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Russia, U.S. Are Close To Reaching Final Agreement On Syrian Conflict


Russia, U.S. Are Close To Reaching Final Agreement On Syrian Conflict

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

Russia and the United States are close to reaching a final agreement on the conflict in Syria, the Associated Press (AP) reported on November 10 citing US officials.

“If clinched, the deal was expected to be announced by President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vietnam on Friday, four U.S. officials said. The United States has been reluctant to schedule a formal meeting for the leaders unless they have a substantive agreement to announce,” AP’s article reads. “The U.S.-Russian agreement being discussed would focus on three elements, officials said: “deconfliction” between the U.S. and Russian militaries, reducing violence in the civil war and reinvigorating U.N.-led peace talks. The officials weren’t authorized to discuss the deliberations and requested anonymity.”

The report added that the expected agreement “also seeks to build on progress in establishing “de-escalation zones” in Syria that have calmed some parts of the country.”

“A key U.S. concern, shared by close ally Israel, is the presence of Iranian-backed militias in Syria that have exploited the vacuum of power. The United States and Israel have been seeking ways to prevent forces loyal to Iran — Israel’s archenemy — from establishing a permanent presence. One idea hinges on a “buffer zone” along Israel’s border with Syria.

A third element of the deal would reaffirm support for the United Nations effort being run out of Geneva to seek a political transition in Syria and resolve the civil war. The United States and Russia have been at odds for years over whether Assad could be allowed to remain in power in a future Syrian government,” AP says further in its article.

According to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Putin and Trump won’t hold a formal meeting due to scheduling conflicts on “both sides.” However, Trump and Putin still could have a less formal encounter while in Vietnam.



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  • Bru

    Israel already has a buffer zone which it illegally occupies: the Golan…. but they want more …

    • chris chuba

      They need a buffer zone to protect their latest buffer zone.

      • Don Machiavelli

        Well said.

        • Lynn

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        • Myrtle

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          • SG

            In other words, a fake job offer for an oversized tech firm that pretends to uphold free speech. Google’s actions prove otherwise.

    • Brad Isherwood

      If Putin/Lavrov agree to East Euphrates deconfliction zone,
      That means Russia will not send anything military into that zone.
      US can blah blah ISIS still remains….so US will interdict ISIS and US will act to secure Political Freedom for Syrians and Iraqi,
      Translation, ….US will stay in both countries and screw the people …just like they screw over the Sheeple of America .
      US now 16 years in Afghanistan enjoy all that Opium,Rare Earths/Lithium,…and stage chaos towards Iran and Eurasia.
      If you rolled the clock back to the 1700s, …it’d be the British East India company screwing your nation with guns and Opium flying off the shelf.
      US should be forced to leave Syria and Iraq,
      But whose kidding who here

  • dutchnational

    If US and Russia can come to an agreement on Syria that covers the whole of Syria, takes into account the wishes and needs of all relevant Syrian parties, covers the needs of Russia and US and of Israel, Lebanon and supports the return of refugees and aids reconstruction, then they will have done an excellent job and almost a miracle.


      Right… If your making wishes like that, you’ll need the assistance of a world-class Genie. But no need to worry! I heard a fairy tale about a magic lamp buried under the ruins of Palmyra. Once upon a time… Crap, I forgot the rest. Just start digging around with shovel, and bring a metal detector too.
      P.S… Watch out for land mines!

  • Blaine

    If Trump is close to any sort of understanding with RF, expect another mishap by USAF on Syrian forces.

  • Jesus

    ISIS is defeated, US does not have an official role in Syria anymore, Israel, KSA and USA lost the war of proxies in Syria, the victors define the terms of any agreement.

    • chris chuba

      I’d love it if Putin got Trump to agree to lift U.S. sanctions against Syria if election monitors certified that elections in Syria were fair, even if Assad wins (he would). I can dream.

      • Jesus

        The Russians and Iranians can teach the Syrians how to circumvent sanctions by becoming self reliant, also SCO can help Syria recover economically rendering US sanctions maningless.

        • Moussa Saab

          Syria was self-reliant before the Syrian ‘civil’ war.

  • Paulskiy

    I would like to believe it; I want to believe it, but what are the chances of the US deep state, Israel, Turkey, or even the Saudis screwing this over to keep the war rolling along? It is unconscionable for most of us, but after 500,000 dead I can’t imagine any of the above being bothered.

  • MeMadMax

    All bullshit….

  • FlorianGeyer

    ” “A key U.S. concern, shared by close ally Israel, is the presence of Iranian-backed militias in Syria that have exploited the vacuum of power.”

    Whilst in the real world the Iranians have supported an ally that would have been totally destroyed by US interests and her Proxy Terror gangs .

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Doesnt Syria get a say in this?!

