fall into a woodchipper.

John Whitehot

“If that were true, then every aspect of the air force would revolve around it”

like you are aware of only one single aspect of that.

“Now that I’m muting you ”



Well it seems the Russian air force does embrace it.
It’s like when Europeans went to the new world, the locals didn’t think much of guns, and preferred spears.
The only difference is, this time you are playing the part of the primitive savage.


I used to do IT support, and you would be amazed at how often wifi problems were linked to someone using a microwave oven in the area.
Jamming is relatively easy.


You are Israel’s counter counter measure, and you don’t measure up, your dudeness.


He is way out spaced Sinbad.


“IAF has crafted”

Such craft, launching attacks from a third country, hoping Syria responds, so Israel can cry to the UN that we didin do nuffin and we need to protect Lebanon by invading, with US support, of course.

Concrete Mike

Can you read? I just described what was done 100 time, lob a glide bomb from lebanese air space, thats not an iaf tactic?

Stealth is irrelevant, and not the discussion.

Rob Centros

Israel has been forced to shoot from the sea or from Jordan because of the OLD defense systems Syria now has. These new capabilities will DEFINITELY deter Israeli attacks.

John Whitehot

and from Lebanon, whose airspace is evidently considered free zone by the United Nations, the United States, and every single entity that took money from jews.

Nobody ever spoke a word about israelis dropping bombs and missiles flying over a neutral country.

if it was for me I’d put one Russian/Chinese last gen SAM system on every 10 square Kilometers of Lebanese territory.


Stealth such as the F35 doesnt mean invisible its just harder to detect – we have no idea how Russian radars will cope but dont be surprised if they see it coming. Any missiles they fire are not stealth & will be detected



Really they should have done this right after they destroyed that first “visible from space” tanker convoy, when they had 100% flipped the script and control of the narrative even among Western “news” outlets.

Just shut off Syrian airspace or limit access to the margins. Once they began allowing militants to truck off to Idlib they had to know a long slog awaited, with a particularly tough endgame.

John Whitehot

remember the msm selling Russian airstrikes on ISIS oil columns as western.


Yeah, but they couldn’t deny the Russians had scooped the story and actually demonstrated proof.

Not to forget, when the Russian air force began serious operations in Sept, only a month and a half earlier the CIA announced their 500 million dollar program to equip and train moderates had only prepared about 200 fighters and they all defected within days. They couldn’t find any moderates other than the Kurds.

Right then the West msm had no counter-narrative to the Russian position other than outrage – RF should have declared no-fly over Syria without Russian escort, at request of Assad and backed it up with A2AD and shootdown if necessary. The US could say nothing, they had just admitted they could not identify any non-radical elements. Now the whole thing is a tinderbox.

John Whitehot

agree on most, not much on the tinderbox – imo it’s not more of a tinderbox than it was in 2015 and the only reason the whole country is not pacified is the failure on the part of Israel and the US to accept the destruction of their beloved terrorists and the victory of the Syrian people against tyrannies.


IDK, in 15 the Turkish army hadn’t crossed the border, AlTanf wasn’t garrisoned, the Kurds hadn’t solidified East bank of Euphrates and US hadn’t thrown in unreserved support for them – there was still Kurd/SAA dialogue. Obama was pres and US service members were taking to Twitter to openly say they would not serve as AlQaeda air force.

Now…things are a lot more fixed. I agree on the reasons why this is not already resolved.

Roddy Wehrmacht

Personally I am surprised it took so long for Cap’n Kike and his merry band of pants-wetters to kill Russian soldiers, I guess they were waiting for a situation like this where they could point their finger at the Syrians and avert direct responsibility, like the cunts that they are. He knows they can hide behind the skirts of their American Golem if TSHTF so they can act with impunity.

Let’s hope Russia does not put up with anymore of these supposed “accidents” where their troops are killed due to the machinations of these desert kikes.

