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Russia: US Is Up To Plunge In Dangerous Game In Syria With Idea Of Unified Kurdistan

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Russia: US Is Up To Plunge In Dangerous Game In Syria With Idea Of Unified Kurdistan

FILE IMAGE: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

The United States is up to plunge into a dangerous game in Syria with idea of unified Kurdistan, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with RT France, Paris Match and Le Figaro.

“Neither the United State nor France nor other Western countries want to create conditions for the return of refugees on the territories that are controlled by Syria’s legitimate government until <…> a reliable political process is launches,” the Russian Foreign Ministry quoted him as saying.

In the meantime, the United States is establishing power bodies in alternative to the Syrian legitimate authorities on a vast territory east of the Euphrates and is taking robust efforts to encourage the return of refugees there, Lavrov noted.

“The question is why it is not necessary to wait for the launch of a reliable political process on the Euphrates east bank that is controlled by the United States. There is only one answer to it – it is planned to establish a territory that would be a kind of a prototype of a new state. Or it will be another round of the most dangerous game with Iraqi Kurdistan, the idea of the so-called unified Kurdistan,” he said.

“I don’t rule out the United States is seeking to keep the situation in that region that tense so that no one could calm down,” the Russian top diplomat said. “It is much easier for them to fish what they want in such roubles waters. It has never done any good,” he stressed.

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US has been using the Kurds to screw with Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria since the end of WW2 even when being officially allied with the first 3. And it serves then right if after 70+ years they didn’t learn a thing. Turkey is still letting US use its bases for logistical support and air attacks on Syria. And Iraq, Shia led mind you, still doesn’t have the balls to kick US out.

Jens Holm

Thats not correct at all. USA never has in Syria. Kurds there systematicly has been supported against Turks at least until USSR collapsed.

Its also a fact, that Assads systematicly suppported ISIL in Iraq, which became a co member of ISIS.

Totally lie from You. Thats why You kill each other well even with no help from west.



John Mason

Cognitive dementia.

Jens Holm

More like demens from You. Turkey and Syria even has agreements about stopping it from the USSR collapse, where Turks also should be less friendly to the Turkmen.

Tudor Miron

Jens, you should not forget to take your medecine. It’s evedent that you need it badly. Don’t even start with your usual trash talk – we’re doing our best to help you and your dimentia.

Jens Holm

Facts are as written by me.

Joe Kerr

So says Southfront’s new moron posing as a clown. Better put on your straight jacket and go home.

Concrete Mike

No hes an original 6 moron.

Jens Holm

Thank You very much.

Jens Holm

I have internet as well as read 5-7 internet sites daily.


…and I suppose ex Israeli politicians and Mosad bosses bragging about supporting the Kurds in all these countries, for more than 70 years, with US money and weapons is a lie too…or you’re just saying that US didn’t know about it…kurds are the card that all would be imperial forces in the middle east like too play against their enemies from the times the murdering bastards left Iranian mountains too rape, burn and rob their – usually Christian – neighbors…


The only card that the usa can bet on- the kurds. Isis is finished, “moderate” rebels changed coats or gave up.

Jens Holm

You forget the reason for being there. If they (and we) could not remove or replace Assads and The Batthistas, we can decimate their possitions.

Thats done well by destruction as well as permanent reduction by SDFs and Turks.

Tudor Miron

Who the hell are you to “replace Assads and The Batthistas”? How about “Assads and The Batthistas” replace you and your kind in your country? I’m sure that you would not like it but why not? Remember Newtons law.

Jens Holm

I just tell You facts. Americans and we are not ther efor kurds as well as ISIS and oil.

Concrete Mike

Ive heard many stories of kurds implicated in the heroin trade from afghanistan. Especiall the barzani kurds.

Creating a kurdistan will just be a huge drug mart.

Valerianus Maximus

LOL! They are already being replaced by all the refugees the Syrian war created. Stupid Scandinavians . . .


The stupidist idea of creating a state inside Syria … really brainless and dumb,. I will never happen .

US cannot do anything and only trying their luck.
With Russia , Iran , Syria , Hezbollah … even Hezbollah alone can defeat the US forces INSIDE SYRIA not to say iran and others.

Opening up big mouth to say you want to be in there does not mean you can .

Jens Holm

Thats vertical wrong. USA from day one has denyed kurds to have something only for them. It was the plan to make some loose unification with any unification with the FSA groups there.

That has become a failure. Only few FSAs are there even they has been helped as the kurds.

So the SDFs make a realistic structure if any.

Lavrov is right in one thing. Its should be possible to take refugees back and makes sense. But they shouldbe helped with everything. Why dont we in west at least help the ones in the SDF zone.

