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JUNE 2021

Russia: US Safe Zone Helps ISIS To Hide From Syrian Forces

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Russia: US Safe Zone Helps ISIS To Hide From Syrian Forces

US forces and their proxies are in the At Tanf area

A safe zone created by the US in Syria helps ISIS terrorists to escape from government forces, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakarova said during the weekly briefing on February 8. She added that the US military presence is a serious challenge to a peace process in the war-torn country.

“A 55-kilometer zone unilaterally created by Americans around their military base near al-Tanf is being used by the scattered units of Daesh [ISIS] terrorists,” Zakarova said.

He said that the terrorists use this zone to hide from government forces as well as to regroup and prepare for new attacks.

Earlier on the same day, Russian Ambassador to Damascus Alexander Kinshchak said that the US may prepare more military actions against the Syrian government aiming to undermine the peace process.

“In recent days, the topic of the use of sarin and chlorine by government forces in East Ghouta and Idlib has been actively revitalized. Given the sad experience of Khan Sheikhoun, it cannot be ruled out that in this way a new force action is being prepared against Syria in order to support the defeated militants and undermine the positive progress in the political settlement process that emerged after the successful holding of the Congress of the Syrian national dialogue in Sochi,” Kinshchak said, according to the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik.

He added that Washington is pushing for more anti-Syrian sanctions via the United States, the move that would violate the Syrian sovereignty.

Kinshchak also slammed the US approach towards alleged chemical attacks in Syria. He said that Washington is using the Syrian chemical dossier in the campaign against Syria and Russia and any positive changes in the situation are unlikely.

“For the West, this is an important card in its consistently anti-Syrian, and now also an anti-Russian game. [It is] a tool for constant pressure on Damascus and its allies, primarily Moscow. A tool to manipulate the world public opinion through the demonization of ‘Bashar Assad’s criminal regime.’ A proven and fairly effective way to influence impressionable ordinary people who are brainwashed by all leading Western media,” he said. “It is concerning that Washington’s rhetoric in this regard is becoming more belligerent. It seems that they do not proceed from specific incidents involving the use of poisonous substances, but from rumors, more precisely — from deliberately spread disinformation.”

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When the SAA wins a few more fronts, stabilizes them and frees up manpower they must organize one large attack to completely wipe out that FSA-USA terrorist pocket in south-eastern Syria. And especially show cruelty to ‘murican invaders.

May Allah have mercy upon all Muslims killed unjustly by the Russian and American airstrikes. May Allah unite us with them in the highest levels of paradise, with the Prophets, companions and the pious. And to the killers, planners, and inciters of these murderers of heroes: hide from us wherever you can, because by the One who raised the heavens without pillars, you will not find safety as long as you are above the land of Allah and under His heavens.

You can call me Al

You stupid, inbred, dumb, camel fooker; if you vile scum had not sold your soul to the Zio-Yankers and participated in their illegal wars throughout the World AGAINST EACH OTHER, you wouldn’t be getting killed would you ?. How are our friends in Israel treating you ?

Anyway, get your head down, duck and cover !!


Now try and understand this, there is 1 God, many prophets, but hey, we became intelligent and you became what you are.


Ah, wondered when we’d see some Kalibrs this round–good memories. The supporters of wise Putin policies always drone on “surely THIS time, American duplicity will be exposed to the world”. Invariably, it then turns out that the media in which one could do so are not controlled by Putin but by jews, who will continue hating on Russia despite Putin’s best efforts to appease them. So instead of American hypocrisy, it’ll be Russian impotence in the spotlight.

Time to launch some Kalibrs and say “See? We could do something if we really wanted.” Yeah, but you didn’t. Each time the tired ritual is a bit less impressive than the time before.

Jamil Abdin

Praise to Allah, who will unite you with Satan and Pharao in the deepest hellfire!

Toni Liu

Allah not had mercy to munafiqin moslem, so dont bring our holy god to your false moslem cause they just satan that hide in the name of moslem, if you true moslem why the pocket near israel never did anything to help our palestine brother rather than cutting other people head and bombing civilian, sniff your daily jenkem first rather put your stupid non sense rant in here cause there are no other moslem country had more real fight against israel than syria and iran

Manuel Flores Escobar

Suni muslim are cavemen and in other case hedonist -wasteful in luxury!..and those are his reasons to kill, torture and destroy!


Nice song but what does it say?
Hail Iraqi, the son of the whore renown in both Iraq and Shami?


You are a bloody Headchopper….. better throw away your phone they’ll trace your sorry ass soon….. The Russians, SAA, Iranians & Hezbollah are lookin’ for you bro…. run while you still can…..


Ok. Now stop whining and do something about it.


The SAA needs to concentrate on Idlib and pockect first in order to better organize and free up manpower , hope with the fact the SAA is trying to indirectly help the SDF helps in something.