Prince Teutonic

Hell, they could even send a battery of S-500 Prometheus to Syria as it’s very close to active service. It would send a very powerful message to Anglo-Zionist bunch…


The IAF has already been forced out of Syrian airspace. But that hasn’t stopped the attacks because most targets are within range of missiles fired from outside of Syrian airspace. Stand off weapons like cruise missiles fired from outside the range of Syrian air defense systems are a lot easier to intercept than missiles fired from aircraft just outside of Syrian airspace from fast moving manned aircraft. The best way to deter those types of attacks is to destroy the aircraft before take off, or to take the aircraft down once they’re in the air. The baby rapers have attacked Syria so many times that either method is easily justifiable by international law.

I don’t think that Syria would have been provided these more advanced weapons if a decision hadn’t been made to change the rules of engagement from interdiction inside of Syrian airspace to outside of Syrian airspace. Probably first over the sea, which is already being done, and then Lebanon and Israel also.


And when Syria shoots down an Israeli aircraft that isn’t over Syrian space what will we see? Believe me, The U.N.S.C. will not be on their side.

John Whitehot

why, is that happened a single time?


The Jew 3 won’t, but they also didn’t do anything last time, China and Russia will.


Hello IMHO. The F-16 that went down due to Syrian fire, was hit in Israel. That bridge was already crossed a while back.


That jet was in Syrian airspace and returning to Israel. The usual tactic is for Israel to shoot from Lebanon or at sea over international waters and then turn tail and run.
When Syria suspects an attack and shoots one down that hasn’t even entered its airspace then there is plausible deniability, charges of unprovoked attack, etc…


Well that game is all over now isn’t it. Have a good weekend.



Will London, Paris and Tel-Aviv be sanctioned by Moscow and Washington?

by Thierry Meyssan

The confrontation which recently occurred in Lattakia may result in a complete global redistribution of the cards. There are two reasons for this, the second of which is being hidden from the Western world. First of all, it cost the lives of 15 Russian soldiers; secondly, it not only implicates Israël, but also the United Kingdom and France. This is potentially the most dangerous crisis in more than 60 years. We now have to find out whether President Trump, currently in the middle of his election campaign, is capable of supporting his Russian counterpart, in order that the United States and Russia may sanction the colonial powers as they did in 1956, during the Suez crisis.



Moscow, 20 September 2018 – the Chief of Staff for the Israëli Air Force, General Amikam Norkin, arrives in a hurry to present his version of events. Once these proofs were checked and compared with other recordings, it transpired that Israël was lying straight-faced.

On 17 September 2018, France, Israël and the United Kingdom carried out a joint operation against Syrian targets. During the brief moments of combat, a Russian reconnaissance plane was brought down by Syrian ’friendly fire’. Study of the recordings shows that an Israëli F-16 had flown hidden behind the Ilyushin Il-20 in order to confuse the Syrian Air Defences.

The destruction of a Russian military aircraft by the fault of Israël, during a joint operation by the United Kingdom, France and Israël, caused consternation in all the chancelleries. Since the start of hostilities in Syria seven years ago, if there were a ’red line’, it was that the different protagonists should never endanger Russian, US, or Israëli forces.

We are sure about very little of what actually happened, except that :

– a British Tornado took off from Cyprus to land in Iraq. During the flight, it violated Syrian air space in order to scan the Syrian defences and make the allied attack possible.

– less than an hour later, four Israëli F-16s and a French frigate, L’Auvergne, fired on targets in the Syrian governorate of Lattakia. The Syrian air defences protected their country by firing their S-200s against the French and Israëli missiles.

– During the battle, an F-16 used a Russian Ilyushin Il-20 as a shield. The Ilyushin was flying a surveillance mission over the area, localising jihadist drone launch sites. The Syrian defences fired a missile, aiming for the thermal signal of the Israëli aircraft. Theoretically, therefore, it could have destroyed the Russian plane by mistake.

This is, however, implausible, because S-200 missiles are equipped with a reconnaissance system able to distinguish between friendly and enemy targets, which the Russian Minister for Defence successively confirmed, then denied. In any case, the Ilyushin was destroyed, without our knowing for certain how, or by whom.

