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MAY 2021

Russia Warns Of US Deployment Of INF-banned Missiles In Europe, Asia

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Russia Warns Of US Deployment Of INF-banned Missiles In Europe, Asia

Conventional ground-launched cruise missile test, San Nicolas Island, California, August 18, 2019. IMAGE: US Department of Defense/Scott Howe

The US could deployed missiles bunned under the collapsed Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in Europe and Asia, Russia warns.

“This year, the US essentially destroyed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and that’s why we need to monitor possible deployments of such missiles around the world”, President Vladimir Putin said during his speech at a Russian Defence Ministry meeting.

He stressed the need to monitor US actions in terms of deploying INF-banned short and medium-range missiles and suggest to Washington to avoid doing this near Russia’s border. In this case, according to the Russian leader, Moscow will not deploy its own missiles.

Putin expressed his concern at the “degradation” of the global arms control system. He noted that the US decision to pull out of the INF Treaty in 2019 was not the only matter that contributed to this. Putin said that this step is unfolding place amid the continuing growth of the US global anti-missile defence system.

The Russian leader emphasized the need to ensure an effective deterrence against aggression directed at Russia or its allies. Russia, according to Putin, will continue to boost its nuclear forces until new talks on arms control have begun. He said that Russia is ready for such talks, reiterating the Kremlin’s calls for the US to negotiate prolonging the New START Treaty.

During the Defense Ministry meeting, Putin also revealed that by the end of 2020, the share of modern military equipment in the Russian Armed Forces will be 70%.

In 2020, the Russian Navy will receive Borei-A class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Knyaz Oleg, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu added. The Russian military will have a total of 7 Borei and Borei-A class submarines by the end of 2020.

According to him, 565 modern armored vehicles, 436 missile and artillery systems and two Buk-M3 divisions will be delivered to Russian forces. Additionally, 22 launchers of Avangard hypersonic missile system and Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles will be delivered by the end of 2020. The Russian military is also considering to arm Su-57 fighter jets with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles by 2028.


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  1. occupybacon says:

    USA should put them in Ukraine to show dominance

    1. Wayne Nicholson says:

      A show of dominance? You mean like Trump humping Putins leg?

      Just what the Ukrainians need. Nuclear missiles they have no control of and can’t use for their own defence but are a big nuclear bullseye for Russian should the USA ever fuck up and start a war. The USA starts a war with Russia in Asia and the Ukraine gets nuked …. tough sell.

      Do you remember then1980’s? Euroshima protests. Millions of Europeans marching and surrounding NATO bases forcing the USA into pulling Pershing missiles out of Europe and signing the INF treaty?

  2. Peter Jennings says:

    It’s refreshing to see the world beginning to reject USadmin bullshit. The USadmin have no intention of returning to the negotiating table until they actually have something to negotiate with.

    Russian knowhow and ingenuity has surpassed even the dreams of US neocons themselves which leaves Russia in the driving seat at talks. Neocons don’t like being passengers unless it’s a USMIC gravy train.
    The recent Russian weapons advancement has made US missiles seem like peashooters in comparison and the fact that countries around the world no longer want to buy them must smart like hell.

    We are all aware of the events that marred the start of the last century for the Russian people. President Putin wants to get this one off to a good start. The only arms race the USadmin will soon be doing, is trying to confiscate all the arms in america before the american people use them to take back their country and deal with those people who are using america and its sold-out, ground down public for the ‘greater’ isreal.

  3. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    Russia needs to use space to surround and keep the unhinged states of israel in check,
    via satellites, lasers, spaceships, similar to the “space force” trump wants

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