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Russia And US Agreed To Force Iranian-backed Militais To Withdraw From Area Near Golan Heights – Israeli Media

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Russia And US Agreed To Force Iranian-backed Militais To Withdraw From Area Near Golan Heights - Israeli Media

Hezbolalh scouts with portraits of Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei and Hezbolalh Leader Hassan Narsallah

On Saturday, the Israeli media started disseminating reports that the US and Russia have reached an agreement, which would push Iranian-backed forces from an area close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The reports appeared on the same day when Russia and the US issued a joint statement on Syria after a brief conversation between Trump and Putin on the sideline of the APEC conference in Vietnam.

The released statement does not refer directly to Iran, Iranian-backed forces or Hezbollah and indeed includes nothing new about the attitudes of the sides.

The Israeli media reports are likely another move in the ongoing media campaign against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance after Tel Aviv failed to achieve the Russian support in limiting the Shia influence in Syria. Even if Moscow wants to make some trade-off with Israel, it has own limitations in this effort. The conflict is deeply integrated into the military and diplomatic standoff in the Middle East. The region is on the verge of the war, which may involve Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah and Iran.

Last weekend, the BBC released a report claiming that Iran is establishing permanent military base inside Syria. It’s located outside El-Kiswah, 14 km south of Damascus. Israel has repeatedly claimed that it “will not let that happen.” However, the only Israeli option to fulfill this promise is a military action.

Russia And US Agreed To Force Iranian-backed Militais To Withdraw From Area Near Golan Heights - Israeli Media

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Zainab Ali

hell avic and its stooges/lapdogs should bear the consequences of their evilness in the middle east/worldwide – iran’s righteous influence will/can never subside

Melotte 22

On Saturday, the Israeli media started disseminating reports that the US and Russia have reached an agreement, which would push Israeli forces out of Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

This sounds better.


Actually there is no true leader in the world just political mafia that is why what Israeli terrorists want they can do with Palestinians’ properties as well as to the neighbouring countries. That is why due to Israeli heinous crimes 600,000 Muslims, Christians and Jews left their country and now living in camps in neighbouring countries. Why Adolf Hitler eliminated Jews in Germany because Jews brought Germany and the rest of the world to WWI and WWII for their own benefits to take Palestine from Palestinians. Due to these wars 100 millions humans murdered. Who were responsible for these heinous crimes? Only Jews.


Well, if its true what Iran and Hezbollah say, that they are not in this area, then it should be a very easy concession for the Russians to make. Once they are finished in Eastern Syria send the Tigers to this front. They’re not a Iranian backed militia so then Israel can’t complain if their Al Qaida and ISIS buddies are given a one way ticket to Allah.

Bobby Twoshoes

“Israel can’t complain” LOL, $10 says they find a way to.


Now if Hez is to put on SAA uniforms, who will know?

Will Israel send their inspectors there to find out?

Really impractical.

Tommy Jensen

They are there legally there on vacation and legally civilians. If Israel says they are Hezbollah soldiers they must prove it in court.


I think Israel has many information sources within both Syria and Lebanon and has extensive files, incl snapshots, of many Hezbollah members. Making pictures of soldiers stationed near the border, they can check identities by computer and proof, if any, will be found both rapidly and easily.

Tommy Jensen

Maybe Hezbollah also have many sources inside Israel and extensive files of Mossad members and hacking of all security meetings. After all Russia is a strategic partner of Hezbollah and have access to the latest spy technology.


Israel know shit about Hezbollah..


So Israel is going to have face recognition equipment , check every soldier there from say the satellite? Only the Chinese using quantum technology will be able to do that .

You figment of imagination does not hold water.

So it is impossible to implement and there is no way Israel can force the issue both from legal and practical point.

All big talks that meant nothing Anyway Syria has the sole right to have anyone in the country for self defense especially from Israel aggression.

That is why Russia did not agree with Israel demands


I do not think Israel will tremble for the might of the Tiger Forces, all 5 to 10k of them. If the Syrian army returns to its positions they held before 2011, I do not think Israel will complain at all. Israel does not have any real problems with the Syrian army.

Tommy Jensen

After bombing Syrian army in 15 years Israel dont have problems with Syrian army, but maybe the Syrian army have a problem with Israel.


“If the Syrian army returns to its positions they held before 2011, I do not think Israel will complain ”

Yes..A country loses 400K of its citizens because of Israel, the West and the “GCC” and things will just return to pre 2011..Great…Hurray…


Hey, you think Syrian army will keep quiet watching g like cowards for Israel to attack their allies like in Lebanon ,2006?

Come on, time all three will fight as one force assuming Russia is out of it …. Iran, Syria , Hez, Iraq, Lebanon.

Notice that Saudis ,Israel and US still thinking of attacking a defenceless country call Lebanon. As usual.