The cowardice of the British and French leaders led them to censor all information concerning their responsibility in this operation. London made no comment, and Paris denied the facts. Neither the BBC, nor France-Television dared to mention the subject. For these two countries, more than ever, the reality of external politics is excluded from the democratic debate.

Immediate interpretation of the events

We do not know if the destruction of the Russian aircraft (causing the death of the 15 men on board) can be blamed on the Israëli pilot – which seems highly unlikely – on the Israëli army, or on the alliance which carried out the attack.

On the answer to this question hangs the possibility of conflict between four nuclear powers. The situation is therefore extremely serious. It has no precedent since the creation of the Russian Federation, at the end of 1991.

The British-French-Israëli aggression is the response by these three countries to the Russian-Turkish agreement signed only a few hours earlier at Sotchi. It came into play after the US refusal, at the beginning of September, to bomb Syria under false pretences, and the sending of a US delegation into the Arab world in order to express its disagreement with the British-French initiatives [1].

The Sotchi agreements were signed by Turkey under intense pressure from Russia. In Teheran, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had refused to sign the Memorandum concerning the withdrawal of the jihadist and Turkish forces in Idlib. This had not pleased President Vladimir Putin, who answered first of all by reaffirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria [2] and, furthermore, by underlining for the first time the illegitimacy, under international law, of the Turkish military presence in the country. Ten days later, a very unsettled Mr, Erdoğan accepted an invitation to Russia.

The Sotchi agreement, while distancing Turkey a little further from NATO with its energy contracts, forced Ankara de facto to withdraw from a part of the territory that it occupies, allegedly to better protect the pseudo-« rebels » gathered in the governorate of Idlib [3]. Besides this, Turkey only has one month in which to confiscate the heavy weaponry of its friends from Al-Qaïda and Daesh in the demilitarised zone [4].

This agreement was obviously unacceptable for London, Paris and Tel-Aviv :

– in the end, it plans for the disappearance of the jihadists as an army, while London has been supervising, training and manipulating them for decades [5] ;

– the end of the dream of a French mandate over Syria and of the creation of a new French colony in the North of the country, under the phoney name of Kurdistan (Kurdistan is legitimate only within the frontiers which were recognised by the Sèvres Conference, in 1920.) In other words, not in Iran, nor Iraq or Syria, but only in what is now known as Turkey [6]).

– the end of the regional domination of Israël, faced with a stable Syria under Russian protection.

Mid-term interpretation of the events

The British-French-Israëli military alliance has not entered into action since the Suez Canal crisis in 1956. At that time, Anthony Eden, Guy Mollet and David Ben Gourion joined their forces in order to humiliate the Arab nationalists, particularly the Egyptian Gamal Abdel Nasser, and to re-establish the British and French colonial empires (« Operation Musketeer »).

This is exactly what happened with this new attack : as was confirmed by the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, none of the targets under attack were linked in any way to Iran or Hezbollah. This British-French-Israëli action had nothing to do with the international struggle against the jihadists in general and Daesh in particular. It also had no connection with the overthrow of the Syrian Arab Republic or its President, Bachar el-Assad. Its main objective was to kill military scientists, in particular the rocket specialists from the Institute of Technical Industries in Lattakia.

This is therefore the resumption and continuation of the policy of targeted assassinations waged by Israël for the last twenty years, successively against the Iraqi, Iranian, and now Syrian scientists. It is one of the pillars of colonial policy : to prevent the submitted populations from attaining the same level of education as their masters. In former times, the Westerners forbade their slaves from learning to read under pain of death. Today, they eliminate their scientists.This policy was relaunched with the British-French-US bombing of 14 April 2018, in which the only target destroyed was the Scientific Research Centre in Barzeh [7], then with the breakdown of the 5+1 agreement with Iran (JCPoA) which forced the country to close its nuclear physics faculties (May 8, 2018).

It was a joint initiative : the jihadists destroy the past, the Westerners destroy the future.

