Russia: Two Gunmen Killed In Dagestan, FSB Busts ISIS Cell In Moscow


Russia: Two Gunmen Killed In Dagestan, FSB Busts ISIS Cell In Moscow

FILE IMAGE: Alexandr Ryumin/TASS

Two armed criminals involved in policeman murders were killed in Russia’s Dagestan region, as reported by RIA.

The law enforcement officers killed the bandits in their car during a counter-terror operation on a road near Kachala town at 10:45 PM, October 1.

On the night prior, a policeman was stabbed to death by an unknown perpetrator in Dagestan Kizlyar region. The perpetrator supposedly fled the scene using the deceased officer’s service vehicle, having also stolen his weapon.

The officer’s service weapon was found in the possession of the two bandits killed. A hunting rifle and a knife were also amongst their possessions. No civilians were harmed, but a policeman sustained a minor injury during the operation.

On October 2, an officer of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation was killed in a firefight at the Russian-Ukrainian border. Two unknown perpetrators tried to illegally cross the border from Russia to Ukraine. When noticed and asked to provide their IDs by the border patrol, the two have opened fire. One blew himself up, the other was detained by the Border Servicel. Reportedly, they were Chechen or Dagestan militants, returning from Syria to one of the North Caucasus Russian republics.

The same day Russian Federal Security Service took down an ISIS cell in Moscow region. The cell was reported to have planned bombing public spaces and public transport.



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