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Russia, Turkey Reach Agreement To Reopen Three Crossings In Greater Idlib

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Russia, Turkey Reach Agreement To Reopen Three Crossings In Greater Idlib

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Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement to reopen three humanitarian crossings in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, Deputy Chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Alexander Karpov, announced on March 24.

According to Karpov, the agreement will see the reopening of Mizanaz and Abu Zindain crossings in Aleppo as well as Saraqib crossing in Idlib.

“This procedure represents a direct demonstration of our commitment to a peaceful settlement to the Syrian crisis on the local and international scales,” Karpov said in a press briefing.

The Russian commander expressed hopes that the new agreement will help to ease social tensions between Syrians, reunite many families and improve living conditions.

Last month, Damascus reopened the Saraqib crossing. However, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, prevented civilians from reaching the crossing, which was also attacked.

Turkey, which maintains a fairly large force in Greater Idlib, will likely pressure HTS into accepting the new agreement. Ankara’s support has been essential for the survival of the terrorist group.

While HTS may not oppose the new Russian-Turkish agreement, opposition activists in Greater Idlib rejected opening of any crossings with government-held areas. This may hinder the implementation of the agreement.

Russia and Turkey will likely reveal more details on the new agreement in the upcoming few days. The agreement will ease humanitarian suffering in both government and opposition-held areas.


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He who laughs last laughs best

Let me guess, both of them will be attacked and the agreement will fail. After a year we are starting from zero again.


these crossings are for the transfer of dead turkish back jihadist corpses. Turkish army will accept the jihadi and torkmen dead jihadist corpses no?

Diana Cornwell

What nonsense.

The Russians themselves have transported the Islamic terrorists to Idlib in airconditioned buses by the millions. They prevented the Syrian army from capturing Idlib COUNTLESS times. That the Russians are killing a few locals a month doesn’t mean the Russians are truly fighting the Jihadis.

In fact, the Russians are building nuclear power plants for the Jihadis in Turkey. If the Russians honestly wanted to destroy the Jihadis, the Russians would simply ask the Turks to leave Syria.

Russia = NATO = Israel

The Red Pill doesn’t work.

viktor ziv

By millions??? So according to you, Damascus is city of ghosts. Since you’re msm troll, buses were transporting mercs out of Damascus into Idlib to avoid civilian losses. “Russians kill few locals a month doesn’t mean they are truly fighting jihadis” and then you wrote “If the Russians honestly wanted to destroy the Jihadis, the Russians would simply ask the Turks to leave Syria.” What kind of nonsense is THIS??? And btw, thanks for sharing that red pill doesn’t work. If you’re expert, red pills are your domain.

Diana Cornwell

I checked. I was wrong about the population numbers. It seems it’s less than 200.000 now. However, transporting Jihadi fighters (who are not mere mercs as you claim) to save their Jihadi wives and Jihadi children is not the same thing as ‘saving civilians.’ Jihadi family members who are just as fanatical Islamists as their husbands and fathers, are not “civilians.” They are terrorists.

Just Me

Miss Cornhole, you are a MI6 troll and not a very good one.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

As opposed to the USA flying them back and forth to Syria, Afghanistan, Libya? Or IsraHelli hospitals treating the head choppers?

You’d want to lay off those pills, wait for the transgender effect to hit you naturally.

Diana Cornwell

That’s my point. There is no difference between Russia, America or Israel. Nor the Mollahs and the Chinese capitalist communists LOL.

And you, all of you as well. All of yous, you work for The Man. You do the dirty work for Him.

So why do you bitch about Russians and Americans?

Just go out there and kill or be killed. Instead of misleading and confusing people on websites such as this.


Most of you in forums like these are either psychopaths or trolls of some kind.

This was a public service announcement.

You’re welcome.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

There is a big difference between Russia, and the terrorist states of Britain and the USA. Britain has been terrorising nations for centuries, the only nation on Earth who have attacked more countries than the USA. The Russians kill your proxies, Britain and the US send more. They won’t send their own feminist troops of course, they’re all on diversity training.

Diana Cornwell

Britain brought civilization to many indigenous peoples as well. FYI, the opposition in Syria are Muslim terrorists. We did not create Islam in the West. We abhor everything Islam stands for.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

You also brought Smallpox, VD and the uncanny ability to get former friendly peoples to go to war with each other. Princess Diana loved the Muslims, she planned to give a Muslim heir to Harry.

Every Brit knows the Arabs bought up London since the 70s, as well as every Brit knows of Islam, seeing how there are more Mosques about than CoE.

You sure you’re not an immigrant, as you certainly know nothing about Londonistan.

Diana Cornwell

The fact that I resent the Muslim infestation of London doesn’t make me vagrant of dubious origin like you. There are plenty of people on the other side of the Channel who despise their politicians for facilitating the Muslim invasion of Europe. I hope Marine Le Pen becomes the next French president. England is in dire straits unfortunately. I don’t see much hope for us presently.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I say you’re more than vacant, pretty vacant. You must be so pissed off that you don’t have the courage to do anything other, than admire foreign leaders, as your own obviously represent the Britain you despise.

BloJo, Cummings and Karmer, your natural representatives. No wonder you’re ashamed of your background.

Diana Cornwell


rightiswrong rightiswrong

That brings back memories Di, lol.

Just Me

Don’t forget sociopaths like yourself too :)



Come on doc……we’ve transported them all to the slaughter house. Now they’d be quietly put to death. Besides we don’t even gotta clean up later you know…..lol

Diana Cornwell

You transported them to your slaughterhouse what, half a decade ago? They don’t look dead to me.

Just Me


Just Me

Russia needs to up the pressure on the Turkeys to leave Syria.

Erdogan starts a political earthquake in Turkey (Asia Times oped)

The president faces an economy in tatters, a foreign policy in shambles, and a splintering AKP

Al Balog

Hell yeah, classic Russian-Turkish pragmatic teamwork 😜👍.

News like this puts me in a good mood, hahaha 😂.


The Objective

Turkey is a major pillar for peace and democracy in Syria. Erdogan imposed conditions for democracy in Libya. Yesterday, I read reports that the Eastern Libyan government handed power over to the current interim government. Turkey is watching the situation carefully. The movement towards democracy in Libya must progress accordingly. Any threat to the current Libyan government and Turkey will be back in full force. Like it or not, Turkey is a force for good in both Libya and Syria. Democracy to Syria or no end to this war. Mark my words.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

With these new open border crossings the Turkish Red crescent will be able to hand out even more humanitarian aid to all the pro Turkish rebels, isn’t that nice, but Assad must be kicking the table with this news, he keeps saying the Turkish red Crescent is just a front for Erdogan’s AK Party, as well as being sneaky spies for the Muslim brotherhood. Russia should’ve forced Turkey to agree to opening 3 humanitarian corridors as well, make it a part of the deal to open 3 border crossings, that way people could get out as well as supplies getting in.

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