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Russia, Turkey Agree To Hand Over Key Northeast Syria Town To Government Forces

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Russia, Turkey Agree To Hand Over Key Northeast Syria Town To Government Forces

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement that would force Turkish-backed militants out of a key town in the country’s northeastern region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on December 5.

According to the monitor group’s director, Rami Abdulrahman, militants of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army will withdraw from the town of al-Mabrukah, where Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops will be deployed.

Al-Mabrukah is located south of the border town of Ras al-Ayn in the northern al-Hasakah countryside. The town hosts a key electrical substation that was damaged during the recent Turkish-led attack on the region.

“Moscow and Ankara reached it [the agreement] in exchange for supplying [Turkish-occupied] Ras al-Ayn with electricity,” Abdulrahman said.

Sputnik confirmed SOHR’s report and revealed that the SAA and units of the Russian Military Police are now preparing to enter al-Mabrukah electrical substation. The Syrian Ministry of Electricity will reportedly work to restore the substation into service.

Last October, the Turkish military and the NSA launched Operation Peace Spring against Kurdish forces in northeast Syria. The operation displaced tens of thousands of civilians and damaged the region’s infrastructure.


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Smith Ricky



NSA idiots forced to leave the town because they do not know how to run an electrical substation. LOL


They’re not much knowledgeable when it comes to repairing, only murder and destruction is their line of interest. :p Best leave it to others to repair.


Haha, that’s what they think. They give up after realizing that the light did not come from Aladdin’s magic lamp. It really broke their hearts that they gave everything to SAA with no resistance at all.


But they know how to murder captives in many brutal ways.. disgusting!


I was thinking the same. Is it because they have no NATO electricians at present ? :)

Tudor Miron

Very good news showing the actual value and meaning of Russia/Turkey agreement.


Well said.

Hide Behind

Words are important, and so are the sources, where is the verbal or written responce from Damascus, or are their actions now dictated by Turkey and Russia? Giving Damascus a town as a military outpost, will that outpost be the limiting factor in so far as Damasus governments reaches in new Border areas or as but a launch pad for Damascus regaining of grounds now occupied by a Russian and Turkey agreed upon mainly a Turkish controlled buffer zone? So far it is Russia dealings with Kurds, thereby lending legitimacy to Kurd and US formation of Kurdistan ownership of old Syria proper land. That Russia has agreed to jointly patrol a buffer zone with Turkey, does not necessarily aid Damascus interest as it does Turkish and Russian military interest. Turkey gets what lands they want with Russian military help, Kurds get promised protection fro. Turkey, and Russia saves face as an International broker of peace while saving them from future cost of military equipment and lost manpower. What are the Syrian people saying or thinking on such proceedngs? Moving pins on a map, good guys, bad guys, does not begin to tell full story of what is happening on ground; articles such as this leave more unsaid than said.

John Wallace

According to the monitor group’s director, Rami Abdulrahman who is also the office dogs body and cleaner since his mum refused to work for free anymore. For someone who started as a propaganda Troll for the FSA and terrorist groups he has now promoted himself too Director. Does that mean I can promote myself to be CEO or even President .

Mehmet Aslanak

Now, I would like to see that Sputnik news and/or Turkish news about handing over M4 highway & nullify the peace corridor. Because it still sounds very fake coming from Kurdish communist guerilla trolls. Next fake news would be Kurds in SAA uniform posing to photographers as electrical technicians working on it. That would be hilarious.

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