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Russia: US Media Campaign Against Syria Is Sign Of Possible Intervention

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Russia: US Media Campaign Against Syria Is Sign Of Possible Intervention

FILE IMAGE: index.heritage.org

The US media campaign against the Syrian government may be a sign of the upcoming US-led intervention in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry believes.

The campaign, which was started by the US and is being backed by London and Paris, on the alleged chemical attack that is claimed to be prepared by Damascus, is not original, it’s a textbook script, which has already been used in several countries in the region,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, according to RT. “The current information attack is very likely a warning sign of an intervention. The story will be the same: an incident happens on the territory controlled by the terrorists, civilian casualties follow. The so-called opposition – de facto the same jihadists, not very different from IS [ISIS] and Al-Qaeda, but who are still getting help from the US and allies – announce yet another ‘crime by the regime.”

Zakharova recalled the 2013 case when “a provocation with the alleged use of chemical weapons became an excuse for a [potential] direct Western intervention in Syria. The situation was salvaged only by Russia’s decisive stance.”

She added that out Sarrakab and Ar-Riha are potential locations for false flag incidents.

The situation seems to be a massive provocation, both military and information-wise, a provocation which targets not only the Syrian leadership, but also Russia.”

On Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis claimed that the Syrian government had not carried out another chemical attack only because of the White House warning not to do it earlier this week.

“It appears that they took the warning seriously,” Mattis told reporters, according to Reuters. “They didn’t do it.

However, he offered no evidence that the Syrian government had been preparing some chemical attack in Syria.

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My own amateur viewpoint is the new false flag being drummed up is to give the Americans the excuse to hammer the Syrian&allies forces at the iraq border, the timing says it all to me, i half except pro-government forces in aleppo and raqqah provinces to be hit as well.

Syria is going to be split up this is all about who controls which bits of real estate when the negotiations start.

If The Russians Have any brains they are preparing for TOTAL WAR conventional biological and nuclear a few years down the line as NATO further encircles and threatens them.

If we go down, then all shall be coming with us…should be the Russian mantra Nato is coming for them, i would not trust China as far as i could throw them


Will a few years from now be better, as the dollar nears its sell-by date? Or worse, as Russia is encircled and stripped of its last allies? The time to stand and fight may be now.


My own cynical view is the best thing that could happen to Russia would be a US war with iran. I don’t believe Iran deserves a war with Iran or anyone else….I want them to live in peace but the USA doesn’t see things my way so…..

The USA are ridiculous optimists about their military capabilities. The estimated cost/timeline of the 2003 Iraq war was $20b and less than a year which is an honest to goodness order of magnitude smaller than the estimated $2 trillion the Iraq war has cost them to date.

Iran will be a much tougher nut to crack than Iraq. They have twice the population, mountainous terrain, hate the USA. The entire male population have military training and they’ve been digging in and preparing to fight the USA for 40 years.

The US strategy in Iran will be using the most expensive ordinance know to man delivered by the most ridiculously expensive kill chain ever devised. In time Iran will be defeated militarily and the regime will fall but with a far bigger insurgency than Iran or Afghanistan and the costs will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like petty cash. Iran does have the ability to hit US airbases and sink a few capital ships which will draw the USA further into the war. If the USA loses capital ships there will be no way for the USA to save face without a very expensive invasion of Iran.

Taking on Iran plays well to the US conservative base so on the surface it looks like a good move politically but this one will be the end of the USA as a world power.


“I don’t believe Iran deserves a war with Iran or anyone else.” I know of the war of Ukraine with Ukraine–which, I have on good authority, Ukraine expects to win any time now. This war you mention is new to me.

But let’s assume that was a typo and go on to the rest you write. I’m starting to fear you may be completely correct *about the Kremlin point of view*. Which for me would mean that they’re a kind of glorified arabs there after all–not that China is much better. These three countries (and any others who’d join) should stand shoulder to shoulder to stop a force much greater than any single one of them. Putin dreams of Grand Coalitions but he’d just settle for a photo op with Trump. Meanwhile, the SCO has been culturally enriched with terror sponsor Pakistan–like *that* will help with taking on NATO.