Long-term interpretation of the events

Since the deployment of Russian troops in Syria, on 13 September 2015, to help Syria in its fight against the terrorists, the allies of the United States have understood the impossibility of carrying out the US plan without risking a world war. With the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House, they have progressively questioned their war objectives, abandoned the plans of the « Friends of Syria » and fallen back on their respective historical strategies [8].

It is this logic that led them to reform the alliance which provoked the Suez crisis, and it is this same logic which pushed Germany to distance itself from them.

At the beginning of the First World War, the British, French and Russian empires decided on the partition of the world which they would implement as soon as they had gained victory. The treaty was negotiated by Mark Sykes, Georges Picot and Sergueï Sazonov. During the course of the World War, however, the Tsar was overthrown by the Bolcheviks, which meant that the areas of the world originally reserved for the Russian empire were once again up for grabs. Finally, at the end of the World War, only the part of the plan relative to the Middle East was applied, under the name of the « Sykes-Picot » agreement.

The return of Russia to the international game obviously brings into question the British-French colonial sharing of the Middle East. The foreseeable clash has just occurred, either accidentally or deliberately, with the destruction of the Ilyushin Il-20 during the joint British-French-Israëli military operation.

How to react

The bewilderment of the international community in the face of this brutal awakening of a century-old conflict can be measured by the Twitter silence from the White House.

During the Suez crisis, the Israëli troops engaged were twice as numerous as all the British and French forces together. The total number of coalition forces was about 250,000 men. This was therefore a very large-scale operation compared to that of Lattakia. But it remains true that the two sequences work from the same diplomatic logic, and may lead to the same developments.

During the Suez crisis, in the middle of the Cold War, the Soviet Union threatened the United Kingdom, France, and Israël with a nuclear riposte if they refused to withdraw from Egypt. At first, NATO supported the Europeans in threatening Moscow with a World War, before changing its mind. In the middle of the Cold War, therefore, the United States temporarily supported the USSR in order to halt the European folly.

For Washington, allowing the Europeans to pursue their plans was the equivalent of pushing all the Arab nations into the arms of the Soviets. Apart from that, it simply was not feasible to accept the French-British intervention at the same time as they were denouncing the repression of the Hungarian revolution by the Warsaw Pact.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice-President Richard Nixon launched a monetary attack against the pound sterling, sent their naval and airborne forces to interfere with the British-French-Israëli complex, and forbade the use of French military material financed by US funds.

International peace was preserved thanks to certain third parties such as the Secretary General of the UNO, Dag Hammarskjöld (who was assassinated three years later, and was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize); the Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs Lester B. Pearson (who also received the Nobel Peace Prize); and the leader of the non-aligned nations and Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Suez crisis profoundly upset not only international political life, but also the national reality of the United Kingdom, France and Israël.

– Circumventing the European vetos at the Security Council, the UNO General Assembly called for the withdrawal of the invaders and created the first United Nations intervention force.

– In the United Kingdom, the House of Commons demanded the end of colonial politics to the profit of the promotion of the economic interests of London via the Commonwealth.

– In France, the Communists, the Gaullists and the Poujadists (including Jean-Marie Le Pen) united against the Centrists and the Socialists; a configuration that has never been seen since. Six years later, President De Gaulle considered that by recognising the independence of Algeria, he would put an end to military collaboration with the colonial state of Israël and restore the policy of friendship and collaboration with the Arab peoples, which had always characterised France, apart from its colonial period [9].

The position of the Western powers concerning the aggression on Lattakia is all the more difficult because, in violation of their agreement with Russia, the Israëlis only informed Moscow of their operation a long time after it had begun, and only one minute before they began firing. As for the Pentagon, they affirmed that they had not been warned at all. But let us not forget that the Israëli-Russian mutual non-aggression pact in Syria only exists because Israël is the US arsenal for the Middle East, housing (with Italy) the stocks of US weaponry for the entire region. If Israël truly did not inform the Pentagon of its actions in advance, then it can not benefit from US protection, and consequently the mutual non-aggression pact may be called into question by Russia.

