Russia: Washington Plays ‘Very Dangerous Game’ in Syria


Russia: Washington Plays 'Very Dangerous Game' in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov © Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Washington plays a very dangerous game in Syria, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said commenting on recently appeared reports that the US is considering military strikes on the Syrian army. Lavrov noted that Moscow has enough capabilities to protect its military instalations in the country, including the Khmeimim Air base and Tartus naval base.

“This is a very dangerous game, given that Russia, being in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country and having two bases there, has air defense systems there to protect its assets,” he said in an interview to the Russian state-run “Russia One” TV channel on October 9.

Lavrov also added that Moscow can’t see that Washington is seriously battling the Jabhat al-Nusra [another brand is Jabhat Fateh al-Sham] terrorist group in Syria and added that, though US fighter jets make a lot of flights, they don’t hit many targets.

Moscow is suspicious about the United States’ calls to cease air strikes on terrorists in Aleppo.

“And it’s also suspicious that they call on us and the Syrian air force not to fly over Aleppo because, yes, the main force of Al-Nusra front is there, but there are also allegedly representatives of the ‘moderate opposition,’ who are surrounded and have nowhere to go except to Al-Nusra,” the Russian Foreign Minister said, mimicking US officials “So don’t touch Al-Nusra, because it is not humane in relation to the normal guys [moderate rebels], and we will fight Al-Nusra later.”

However, the later never comes.

On October 8, the UN Security Council (UNSC) vetoed two competing resolutions on Syria proposed by Russia and France.

France’s draft resolution called for reactivating the cessation of hostilities in Aleppo and putting a halt to Syrian and Russian air raids in eastern Aleppo.

Russia submitted a counter-resolution on Syria, calling for an immediate halt to the violence in war-ravaged Aleppo, but not for a ceasing military strikes. The proposal also stressed the need to separate the ‘moderate rebels’ from terrorist groups like Al-Nusra in Aleppo.

Russia insists that any peace plan for Syria and Aleppo will not bear fruit until the US-backed militants are clearly separated from Al-Nusra and other terrorist group.



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