Yes probably the US cannot conquer Iran. Who cares when you can just destroy? Trump may even go nuclear; he’s often expressed a willingness, and the US have of course done it before. It’s not like Merkel’s going to beat him up over it.

Justin Ryan

Any country who uses a nuclear weapon will be the first country to implode both civilly and economically!


It wasn’t a recommendation mind you. But what you caution against has of course already happened, twice, against *civilian* targets in a country that was nonstop crying uncle at that point; the world moved on. That precedent still stands.

Tom kauser

Iran has been gaining for most of my 50 some years and I expect the final thingy is turkey and Iran? Bing! Hotpockets are a go!

Justin Ryan

Totally agree! This is the thin red line! The war in ukraine is on hold because the Russians are winning in Syria! These wars are completely related (in reference to pipelines to europe)

This is it!

We will see massive threats coming from Russia when this gets too crazy with potential strikes against the SAA for CW use!

What can stop the USA is nuclear war threats! I think this is exactly what it will take to stop the USA. But i feel their bluff may be called because the USA is not in control! Its the Israeli’s!

Fuck Israel!


You’d fit right in with the Houthis with that vocabulary LOL. Then again, they seem to be our generation’s NVA. No navelgazing sessions there whether killing off the invaders would be needlessly provocative. And the civilian toll is again catastrophic this time round; glad it’s not me making the calls.

Tom kauser

Reason: to create fresh losses to hide past massacres? When did the military feel obliged to report victories as they polish the medals to ask congress for more money to turn the tide on some under reported mission? Rome’s generals used to bring back tribute and stories of great victories? American generals have turned a once great military into a monkey on a string, as they dance around congress like a bunch of Kansas city faggots!

Justin Ryan

I agree, the Chinese are COWARDS!
They cant handle sanctions! They are so scared of sanctions yet the Russians will accept it. Even harder to deal with sanctions when 90% of ur country is a frozen waste land!

But lets be honest, it is Israel in the driving seat! They are in a position of “make it or break it”. If they allow a Russian and syrian Victory then they may lose the Golan heights and evetually the oil they have found there! Iran and Hezbolla will be an even greater threat to them and Israel will be in BIG trouble!

But if Israel force the heavy hand of the US military, then the Israeli plan for the “Greater Israel” to steal more land and take the resources will continue on!

It is better that Russia uses its tech to counter any US attack upon Syria. he only safe option for the US is to use a MASSIVE amount of cruise missiles. The Russian’s need to counter this and so too do Iran! Iran may as well assume that this war in Syria is a war on Iran because we know that Iran was next on the list!

So Russia is best to use purely defensive systems against the US attack!
But if Israel or the US decide to use their AirForce, then the Syrian army will need to do their best to fight them in the skies!
It wont be good but as long as the Russian’s have missile lock on them, its not gonna be that easy for the US and Israeli’s! If a plane is shot from the sky by a Russian missile then they will blame escalation upon Russia!

So i hope the Russian’s really do have this advanced EW tech we have heard about! Using this could blind all radar, infrared, satellites and even sonar, GPS and Satellite imagery!

The Israeli’s are DESPERATE!

Russia may use North Korea to amp up their rhetoric against the US (an even bigger threat to the US) which may make them back off! Plus the USA is losing support from their own citizens for this war!

Russia and Syria will stay playing “the lesser evil” so it can only be a US escalation! This is why the US is saying “Chemical Weapons” so the Syrian govt becomes the “greater evil” without even doing anything!

It will depend on the pressure the US has on it in its home country but i feel that nation is too divided to know whats going on! So much anti-Russian sentiment there!