The Russian response depends on the position of the White House, which we do not know for the moment. It must be guided by a desire to lessen tension, if possible, and also to maintain dissuasion by punishing the guilty party or parties as soon as the Kremlin names them. It is not necessary for Russia to make this sanction public as long as the chancelleries concerned are informed.

The Russian response

Russia has the choice of seeing in the destruction of their aircraft nothing more than a mistake by an Israeli pilot, or by the Israëli army, or again, by all three of the states implicated (the United Kingdom, France and Israël). The Russian Minister for Defence, Sergueï Choïgou, telephoned his Israëli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman to inform him that he held Israël responsible for the accident, and reserved the right to riposte. A little later, President Putin declared « This is a series of tragic events, because our plane was not shot down by an Israëli aircraft ». He was careful to distinguish this situation from that of the deliberate destruction of a Sukhoï 24-M by Turkish fighters in November 2015. We are therefore heading towards the public designation of Israël as the sole responsible and a secret sanction against the three states involved.

The Israëli chargé d’affaires in Moscow, Keren Cohen Gat, was summoned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, while in a knee-jerk reaction, Israëli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to shovel the responsibility for the accident onto Iran. An Israëli delegation, led by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Amikam Norkin, rushed off to Moscow with unprecedented haste. They contested the claims of the Russian Minister for Defence, affirmed that Israël was innocent, and that all the blame belonged to the negligence of the Syrians.

President Donald Trump, a great admirer of Richard Nixon’s foreign policy, was thus provided with the perfect occasion to finish with the British-French-Israëli support for the US deep state. However, in the middle of his election campaign, he can not afford to give the impression of supporting the Russian rival while he beats up his allies. He is therefore seeking a way of presenting his internal public with this major change of direction. From this perspective, during an interview with Hill TV, he condemned the US engagement in the Greater Middle East which was decided by his predecessor George Bush Jr after the attacks of 11 September 2001.

On 23 September, the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defence, General Igor Konashenkov, presented the synthesis of Russian intelligence and the information transmitted by Syria and Israël.

– He accused the Hebrew state of having deliberately violated the mutual non-aggression agreement of 2015 by not giving Russia advance notice of its attack and by lying about its targets.

– He accused it of having endangered civilian flights present in this zone of the Mediterranean, and of being responsible for the destruction of the Ilyuchin Il-20.

– He denounced its non-assistance to the Russian soldiers when their plane stalled.

– He also accused General Amikam Norkin of lying by pretending that the Israëli jets had already returned to Israël when the Russian plane stalled and crashed.

– Finally, he deflected the accusations of amateurism laid at the door of the Syrian Anti-Air Defence System.

However, he abstained from publicly blaming the United Kingdom and France, who were nonetheless just as concerned by his remarks against Israël.

In case the White House should find an acceptable narrative of the facts for its electors, Russia could forbid the United Kingdom, France and Israël from making any intrusion into the maritime, terrestrial and aerial space of Syria without the authorisation of Damascus. London and Paris would have to cease their threats of bombing under whatever pretext at all (false chemical weapons) and withdraw their special forces. This measure would be valid for all protagonists in general, except for the United States and, in Idlib, for Turkey.

Thierry Meyssan

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[9] « Conférence de presse de Charles De Gaulle, extrait relatif à Israël », Réseau Voltaire, 27 novembre 1967.

John Whitehot

“- During the battle, an F-16 used a Russian Ilyushin Il-20 as a shield. The Ilyushin was flying a surveillance mission over the area, localising jihadist drone launch sites. The Syrian defences fired a missile, aiming for the thermal signal of the Israëli aircraft. Theoretically, therefore, it could have destroyed the Russian plane by mistake.”

Wrong. no thermal signals. S200 is radar guided.

“This is, however, implausible, because S-200 missiles are equipped with a reconnaissance system able to distinguish between friendly and enemy targets, ”

Wrong again. Once the missile’s is in the air it has no own way to discriminate. It must rely on the launcher’s command and it can’t deal with the sudden appearance of a friendly object in it’s line of sight.

1- This author wants to start from technical details to make political and other kinds of assumptions. His technical proficiency is zero, and of course in his view israel/west are more credible than Syria/Russia.