As for the Al Tanf enclave, I really do wonder about US objectives there. Imo it is unsustainable unless supported by Jordan.

Pave Way IV

It’s all about preventing or restricting ‘Iranian’ traffic into Syria. At Tanf is (was) the main border crossing for the Baghdad – Damascus highway route, not the secondary, longer, urban Al Bukamal/Al Qaim crossing. CENTCOM has been careful to spin al Bukaman/al Qaim as the Shia Arc ‘threat’ to keep attention away from Baghdad – Amman Hwy. 1 and the importance of blocking cross-border traffic through at Tanf. Jordan is desperate to have Hwy. 1 opened/secure because it made a small fortune exporting to Baghdad. The US must keep at Tanf unuseable (via the bogus security zone) so Syria does not benefit from the Hwy. 1 route.comment image
The secondary part of restricting ‘Iranian’ traffic into Syria is US occupation and control of the highways leading there. Those are Hwy. 1 and the Hwy. 11 at Tanf branch, and eventually Hwy. 12 through al Qaim. A US military presence won’t be tolerated much longer, so the US outsourced to Olive Group (part of Blackwater, Academi, etc.). Current US/Israeli puppet Iraqi president – Abadi – gave Olive Group a 25-year contract to repair Hwy. 1, construct toll booths and collect tolls, and guard/surveil traffic. They’re there working on it now. Non-bribed Iraqis are pissed at this breach of their sovereignty. Abadi, US troops and the Blackwater highway toll bandits will all disappear soon.

U.S. Sees a Vital Iraqi Toll Road, but Iran Sees a Threat

Graeme Rymill

The difference in distance between travelling from Damascus to Baghdad via Al Tanf versus al Qaim is just 155 km. It is hard to see the al-Tanf “block” as anything other than a minor inconvenience for road transport between Iran/Iraq/Syria.

Pave Way IV

10.4 hours vs. 13.1 hours. Tell a truck driver about the ‘minor inconvenience’ of extra time/distance taking them through CENTCOM’s head-chopper hijacking highway of death between Fallujah and Deir EzZor. A detour forced by CENTCOM for no reason other than “Nobody is allowed within 50 km of at Tanf, or we’ll kill you.” Part of CENTCOM’s continuing scheme of denying Syrians access to land/border crossings and punishing the Syrian little people until they do what the US wants. At Tanf is ‘just another piece of infrastructure’ to be denied to Syrians.


Syrians pretty stubborn……. Usrael & Friends are trying that for a couple of years now…. all I see is them losing ground….might be tactics perhaps? I dunno

Graeme Rymill

OK “major inconvenience”….. it still doesn’t amount to any sort of strategy to achieve a worthwhile ( from a US perspective) goal.

I am with Dutchnational: the al-Tanf enclave seems to serve no purpose.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The only problem that I disagree with it wasn’t Abadi who pushed for them but Finance minister Mohammed al-Haboussi that was in 2014 under Maliki government. Haider al-Abadi came to power as prime minister in September 2014 time to get your facts straight.

You sound like a disinformation troll when you get it wrong , should go back and correct all your slip ups, takes only a short time to find the information.

Pave Way IV

I was wrong – thanks for the correction.

jean-marie Ignatowic

US, Trump, The Worst Terrorists in the World ! ISIS is US israHELL’s Army, like all the names of terrorits gangs, even Boko Aram is affiliated with ISIS ! Always in WARS US, the Only Nation in the World doing so ! More now, since Trump fell in Love with israHELL, and became a Muslim Hater, Fighting to Kill Arabs ! Just see what Palestinians are facing, elimination, daily Murders, Destructions, while israHELL is Blessed by US HYPOCRIT CRIMINAL ! Syria is a Target for the Benefit of israHELL ONLY, and Sick Trump wants Syria DOWN !! Russia knows, Turkey Knows, Iran Knows +++ that US arms Terrorism in this World !!

Cheryl Brandon

Imperialism of Destruction for OIL.=USA/JEWISH International Terrorism against ARABS.
Barbaric Murder of 100 Syrian Soldiers who have been defending Syria
against TERRORISM since 2012, is a juncture in this Proxy War! I think
all Syrian Allies need to re think an all out WAR as, murdering 100
Syrian soldiers on their own soil should have immediate retaliation
Heroes/warriors/LIBERATORS. DIE USA RATS DIE. 100
sons/brothers/husbands/nephews and fellow Syrians from all ethnic
groups. ALL ARABS+Persians MUST UNITE OR PERISH UNDER the violent boots

John Mason

Something should have been done the minute that the Russian/Syrians discovered that the US set up bases in Syria. Too late now.

Hide Behind



Interesting article about US military airlifting ISIS cadres out of and around Dier Ezzore:


Bulgarian God

Again stupid propaganda…

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