I partly see those refugees as hostages for the Turks supporting their lira as well.

But as we see, there are hostiles to SDFs in their zone. I think Lavrov is right We could re-establish many and give them jobs back as well as educate people in contruction.

Valerianus Maximus

After reading that, all I can say in reply is this:

No, it is black bisector correct. The omnibus application of self-contradicting aphorisms by FUKUS red parallels renders syllogistic computation as fractured coefficient. Sagacious blue intersect representatives attempt to repair syllogistic ruptures but are disrupted by paranoid reactions from blue/white transverse triangles. Most efficacious solution to impasse is application of atom-fusing device on blue/white transverse triangle center of gravity and removal with extreme prejudice of FUKUS aquatic bisectors.

Jens Holm

Its a quasi experimentel research design, taken from people will be more and more narrow minded if they use small railed trains too often.

Tommy Jensen

This is a HUGE surprise :-O.

Who would have thought of that? Nobody guessed that US was out to create Kurdistan for the Kurds when they made the Euphrate deal wit Russia, nobody.

Wauw wauw wauw here we go with freedom :-D. What a surprise.

John Whitehot

you sound hysterical.

sooner or later, it’s gonna get you.


thumbsdown for kurdies

Joe Kerr

Looks like Israel opted not to test Syria’s new S-300 passed the baton to its U.S. colony.


Dear South Front: The US doesn’t give a rip whether Kurdistan remains independent, we want to prevent either Damascus or Ankara from getting any bring ideas about invading. We also have the misuse of the word legitimate because the Russian Foreign Minister doesn’t any people realizing that most Kurds no longer want to be apart of Syria. And if we interpret what he says about legitimacy literally that means Russia should be Tsarist and America should be apart of England.
Such rules aren’t rules when they’re only true that half of the time you benefit from them being true.

Concrete Mike

Lol your last sentence is true but coming from a pro zionist shill, makes me laugh.



A) You can’t, by definition, invade your own country and B) Does that mean that Texas, New Mexico. Arizona, California are about to become Mexico once again – you know return to it’s legitimate owners. And last but not least – is Palestine about to get returned to it’s rightful and legitimate owners – brown people of middle eastern origin of various religions – and are eastern European colonists pretending to be of Semitic roots, currently occupying it about to return to their real homeland – a potato field east of Minsk? BTW, you do know that areas of Turkey, Syria and Iraq currently held by the Kurds was, not so long ago were inhabited by Christian Armenians and Syriac – those same Kurds exterminated in a campaign of Jihad not unlike to the one done by ISIS few years ago. Is that the “legitimate” claim of ownership you talk you. And I suppose that the fact that in the parts of Syria Kurds claim as their own they represented a clear 30% MINORITY before the war – just doesn’t matter…

We tried.

But when the Russian people in the former Russian territory of Crimea choose to break from the Ukraine…


There’s a lot of people who would disagree royally with that interpretation of events. Indeed both sides tend to oversimplify that matter but nonetheless you’re doing the same exact thing I described.

We tried.

Yes, it’s all so complicated only you and your boss Moshe can sort it out for us.


Why is it eberyone automatically assumes anyone who disagrees with them is a paid troll? Paid trolls are rare, aggressive internet activists (like you) are a dime a dozen.

We tried.

Eberyone is a clue that you are not paid, even though good help is hard to find. You’re not a troll, merely an ingrate.


wow what a fucking surprise lavrov….should have checked history first ie. the breaking up of yugoslavia, where now every cocksucker has his own “nation”, and like the big imporatant Fidschi nation which , wow what a fucking surprise, every war that the usa/nato started in the last 25 years a part of was as , and i quote the presidents obama and bush “fidschi is an imporatant member of our coaltion on the war on terror”.and just like those illegal cocksucking , on jew orders, prick nations of former yugoslavia, be it kosovo(jewish organized crime network) and macedonia(jewish organzed crime network) going into nato…..
no difference in syria…….i wrote about the changing of the demographices of an area of a nation which brings about instant change, like mentioned in those bs nations of kosovo and macedonia or bosnia…
turkey is doing it in afrin area, and have succeeded in a wide area…there have been plenty of articles about this turkish crime against humanity, but hey they learned from their masters..the jews…thats what the jews have been doing for 70 years now in palestine…check the maps from palestine from 1945 to 2018….thats what changing the demographics means…thats what turkey is doing in afrin, and what the us is doing,on orders of their jew masters, in east syria….and its a rather simple procedure…
one throws out the native population out of their houses and farms, replacing them with your population,changing the street names, town names, changing the school language and replacing their currency of their money with yours.Turkey has now done ALL of the above, including changing town names,street names, school language and the currency used in afrin is only the turkish lira.

