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Russia Vows To Continue Fighting Terrorism In Syria

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Russia Vows To Continue Fighting Terrorism In Syria

FILE IMAGE: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters

The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

Russia will continue the fight against terrorism in Syria, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated.

“The fight against terrorist organizations in Syria goes on, and we should continue this fight,” the spokesman told journalists. In reply to the question about Iran’s missile strike on Syria, he noted: “As for the illegitimate presence of foreign troops and foreign armed forces in Syria, Russia’s position on this has been quite clear.”

On Monday morning, Iran launched multiple missiles into eastern Syria, targeting militants allegedly involved in the September 22 attack on a military parade in Ahvaz, which killed at least 29 and injured about 60 people.

Moscow repeatedly stated that it stands against illegitimate foreign intervention in Syrian military operations.

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It looks like small garrisons of US and Allied, Russian, and Turks are going to be staring at each other for the next decade or two.


Only in your twisted Jew pedophile mass rape cult dreams.

Tommy Jensen

What? Is Russia against Iran´s bombing of foreign terrorists inside Syria on the US E-side?
Syria has a Defense Agreement with Iran, meaning its bombing is probably approved by Damascus, but not Russia or what?
Or does it mean Russia approve Iran´s ICBM´s raining down over US/ISIS troops on the East side?
Its not quite clear.


Russia would gain a Major Victory for its Syrian friends if they can somehow find a Diplomatic Solution in Idlib, Opening up a real chance for Syrian Unification.
Shooting big things was Bad Timing. Iranians should know better.


Idlib will be cleared by Russia and Turkey from the south, and Turkey from the north.
There will be no diplomatic solution with wild jihadists.


What the US has forgotten is that Syria and Russia are long time Allies.
Iranian missiles (not ICBM’s) on ISIS would certainly be approved by both Syria and Russia.
“As for the illegitimate presence of foreign troops and foreign armed forces in Syria, Russia’s position on this has been quite clear”.
The United States is clearly being referred to, and has been asked to leave numerous times.

John Whitehot

“Its not quite clear”
actually it’s very clear, if one looks at things without zionist propaganda googles.

“Iran´s ICBM´”

LolololololololololoL. How’s about Iranian submarine launched ballistic missiles?
Perhaps , Iranian space deployed, fractional orbit bombardment systems?

no wait, Iranian hypersonic weapons. Or Iranian combat lasers. I ‘ve heard that Iranians have the ability to deviate a small asteroid with bombs so to make it fall on Israel.

what a goddamn joke you zionists have become.

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