But the USA has a lot to lose here also! Russian bases will be welcomed with a smile and hand shake in Iraq and Syria! Russians will be seen as liberators and we will be back to a bi polar world (a good thing)

The USA is not welcomed in these countries because they steal and control that nations resources so they can be traded in US dollars thus making the Petro dollar, thus making the reserve currency, thus printing their own wealth, thus building a powerful military to bully more countries!

This more about politics and diplomacy now and what one can get away with, rather than who has the potential to win! But once politics fails, the attacks will happen!

China is such a cowardly nation! They will only side with who they think will win! Of course it benefits them if the Russians win but they wont risk their own necks to help!

Russia can always go all in! Say “if any Russian solider is killed in a US or Israeli attack, then we have the right to retaliate by any necessary means which would force escalation and nuclear war! Russia has now changed its military policy from counter nuclear attack to PRE-EMPTIVE NUCLEAR ATTACK”!

This will change things certainly but lets hope it does not go there! Russia will certainly look like the bad guy after that point but lets face it, this is where they are being forced to go to!


Imo it is clear that left to local and even regional forces, the mess in Syria will not be solved but will take years until one or two factions are so exhausted that they will have to stop.

That leaves it to Russia and the US to resolve the matter and force a solution on Syria.

The way to start is in my opinion a cease fire for the next three years, during which only IS and Al Qaeda can be attacked. Any attacker outside this box to be bombed by both Russia and US.

During the three year, a settlement must be found


Sounds straight forward but naive.The fighting in Syria isnt straight forward.Some parties especially the Americans have anterior motives.This is not about fighting terrorism but resource theft, pipelines and hegemony.An even quicker way of solving the Syrian issue would be or the west aka America to stop funding AQ and ISIS but that not going to happen is it?


If syria is left up to America and its vassals along with their Zionist overlords then it is libya 2.0

Lets hope Russia&Iran can withstand the pressure to stop this from happening

https://sputniknews.com/politics/201706291055083831-astana-talks-ceasefire/ next stage of the astana peace talks

https://sputniknews.com/politics/201706291055084441-putin-kissinger-meeting/ as much as i think kissinger is satans spawn he is well connected

joe doe

The peace talk is only illusion. What Syria needs is strong protector and get rearm SAA with a lot better weapon, specially the Air Defense System. The only solution for Syria and give aggressor big punch and blue eye and good protector that will defend Syria as attack on Syria is attack on Russia. Americans have no stomach for may plastic bags coming home. Russia with its inaction crated very danger situation, because has send message to the aggressor that can attack Syria with out any punity, because Russia will do nothing

Concrete Mike

I beleive you are incorrect, the us and their media are conditionning the public to war as we speak. They are deliberatly trying to get shot down so they can escalate. Russia Will not take the bait, as they are in control of the situation.

Killing Americans Will just distract the American public from their corrupt and incompétent goverment, wich is the real issue here. That is the goal. Russia knows this and Will not take the bait.


If the US butted out the situation would resolve itself. The only reason it is still going on is the US and it’s Zionist cabal supporting the headchoppers.


Please remind everyone about the person who calls the Israeli controlled US led “Terror Axis” as OUR PARTNERS ?


In the UK media, BBC TV or Sky News, as at today there is no media campaign against Syria however this could change if there is a false flag chemical attack.

joe doe

The preparation has been already made for the fabrication and attach, this is silence before the storm


joe doe
Very true, I have noted since 2013, the UK TV news media go silent or into minimal reporting mode on Syria and then bang the propaganda goes into overdrive after the false flag.

Syria is doomed because Putin Russia refuses to give any Air Defence to the Syrian Military against regular Israeli / US attacks.

John Marks

There already were two false-flags, in 2013 (Ghouta) and on April 4th (Idlib province), as exposed by Seymour Hersh:
The western media simply do not report these atrocities, so the people still believe Assad gases babies and so the western governments justify their assaults.
Until freethinkers can puncture Wall Street’s dominion over the public’s access to knowledge, this dangerous charade will continue.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The first was exposed by the UN and the public knows the US wobbles on facts and know the 2nd attack was another false flag exposed by their own experts . The Public is waiting for the US to make another try , this could be the camel that broke the straw bale in half .