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    What agreement we want total transparency on any foolish USA agreements.

  • AMHants

    Really? No meetings scheduled and the US has no business in Syria. Unlike Russia.

    • Russ Russell

      According to your own rationale, with its interests at stake The United States has every right to be in Syria, Anne. At least as much, if not more, business than does Russia. The only real difference is that you don’t like it.

      • AMHants

        Really and how come you are back, with official name? US not invited to the party, no declaration of war, no invite from the UN and no invite from the elected, sovereign Government of Syria, unlike Russia. So how come, you are back, despite legal investigation, with regards your tricks?

        • Russ Russell

          Again, applying your rationale, The United States has every right to be in Syria. The simple fact is, it’s in the best interest of The U.S. and allies.

          It’s OK to say the interests of The U.S. are not your own. It’s a fallacy, however, and over-the-top hypocritical of Russia in particular, to suggest only the “invited” take part in war.

          Anne, you have no earthly idea the numerous ways in which you’re being used. The only investigation I am even remotely involved in led to Mr. Geissinger no longer “moderating” the site. He crossed a line which RI cannot condone.

          Mr. Bausman wasn’t writing to RI readers, Anne. He was writing to me and manipulating you.

          • AMHants

            No declaration of war.
            No UN authorisation.
            No invite from the elected, Government of the sovereign nation to invade.

            EQUALS WAR CRIMES.

            Everybody has an agenda and everybody gets played. Just for us to decide what we do and do not believe in. I have got no interest in your problem with RI, I like the site and enjoyed it all the more, when given a break from Groundhog Century.

          • Russ Russell

            No declaration of war.
            No UN authorization.
            No invite from the elected Government of the sovereign nation to invade.

            Chechnya, Georgie, Ukraine, North Caucasus, Dagestan, Tajikistan, Transnistria Yemen, etc. etc.. You’re playing hypocritical games for what you believe in.

            Fascinating that you claim to hold no interest in Mr. Bausman’s site issues but, yet, you try and involve yourself.

          • AMHants

            With the latter, really? Apart from smiling when I heard the news that you were banned. I wonder why?

            Transnistria – dependent territory of Russia , following the fall of the Soviet Union.

            Chechnya – who invaded the Russian dependent territory of Dagestan and whinged when Russia defended the people?

            Georgia – who was it that took out the Russian peace keepers in the Russian dependent territory of South Ossetia, whilst President Putin was enjoying the Bejing Olympics, then screamed and squealed when Russia escorted the Georgian Forces home?

            Yemen????????? Did not realise it was Russia that the Saudi’s were starving and picking a fight with?

            After the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991, wasn’t Tajikistan the first Central Asian state to call for a Russian military presence on its territory?

            Have you noticed a pattern, with regards Islamic extremists who go around looking for a fight, and then whinge, whine, squeal and scream the loudest when the other side fights back? Syria, Russia was invited to lend a hand to the Sovereign nation, that was under attack, by CIA funded thugs. Nice to see that the elected Government of the Sovereign nation, put up a seriously good fight and have virtually cleaned out those that came looking for carnage.

          • Russ Russell

            Right, Yemen. You did not realize.

            Sad, Anne.

          • AMHants

            Really? Funny how you do not provide any sources?

          • AMHants

            Good news with regards this though:

            SAUDI AUTHORITIES ARRESTED “THE ENGINEER OF THE SYRIAN WAR” – REPORTS… https://southfront.org/saudi-authorities-arrested-the-engineer-of-the-syrian-war-reports/

            Together with this article:

            Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Iran, House of Saudi – An Alliance Against The Petro-Dollar


  • Hide Behind

    Ah yes, Europe’s nations that have sided every US move should be the chosen ones to decide Syrian people’s fates.
    The U.N. is no more than US lap dogs should also be deciders of Syrian people’s fate
    Israel that believes any body that is not Jewish is below human. , goyim. Should be given more land to add to lands they do not own and are supposedly, by U.N. occupiers, must be given more lands because they are such a peacefull people.
    ISIS is not defeated and neither is Al’Q in any of their alphabet configurations, they are merely undergoing one more transfiguration, all within semi-control and influence, of Uzs NATO AND ALLIES pay checks.
    ASSAAD is still to be eliminated by Eiiteist Centric designs and from the Syrian borders of Jordan Israel and Iraq will come terrorist attacks until hell freexes over
    I too wonder where and the heck are main street Syrian voices,; Russia this, Turkey this. Saudi’s that, Iran that, Hex just ducking getting ready for large Israeli attack, Jordan’s King licking Israel and US/NATO equipped terrorist camp making millions a month, all these voices shouting , screaming. SYRIA must do this and that.
    But what is Syria without Iran/Hex and Russian military economic aid but a welfare state. And at the mercy of powers all from outside its borders.