You do not tremble for the Tiger forces, but you tremble with nightmares on just 3000 Hez. Fighters

Rodney Loder

Israeli media also published facts that Saudi war planes downing the helicopter killing the Saudi Princes, Netanyahu is not spoiling for a fight, Allah is obviously isolating the hypocrites. King Abdullah actually threw boy Salman out of the Kingdom for being a fool, he hasn’t grown probably he never will, information comes from Journalist Marwa Osman.


Hezb, tell me again, why dont anyone of them mention geographical facts, like the fact that ISISrael have an part of Lebanon, huh, do enlighten an infidel like me, why then should not the Lebanes people whom is behind Hezb have anything to either do not act in this region, witch ISISrael claims its theirs.

Iran, again, flash backs, in Iraq and incubators to trucks having everything from Nuks to Chems. Yeah, images and “credible” eyewitnesses, reports and intelligence, line, hook and sinker, you swallowed everything they told you, didn’t you, incl the Russians.

To me, this shows that back stabbing is an part of real politics, ISISrael have jack shit do say and do anything in Golan, but that is what they ignore, invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing, yeah, how nice of them, isnt it, make everything shine so brightly.

And how f….. stupid do they think we are, that is what I wounder about, spew nonsense, is one thing, about international laws and shit like that, but when it comes to actually do something against the terror state ISISrael nothing happens, that alone when we drool about conspiracy theories, make it more, uh,,, obvious dont it, how rotten are they, how and what is it, that last question I have, why, and its so bloody obvious on top of it, and watch the shower of sniveling drivel coming from them all, regarding this, but I know ISISrael gets exactly what it wants, never forget that Lebanes and Iranians, the Russians threw you under the buss, coward creeps.

Yeah, this is and eventually, inevitably is leading everybody back to square one, trust nobody, Arabs. Not an f….. soul, this humans have no souls, dead meat, now, and later. Wake up or loose everything, been an slave to the western forces, and if you are dumb anuf to continue down the sectarian line, well, then I have no sympathy anymore, you reap what you saw, its as simple as that.


PS:I dont usually link anymore, because I know people dont bother to read them anyway, but again this time about Islam, and the Noble Quran, what do even Muslims know, this days of willfully self imposed ignorance, about virtually everything, incl Islam. This link is an article, what I want you to do is to read it,read every bloody comment, because this is what and the how, of the Joojos and the West use of, when they manufacture/fake and lie about Islam, their cut and pasit is I warned about several times, how to implement it, how to use it, but in the end its all an lie, and the lie is about the fundamental of Islam, the Quran. http://www.unz.com/jderbyshire/i-dont-hate-muslims-im-prudent-about-them-theres-a-difference/ What I want you to do is to read the comments of Talha. Blessed be the peace makers, and amen to it all.

Tudor Miron

How about this one? Written in 2010 https://youtu.be/Fn4tBelsh6c


You write “To me, this shows that back stabbing is an part of real politics,” Dude, I agree, Here in America the Demorat party threw Bernie under the bus when He was the only one that could have beaten Trump…


Since Israel and KSA proxies were thoroughly defeated in Syria, coupled with Russian unwillingness to make meaningful concessions, we have a similar pissing contest we see in Asia. Saudi army is a joke, their air force is capable of killing civilians and not much else, Saudi air force attacking Lebanon is not much different than Saudis saying they were going to send ground troops in Syria…..which equates to wishful thinking and wet dreams.

We have Israel who is aversive to casualitses and the Saudis who are like 2 year olds playing with machine guns, drumming up the narrative for war against Iran. My personal opinion is that US will stay out of this conflagration until matters with N. Korea are resolved.


You are assuming Iran will not attack Saudis if they attack Lebanon this time

What kind of ally that see their allies being killed and watch ? After all Hez fought and died for Syria, Russia and Iran.

Solomon Krupacek

What kind of ally that see their allies being killed and watch ?

russia-donbas usa-kurds



Both cases are proxies wars

Saudi with Israel attacking Lebanon ate not proxies wars

Solomon Krupacek

it is. they will attack hezbollah, not lebanon


Are you illiterate?


So you expect Hez having fought side by side Syrian, Iran, PMU, all this while will tell Hez… Go back to fight Israel and we cheer you on by the side?

You guys are morons to think such.

And you feel good that you guys can attack your enemies one by one like the case in Syria expecting it to be like Iraq, Libya, Gaza where the entire coalition attack one defenceless army while the rest looked on?

Grow up, this time it is just unthinkable that their allies will sit still after the sacrifice Hez has made saving Syria which in turn saved Russia and Iran with Iraq added.

Only fools will think so.

You guys always think your enemies will fight the way you choose. No wonder, you guys have lost every war since


I did not say Iran may not get involved directly or indirectly in case of a Lebanon war. My opinion is, there is not going to be a war, Israeli and KSA are howling at the moon. Hezzbollah is one of the spokes in the wheel that makes up the alliance against the axis of evil.