The media for a long time has hidden these atrocities , there is no full accounting of how bad the strikes in the Raqqa region have been .The UN has most of its investigators working on this and are saying this worse than Aleppo in scope and magnitude .

There are many whom are getting fed up just by going by the comment sections in both the mainstream and alternative media , the remarks are not too kindly .

John Marks

Too right, Woolpuller.
And the Grauniad seldom allows comments on Syria now. In fact, they seldom carry articles on Syria at all.
And, of course none of the British MSM have even mentioned Hersh or Postol.
The comments sections are the only place where any kind of debate can emerge, but they are increasingly censored. Interesting to see, if Corbyn gets in, whether any of this will change – perhaps a monopolies commission to break up the media oligopoly?


John Marks
The Telegraph has stopped its Readers Forum.
They increase their profits whilst preventing a challenge to their fake or propaganda Op Eds.


John Marks
Fortunately 2013 allegations were defused.

The April 2017, Idlib is slowly getting replayed with one airing, BoZo, Boris Johnson spouting on BBC TV news a couple of days ago.

Subsequently RT has started repeating BoZo’s allegations over and over, had to turn off the TV.

Expo Marker

Mattis is trying to relive the glorious George W. Bush days, where the USA was the absolute power, but times have changed, and Russia and China will prevent any Syria resolution in the UN. And on the ground, the Syrian Arab Army, along with allied groups and militias, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, are the strongest force on the ground.

Washington does not realize that they don’t have the edge they once had back in 2013. The recent Tomahawk attack on Syria was not as effective as it should have been. Hell, the airport was back in working condition in days. And with Turkey slowly leaving the pro-US camp, we will see this play out much differently than Washington had in mind.


un resolution ha ha ….the US is so far gone it will just do what it wants believing its military is the be all and end all, true knuckle draggers


This is not a case of so far gone. This has been, currently is, and will continue to be US policy. Its the way the world works. Might makes right. If it does not the dead do not protest the question of right. The only thing that can counter it is the same. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply wrong. This is the world we have always lived in.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

These types of plots and direct provocations are unmistakable results of the excess of patience and Russian inaction about so many previous american affronts against the syrian gobernment without any Russian punishment .
Knowing in advance that Russia does not have the courage to defend its allies in Syria for its illogical and unilateral fear of starting a third world war, the Americans and their acolytes have a clear path to do whatever they want in Syria.
Which would be very different if Putin would have the balls of his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un. What Russia ignores is the fact that the third world war would be as deadly for both Russia and the rest of the world, so much than the coward Americans would prefer to withdraw from Syria and all Middle East, leaving totally alone to its ally Israel if it were necessary, before starting a nuclear armed conflict with Russia.
It is said by someone who has his oldest latin daughter working in the pentagon more than ten years ago.


You are correct. Russia is not willing to kill Russia for Syria. That is all there is to it. The other side not so sure about ? I would guess that the US would not be willing to trade the US for Syria either, problem is in the US the very idea that it could cause harm to it, in not known to the populace nor its ignorant politicians. In the West in the US it would first be sold as a blinking contest, by the time the USA was to see what really is at stake, it would be too late to reverse course. Yes I would think the US would avoid WW3 if you could make them see it coming. But that itself may be the harder part.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Jews conniving to make the American Goyim fight there wars for them like they made the Goyim fight the first world war for them, and the second. And on and on it continues till this day. Go fight Goyim for our global empire you dumb Goyim says the Jewish master race.

Tom kauser

If this crusaders is going to end badly let I be in Damascus! Let the area over run all of McMasters proxies like the sands of time will stand silently in judgement of his abilities? Always a second choice of the real rulers!

