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Russia Warns NATO Membership for Ukraine Would Mean WW III

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Russia Warns NATO Membership for Ukraine Would Mean WW III

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Written by Eric Zuesse

Just like when U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s American Government, during the 1962 Cuban Crisis, warned that Soviet missiles in Cuba would mean World War 3, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s Russian Government warned, on 20 December 2021, that if its adjoining nation of Ukraine becomes a NATO member (which would present the danger of U.S. missiles only a 7-minute flight-time away from Moscow) would mean WW3.

Soviet communism is gone, the Soviet dictatorship is gone, the Soviet response to NATO, the Warsaw Pact, is gone; but America and its allies have continued the Cold War against Russia; and, now, finally (after decades of NATO expansion right up to Russia’s borders), Russia has laid down the gauntlet to them, just as America had laid down the gauntlet to the Soviet Union and its allies, in 1962, regarding Cuba.

Russia’s RT News bannered on December 20th, “Russia promises ‘military response’ to any further NATO expansion”. Of course, any “military response” would be against NATO — all of it — and probably within less than an hour, most people on both sides of that nuclear war would be either dead or doomed soon to die — and even throughout the world there would be billions of deaths. No military conflict between Russia and America (and its ‘allies’ or vassal-nations) would be able to remain non-nuclear, because whichever side would be losing any non-nuclear war would promptly release all of its nuclear stockpile against the other, and so the nuclear exchanges would become a part of any U.S.-v.-Russia war.


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I hope Russia has a nuke aimed at the San Andreas fault line,ready and waiting


And the super volcano in yellow stone park.

Stephan Williams

Yellowstone? Why not Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland Oregon and Chicago?


Putin has already stated that if Russia is attacked, the attacking country will be targeted, the command center and the seat of government…..this time the warmongers will not escape, there’ll be no bunkers to hide in.That should be a sobering thought for them.

Raptar Driver

When NATO expanded In 1999 and collectively attacked Yugoslavia; this should have been their red line.

John Wooh

The red line should be, when Yeltsin and Gorbachov bend over and let their pants down to be f…ed by NATO/EU Bush and Kohl.


I used to be one of the most vocal critics of Putin, but his latest moves is making me change my mind about him. Now I understand why he took a passive stance in the past few years, he was waiting for his military to be ready. With Russia’s new hypersonic weapons, Russia is now ready, due Putin more decisive, aggressive, clear and concise stance. I am liking this new Putin, he reminds me of the Putin of the Munich 2007 security conference.

Raptar Driver

I hope you’re right but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Florian Geyer

It takes a big man to change his mind, well done.

Florian Geyer

Russia was not strong enough in 1999, after the US,UK and Israel had plundered Russia for 9 years.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC


Moon Dog

More likely a small one confined to Ukraine

Peter Wallace

Yes a bit like that small one that started in Sarajevo June 28th 1914 . That one sort of ended 1945 .

Florian Geyer

Possibly, yes, and then watch the NATO clowns shrivel up and die with all their fiat money.

Lone Ranger

It was nice to know you Kiev and D.C. You won’t be missed.


The situation is very badly misread. I would say, and quite honestly, that genuine consideration of the Russian Federation’s treaty proposal becomes an objective reality immediately.

Peter Wallace

The bully only considers reality when he is unexpectedly lying on his back with a massive throbbing headache .

Florian Geyer

The NATO bullies are to fat and slothful to recover from a well justified smack in the gob :)

Peter Wallace

The only reason US / NATO will attack Russia and or China is if they believe they WILL win or if they don’t attack now they they won’t be able too. What makes them think they CAN win . What secret weapons and or knowledge do they have that leads them to that conclusion. They must understand that unless they win immediately they too will be obliterated.

John Wooh

Good analysis Peter,

I bet they got some secret weapons/tools, but the same counts for RUSSIA and China.

Maybe the white “Tictac Ufo’s” are one of their(USA) secret weapons…

Florian Geyer


Florian Geyer

I am sure that Sleepy Joe, Balls Up Boris and cackling kamala harris have ‘ high confidence’ that US weapons will prevail :)


If a war breaks between USA and Russia you idiots. You will all be dead all people in this chat room and their families and kids everything you love will die. You stupid idiots…

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