2- the resulting “political” assumption are the usual garbage made for jews so to make them believe that israel does whatever it wants and it even operates secretly with western countries.
no more no less the same propaganda we’ve read since 1948.


Thierry Meyssan isn’t pro Israel, quite the opposite, but he does waffle on and commonly makes no sense.

John Whitehot

you are probably right on him, the problem with some people is that they are unaware propaganda vessels.

Jens Holm

Weasels . In my oppinion vessels are ships.

Dawn of Svarog

In that case, more than a tactic was used to make IL 20 a target for S 200 missile. Being the old system (S 200) it is possible that Israel or France used electronic warfare measures to either take control of the S 200 missile or block commands that would prevent endangering of IL 20 (like self destruction command from s 200 command post)..

John Whitehot

” is possible that Israel or France used electronic warfare measures to either take control …”

this is science fiction.

“or block commands”

more likely, but still improbable. The reason being the radar maps we have seen show that the positions of the F-16s are too far away from both the Il-20 and the hypothetical position of the S200.

Don’t forget that the S200 electronics are non-digital, full analogic – this means you need powerful signals to overcome its command element in the battery (signals that would light up every Russian elint/ew stations consoles and alarms all the way to the black sea.

i’ll tell you what, all militaries tend to omit informations about such events to the public.

Israel has always been prone on disseminating false information to shape public opinion, while the Soviets and the Russian have always preferred to remain silent and provide the littlest amount of info possible.

imho it could very well be that something entirely different happened that night, and there are many possibilities in regards, for example:

– An Israeli pilot lost his head, especially if some of the F-16 were hit (entirely possible, as they falsely claimed that the F-16 were in Israeli airspace when the event took place while radar maps prove otherwise).
– a mid air collision with an Israeli or jihadist drone.

-there’s even the slight chance that the Il-20 was hit by one of the gliding bombs targeting Syria.

-another array of other options. Among them there is NOT any chance that the US has had any role in the matter (like in secret stealth-spaceplanes doing whatever they want).

In all honesty, it does not matter much though.
what matters is that the Israeli failure to utilize the proper means of collaboration with the Russian military have created the conditions for the accident.

Israel showed that it does not care to endanger the lives of Russian servicemen in Syria, like it had previously claimed and even agreed on bilateral pacts.

Russia has acknowledged the above and declared that it will take action to minimize the chances of such events repeating.

It doesn’t matter how many S300s or what kind of jamming will be integrated in Syria, the point is that Israeli freedom of action in the area will be degraded – at what point – it’s a guess, i would say 50% to 99% depending on several variables.

Rakean Jaya

Blessing in disguise for Syrian. When Russian hold delivery in 2013 on Israel request, Syrian just quiet and accept that, because no other option besides following and trusting Russian policies. Now its more than expected.


At high cost to both Syria and Russia. I get your point, but I think both would have been better off with an earlier delivery of the S-300.

Rakean Jaya

Yes maybe, its still an assumption anyway. Borrowing from other poster opinions here in SF, in the beginning of ‘chaos’, the rebel took Syrian AD down in many areas, quiet weird, so i think it is now the best and the right time, event its based on incident.


Obviously, America must rethink the decision of coalition forces invading Syria. The forces that practice such an operation in Egypt should take into account they have to fight without air superiority and support respectively. Since who controls the sky controls the battle, it is a warranty for the humiliating defeat of coalition forces. The alternative is a miraculous performance of American stealthy fighters F-22 and F-35


Russian side themselves would love to get the chances in engaging these targets. Would be an interesting result.


Yep! :-)

Real Anti-Racist Action

Amen. This is what the Jews get for openly stating like ignorant bastards on the world platform that they were going to blow up Syria’s S-300 system lol.
Russia took note and decided to up the packages coming to help defend Monotheist-Syria.
Now Atheist Jews are shocked as shit.

John Whitehot

“Now the Anti-Christ Jews are shocked as shit.”

dont know about that but surely they’ve formed long lines outside Moscow’s government buildings to be heared about.