John Brown

Again the racist supremacist Jewish empire needs war because it is losing the peace everywhere. These attacks are designed to provoke Russia Syria etc to shoot down Israeli jets over Israel bomb Israel etc. so Israel can pretend to be the victim for the stupid Goyim, so they can order American
Goyims to attack Syria and die for a greater racist supremacist Israel under this pretext.
These provacations by the USSA and attacks by Israel are not significant and don’t change the course of the battle or war. If Israel or the USSA mount’s large scale air strikes attacks etc which
change the course of battles and the war Russia will stop them and it will be also obvious for all the world to see that Israel with their conquered slave American is ISIS and Al Qaeda as there will be no doubt, no way to cover up that such air strikes are to help, head chopping, slave selling, child sex killing murders and that Israel and racist supremacist Jews are head chopping, slave selling, child sex killing murders etc. so even as the master Jewish race says the most stupid Goyim will finally
get it and it will be a disaster for racist supremacist Jews.

As I predicted Turkey is moving decisively into the Russian / Chinese sphere of influence. Turkey will now go to war with the Kurds and then withdraw from the NATO pact. They had to wait until they got all the Rothschild Jewish fifth column of racist supremacist Jews and their Sabbath Goyim who are plotting another Israeli coup in Turkey. Erdogan also needed that Russian gas pipeline to be complete for the inevitable Zionist oil and gas embargo against Turkey and the Turkish stream pipeline is now almost complete. Turkey will face the same embargo as Qatar and needed energy, financial, military and domestic security to be ready.
These sanctions are now good for Russia the pain is almost over if there was any it was the oil price that really did some damage and the benefits are now kicking in.
China and Russia will and Russia is currently and easily winning any war of sanctions with what use to be the free west, now the collapsing Jewish racist supremacist military police state empire. The racist supremacist Jewish elite has just about killed their host nations, their global empire is about to
collapsewhich is why they are desperate for war.
Turkey is defecting, the Philippines is defecting, Indonesian is defecting now Qatar, etc. Russia and China are winning big time in Africa and South America and Asia as Jewish dictatorship America’s economic and military influence,including its soft power collapses everywhere.

Tom Tom

When you signal your intentions for full scale war, watch out for the other side letting fly a first strike. Nuke clouds over America! Here it comes. Bet on it.


another, albeit long shot, at the reason for the advance warning of a false flag, is to sabotage the G20 meeting between putin/trump. if something were to happen on the 2nd of july, this would poison the meeting.
i have become convinced that trump is in full accord with the zionazis, and will do what ever it takes to press the fight in syria. i have said before i think the US is on the wrong side of history here. it’s like i’m living in germany circa 1939. helpless to make any difference.


It seems there is an impasse between the two superpowers in Syria. Neither wants this to escalate into a war between Russia and the USA. Even if it doesn’t escalate into a full-out US-NATO war on Russia, USA has little to gain by engaging in hostilities in Syria. Trump will get bad press back home. The people won’t like the US getting into a war with Russia. Trump was elected just for that – for the war to end in Syria. It will increase the bloodshed. The US would fire missiles at Damascus and Aleppo; Russians would shoot down planes and fire missiles at US carriers and bases. This could become ugly very quickly.
So both parties know it’s better for it to remain like this. Each party pretending it’s about regaining ISIS land, warily watching one another. After ISIS’s removal is completed; it will remain the same. Each camp hanging tightly onto its territory.
If the US give up SDF-held land, SDF will be sacrificed. Even though Assad won’t treat them too harshly, the people of Syria will always view them with caution. And worse, the USA will have spent the money on this war for nothing. Actually, it would have backfired on them. Turkey has become a new partner in the Russia-Syria alliance, and Turkey will be pushed closer to Iran.
And if the Russians abandon Syria and go home, they would have accomplished nothing either. The military personnel who died would have died for nothing.


Continued. This war is going to be very bad. It will create a partitioned Syria, much like West and East Germany or North and South Korea, with neither side willing to give up its land to the other.

The US won’t have completely won. The American people are sick and tired of US troops being permanently based overseas in the Middle East, doing nation-building. And the US hold on SDF land will be very tenuous. Even Sunni nations won’t be happy about this. Arabs aren’t fond of Kurds. Kurds will seem as usurpers and traitors.