so in short….i have no fucking idea what lavrov is talking about…is he seriously surprised??did the russians think the us was just in east syria, building one illegal base after the other because of the sight seeing??once the big bear gets going, its tough and rough for all adversaries as history has shown, be it napoleon or hitler… but my o my, have they been slow to react in syria, or libya or for that sense in former yugoslavia….and the fucking dirty jews will always take advantage of that.
today is october 13 2018…..the agreement between turkey and russia about the demilitarized zone in idlib has 2 days more time.Neither HTS nor the turkestan islamic group have retreated, there is constant firing of artillery or mortar or missiles on SAA positions and civilians living in the SAA controlled area.Turkey has , as usual, used this addtional time to ante up in idlib by sending massive amounts of weapons and tanks etc.. to idlib.
On october 15 we will see how much the word/agreement signed by russia is worth.Because it clearly states in this agreement, that all groups which did not fullfill the agreement MUST be attacked by TURKEY!!!!

I predict first, that erdogan will ask and GET and extension of time for the retreat of the various groups.
my second prediction, sooner than later, the SAA will have no other choice to attack idlib including the illegal turkish army.. even if russia and turkey are still talking about this pathetic, bullshit agreement.and people here again praise putin for putting a hold to the nato plans of a fake chem. attack and thus a nato attack??? WTF WTF nato is at war in syria for 7 years already….and history has shown that apeasement policy towards a bully who has no morals NEVER WORKS!!!!!
and hence we are back to EAST SYRIA and the KURDS and this article of bullshit.
again…one will not get the fucking bully behaving by giving him candy and a blowjob!!!!
the bully understands the blow to his nose!!!
and its time for russia to deal a blow to this pathetic bully which have just downed ALL F-35 for various life threating flaws in the tanks and cockpits.
but the longer one plays around, the bully might think u r scared of him…thats when things can get really nasty very fast including a confrontation that leads to world war 3…….so russias apeasement policy in regards to the us/nato should stop immediatly….ukraine and the MH shot down by unbelievable criminals in kiev….libya where russia voted in favor of nato intervention….jemen where russia voted in favor of an arms embargo for the houthis…kosovo,montenegro,syria,afghanistan iraq,saudi arabia etc.. the list gos on and on…apeasement does not work with criminal bullys that have no moral!!!!
best example is ofcourse my dear cock sucking pieces of filth the jews.Look what apeasement to israel by nearly all nations for the last 70 years have brought us to….
ps. israel executed yesterday another 6 palestinians and another 170 were injured…and satanic jew settlers, also yesterday, stoned….i repeat STONED to death a palestinian woman.
no need to write more..that last sentence says it all…….jews are purely satanic..always were always are always will be.

Brother Ma

All true.

Brad Isherwood

US has bio weapons labs and munitions plants in Georgia ,eastern Europe.
They already spread these bio agents on Russia and China, Syria,Iraq,Yemen,
Via Drones.

Russian Airborne divisions sent in to secure Omar Oilfields, …years ago…before the SDF waltzed in to take that on the easy.
US would not have East Euphrates then.
Now they can cut out a Turdistan and shove it down Assads throat!

I agree that Russia must move patiently vs Empire.
Yet some turns in this conflict….are just swinging a purse at a pointed gun.



“Dangerous Game In Syria”
Russia is winning this war. This war is Save Syria.
Syrians and Muslims are rooting for this war.
We will win. Russia is to fight for Syrian Unity, Unity of Peaceful Muslims. Fight we will. Together.
Syrians Where are friends. Another reason We will Fight for them.
Placing weapons in between the best of American Weapons..Syria is Critical to Russian Survival.
Russia is Making a Mistake by not placing reckless Neuclear weapons on top of American Pride. the Golen Hights should be a reckless Neuclear testing ground.

Zo Fu

Interesting like CIA , Pentagon and Trumptard-no-more wars are in one bed with PKK – Marxist party adoring Lenin, Marx and Bolshevik Revolution.

I know, I know. These are “moderate” ones, that’s why CIA and Pentagon is giving Kurds weapons.
What could possibly go wrong. Lolololo.
The same story is in Ukraine, where CIA, Pentagon and Trumptard-no-more-wars are in one bed with neonazi regime and give them weapons. The same in Afghanistan and Lybia, supporting the worst traitors and invaders and give them weapons. Let’s call it freedom and democracy.

Brother Ma

Yes they were not moderate when they were not of value to the USA before Syria 2011. Then the US rebranded them from commie terrorists to nice people.

John LaRochelle

Russia – destroy all the oil fields East of the Euphrates and keep destroying them until the foreigners leave. After that destroy all the oil fields in the Golan heights and keep destroying them. The heights belong to Syria not Israel.

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