Jens Holm

Only hot air and rethorics.

As usual YOU THINK Anti Christ Jews even are shocked – hahaha – arapnafobia here we comes.


Of course they will be vulnerable to attacks with cheap drones, even the main Russian bases are.


If the US cannot make its Tomahawk and JASSM missiles function within the no fly zone, what makes you think a cheap Israeli(Chinese) drone will do any better?

Jens Holm

They can. Sometimes I see You have no idea about, what Your enemies can. Some S300s dont stop Israel, USA and the whole world.

Too many ME illusions and blappering about how s t r o n k You are.

We dont fear Uou, when You are strong. We in osme matters fear You, when You show, You not even try to unite Yourself and let Dicators and Jihadists run Your parties.


Watch out, great expectations = great disappointments.

Jens Holm

None like an escalation.

If I was israel, I could send many cheep drones and just behind them many jets.


There are missiles that create magnetic fields of multiple missiles around them to mimic swarms of missiles but I think that technology will not be used because that could trigger direct war with Russia. Instead they could use proxy militants with cheaper suicide drones.


Finally Putin comes to his senses, defying Russain military advice: S-300 will prevent incidents in the region.

Israeli bombings will come at high cost.

Tommy Jensen

She said the same thing to me last week. “I will soon supply you with my short to medium batteries”. Never saw these batteries.


Will Israel try to get one last strick in before new systems go online?


I think that would be very long term dangerous for them. But, anything is possible.


I was thinking about all this stuff today. For instance, what is the standard compliment of Pantsir units for an S-300 regiment? The initial announcement about supplying S-300s made me think it would be manned by Russian personnel for a very long time, gradually filtering in Syrians. Further, talk of Russia only having a small and potentially vulnerable force in Syria can stop now. Challenging what Russia is laying down now is stupidity ( not that some would be unwilling to try it ).

One thing Russia made very clear to me lately is that it has been paying attention. It has quietly made note of what the West has been doing over the course of 3 years, despite the erroneous criticism about weakness leveled at it ( apparently they were always watching the game ), and is now deploying something that drives a steel rod into the middle of the bicycle spokes of the US/Israel et al. Mounting enough firepower to overwhelm the new defensive scheme would require an act of war, which Russia would see miles out and be ready for it.

Russian purpose is not intent on open combat. It is better for everybody, that things would cool down and then life could go back to people selling their wares unmolested. I hope that is what happens. It would give me no joy to witness a lot of people being carved up. My take and I wish well to all.

Brad Isherwood

How about Russian fighter cap with Syrian Mig 29 slam the Door on IAF go into the Lebanon or loiter near Syria coast.
Just slam the G’damn door and let them scream!

It’s time Russia asserts it’s Dominion vs that (@itty little nation)
Place the Syrian S 300 beside Russian bases for a few years. ….Frustrate US and Israhell.


Placing some of the Syrian systems next to a Russian base is an excellent idea Brad.
Syria also needs some decoys to deploy, if they are hit there will only be a loud pop. :)
comment image

Brad Isherwood

Posted on Russian Insider that Syrian Mig 29/Su 24 …about 20 each…we’re upgraded to carry load out… anti ship missiles.
Russia needs to drill them with Coastal Radar/Com and Sat link.

Yes..It’s way past time Russia patrols Golan to Euphrates with Syrian Mig getting drilled on
Russia needs to step up it’s Readyness posture with Syria CAP getting new Gen missiles.

Id like to see Syria get Su 27s with upgrades and involve China who build Su 27.
Throw in new radars,interlink and new Gen missiles,
This bird will sweep F 15,F16 easy….Probably could take F 22 down.

Putin and China need to Invest in deterant via Syria, Iran …
Make a statement to US/Israel the party’s going to be biggy huge expensive.

China needs to step up……USA been kicking sand at the Dragon.

China scares the USA….you’d be surprised how scared they are.


“USA been kicking sand at the Dragon.”
This is accurate, Trump has been kicking sand in all directions.
I think China has a different philosophy, US would be wise to follow it.

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