Syria will lose too of course. Instead of the situation before, the land will be reduced to half.

If there is any military activity going on, the US will be sitting in the middle of it. Syria and other nations will have to step around it carefully, unlike before. The Shia crescent from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran will be interrupted. And there will be less freedom for the Shia nations (Syria is included in this group as the leadership is Shia) to do whatever they want as Russia will always have to be consulted, and Russia’s answer will be predictably don’t do anything that will get Russia confronting the USA. Russia’s presence is both at the same time a help and a hindrance.


Everyone has a lesson to learn from the war. Assad should learn that Arabs don’t take well to western liberalism. It’s incompatible with Islam, especially Sunni Islam. He needs to get rid of the brainwashing he picked up from living in the West that everything Western is better. Like Gaddafi’s son, he was tricked by the American politicians. Even though Obama looked at the start of his presidency that he would be different to Bush, he never was. ALL US presidents are the same. It can’t be any other way — the US remains a colony of Israel. At the beginning John Kerry was shaking hands with Assad and greeting him warmly like an old friend. After the war started, Kerry was calling Assad a war criminal. You cannot trust the West. When they want to be your friends, they are plotting how to take down your country.

Assad walked into a trap. He thought if he brought economic liberalization to Syria and did away with socialism (Ba’ath Party is socialist, not much different to Libya or North Korea), that the USA would look kindly at his government and his country would be safe. It was actually the opposite. The West loves it when these nations get rid of their dictatorships and nationalism and become these globalist western liberal countries that have open markets and free trade. It allows the Western countries to come in and easily take over the nation. In Syria’s case, it brought dissatisfaction among the poorer people, who could not cope with the liberalization of its economy, and turned them into “Islamic terrorists”. To be honest, Assad was more democratic and secular and liberal than the so-called moderate rebels who were revolting against him. They wanted the way things were under his father.

And when the conflict started to get serious, Assad called back the old guard in the Ba’ath Party that he had fired or demoted to come back to his side and help him as he couldn’t cope. Despite having been treated badly by Assad, who essentially wanted to get rid of them and replace them with new blood, they returned to help Assad fight the insurgents. This shows how much his father had been respected. His son was dismantling his father’s legacy and replacing it with something very foreign and unsuited to the cultural and political environment of Syria, but still when he got into trouble and Syria threatened to be plunged into civil war, the stalwarts of the party stood up for him.


Assad in his pursuit of economic and social liberalization and detente with the West also degraded the defensive capabilities of Syria. Thinking that Syria would become like a democratic liberal EU nation in the middle of the Middle East, and on good terms with his new friends, Obama and Kerry, he put defense at a lower priority. He thought that the probability of it being attacked was less than before because of the new warm relations with the US. By the time he saw what happened to Libya, it was too late. Soon after Libya fell, CIA-backed unrest began in Syria.

After Operation Orchard, Assad simply stopped pursuing nuclear weapons and other advanced missiles. Instead of concentrating on acquiring ICBMs, and even tactical nukes, he did nothing.

He even let MB into his country in the form of Hamas.


So from 2000 up until the Syrian War started, Assad was slowly weakening Syria, making it vulnerable to attack by Zio forces.

And now the result is that Syria has lost half its land and has entered into a protectorate relationship with Russia. Even though he will remain president, he has to okay everything with Russia first. Even though Russia is not like the USA, the loss of independence isn’t good for Syria.

Assad let the Shi’ite alliance down severely. He was the weak chain in it.

If Iran, Lebanon and others in the Shia alliance are to survive, they have to play smarter. In a region where Israel is looking to exploit any sign of weakness in an adversary, it does not serve anyone’s interests to take one’s eye off the ball, to be lulled into a false sense of security, to fall into the trap of trusting the West.

Many a naive little sheep has wandered astray, lured by a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, to be eaten by the wolf.

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