Hope you are right

Tudor Miron

Last thing I would take seriously is Israeli media. In a sence it’s just a continuation of Talmud which is aimed into turning normal humans into “chosen” to make them willing lapdogs of cabal.

Deo Cass

The most pressing issue at the moment is to break the land siege of Syria by reclaiming Al-Bukamal. I think Russia’s back stabbing of Syria had more to do with forcing Hezbollah and the PMU to retreat from that border city and let the illegal US colonial imperialist invasion and occupation forces to take over all of Syria’s territory to the East of the Euphrates river and al-Bukanal itself, thus giving the invaders and occupiers the de facto carte blanch to impose a total blockade of liberated Syrian land.




Peskov says otherwise. http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/11/we-never-said-anything-about-withdrawal.html


Breaking News: several reports are that Saudi Arabia has just called an emergency meeting of Arab League.


To attack a small Lebanon?


Hedge funds & global oil prices reflect currently elevated oil price on belief that SaudI Arabia & allies attack Lebanon.


All attack Lebanon, and expect Lebanon to fight alone?

A massive 10 years war like the one Iran/Iraq war in the making is more like it.

Why? Hez helped save Syria, which in turn saved Russia, Iran

Floyd Hazzard

Israel should focus on removing itself from lands it doesn’t own if you ask me.


I agree


You have already made this comment. ….what kind of crap is this site. so what if I already made same comment. I post it on different “article” .topics are similar and same comment can apply on all of them.

Here in Croatia there is an old saying …….”God help any one that Russians defend and Greeks feed”

Iraq needs a lot of Missile emplacements inside Iraq aimed at Saudi Arabia in case Saudi Arabia launches an all out attack against Monotheist across the ME. Israel and the Saudi Royal family study the Talmud, which is Paganism.


I just read that BBC link, and had to run and puke. The ignorance and lies are astounding.

“he BBC released a report claiming that Iran is establishing permanent military base inside Syria.”

And so what? Iran is an ally of Syria, which is under attack. If they were invited, then what is the problem. Unless we subscribe to the Orwellian concept that the only people allowed in Syria, are those not invited.

Such as the terrorists from the USA, Turkey, Qatar, and the House of Saud.

Americans have over 900 bases in 150 countries.



They allow US to establish a base in Israel now. So what is wrong with iran having a base there to help protect Syria?

The double standards and arrogance is overwhelming


yup. Nothing wrong with it, except:

1- it makes globalism tougher to impose,

2- it makes it harder to affect regime change.

3- Plus the moral boost for Syrians would be extremely good. À

4- more dead american allied terrorists from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Langley at the hands of Iranian soldiers.


the end does not justify the means, even in globalism. The mass murder is very disturbing, while the inequality gets worse. And the herd has no empathy at all.

Especially when we can look to technology to do a much better job of globalism than the usurers promise. Money slavery. When we wont need money in a scant 40 years. At all. Because without labor, there is no other justification for money, other than slavery. This isnt speculative, this is admitted by the experts. 50% of jobs gone to tech in less than 20 years. replicator technology technology based on nano technology in less than 100 or so, according to Michio Kaku.

Many people are too dim, to recognize that. Jobs are going. The ruling elite knows that they must create a new social structure not based around jobs.

Especially the capitalists who are too stupid to know that capitalism ended about 40 years ago. They qualify it corrupted with ridiculous terms like croney capitalism, which only means in reality that money BUYS SERVICE of whoever wants more money. IE, everyone.

Integrity v. profit….A joke to even ask.

Or they contend like frikken idiots, that because our governments continually put our money in the hands of corporations which are owned by the same few people, AKA our masters, then this is a problem called socialism. Not a clue.

Or even better the libertarian tards, who think that just openly putting all the power in the hands of corporation, will be our salvation. Effin ludicrous mindwash into outright in the open fascism. Bend over and smile. This is the good life, being a slave.

While too many think that infinite consumption is possible on a finite planet. Insanity. They blame population growth, rather than the fact that 20% of us gobble up 80% of the resources. Whole planet could live in south america with just under an acre of land.

No , the problem is profit based concepts like infinite growth,, planned obsolescence, cyclical consumption, all for profit motive. Which the dimmest defend aggressively as freedom. Problem is, everyone in that 80% of have nots, wants to consume like we do. And the planet she cannot take it. Period.

We could all live better than kings did. All we got to do is figure out how to share.

Some guy told me today, and no shit, that inequality was freedom.

….. and this is why sociology is not taught to the slaves. While their minds are washed with fluoride and mal-education. Some of us, were lucky to miss both.

The double standards and arrogance and ignorance are only possible, because the people are so fooking stupid. By design.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of . . . Whatever attitude one chooses toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by a relatively small number of persons – a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million – who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” (Bernays, 1928, p.37 & p.38)


NO NO NO !!THat does NOT mean Izrael has us in her back pocket.!

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