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Russia Trolls US-led Coalition, Offers Help In Defeating ISIS In Iraq


Russia Trolls US-led Coalition, Offers Help In Defeating ISIS In Iraq

Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian Defense Ministry is to hold talks with the US on assisting it to defeat ISIS in western Iraq, Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian General Staff, said at an annual briefing for foreign military attaches on Wednesday.

Gerasimov added that the US-led coalition “should be focused on how to destroy militants in Iraq’s western regions in order to prevent the ISIL [ISIS] comeback to Syria and how to exclude the revival of Islamic Caliphate there, but not on deployment of own military bases in Syria.”

The general staff chief said that Russia is ready to hold talks with the US on the issue.

Contrary to the statements by our Western partners, the operations of the international anti-terror coalition led by the United States have not yielded any considerable successes on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic,” he said.

Gerasimov noted that coalition forces took control over “the city of Raqqa in 2017 and its siege and storming lasted 11 months,” but as a result of the operation “Raqqa was 90% destroyed and became actually unsuitable for living.”

He also added that US troops’ presence near the Syrian border vilalge of At Tanf “has obviously lost its relevance and will create obstacles for the government forces to take control of the sovereign territory, including Syria’s state border with Jordan and Iraq.”

As to the remaining ISIS members in Syria, Gerasimov said that “All ISIL [ISIS] units” in the country have been destroyed and “the territory has been liberated.”

This could be considered as a formal declaration of the victory over ISIS in eastern Syria. However, in practice, some vestiges of the terrorist group are still present in the Homs desert where no major settlements are located.



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  • Vince Dhimos

    And right in the face of being expelled from the Olympics! This is perhaps the only way for Russia to survive. Now the real irony would be if the US is FORCED to BEG for Russian intervention in S Korea, the country from which it has been banned. This could easily happen if the madman of Pyongyang decided to threaten a missile attack on the Olympics.

    • Rex drabble

      He would never do anything like,just total rubbish talk from you.US will never beg,they will be beaten!

      • John Mason

        US is already beaten, they can’t even hold a sensible conversation.

        • Rex drabble

          Thanks,I needed a good laugh.They truly are pathetic the way they carry on,its shame full to be honest.
          Its a terrible thing that a great country as the US knows only destruction and greed.

          • Tommy Jensen

            US can do anything it wants and you guys can only bark……………..LOL.

          • Rex drabble

            With fools like you backing them they are well and truly fucked.

  • Wegan

    Here is how the US troops will leave:
    1-Russia should Help Iraq get rid of ISIS in western Iraq
    2-Eliminate All pockets of different islamist groups.
    3-Disarm and disband the SDF
    4-Secure borders to stop the influx of of ISIS from saudi arabia and Jordan
    5-Syria should be equipped with s-400 for all it’s territory.

    This will make Al tanf an enclave.
    When food and water ends in the enclave, the US troops will surrender.
    Miss one step and the whole thing fails.

    • Joe

      No need , just convince Kurds to join as part of Syria or face Turkey will leave the US nobody to protect unless they want to there to protect the Iranian fighters.

      Guaranteed to will leave double quick.

      Leave this to Putin to handle.
      He already had all these planned catching the Americans with their pants down without firing a single shot

      • Justin

        haha. u make interesting predictions here! I am entertained by them! I like the way u think! Lets hope it works out that way.

    • Hezbollah86

      Syria should be equipped with s-400 for all it’s territory.= I agree but who will buy those from Russia for all the Syrian Territory whom, the fragile economy in Syria is almost dead to say. And you know how expensive are s400= a lot. there is not much aerial threat from anyone except Israhell. Disarm and disband the SDF= how will you do that, the US is with them, bombing them is like bombing the fucking US bitches. So… why you think the US soldiers are with the PKK kurds in Northern Syria, so no one can strike the Kurd’s it will be same as striking the US. and there is no recognizable so called SDF force in Syria. In Syria in the North where the Kurdish are there is only PKK Terrorists. Kurdish SDF name has nothing to do with Syria, and Kurdish Democracy has nothing to do with Syria it is a so funny thing to call them self’s Democratic and finally absolutely there is not any kind of legit or any force in Northern Syria. only terror group called PKK which is recognized as Terrorist group by the very USA and Turkey. SDF is a pretext name given to PKK members so that the US army can be mixed and stay with PKK, is someone ask look there Is US military in with the Kurdish PKK, they will say to you , easy easy this people here are Syrian Democratic Force branch. There is not such a think as PKK terrorist in here. So it is all a dirty game.

      • Justin

        If Russia sold Syria s-400’s there would be big trouble for Russia lol!
        But I do agree with u!
        I think the most syria would get is S-300’s which would still cause huge problems.
        Syria has BUK-M2’s (but not enough) Pantsir-s1’s (but not enough). S-200’s not so great these days! But what they mostly need is advanced radar! these systems mean nothing unless u can pick up stealth or low flying aircraft!

        But lets be honest, Russia doesn’t need to arm syria with this stuff because Iran will do it! Iran has sufficient home made and Russian made air defences which means, once these systems are in place, we will see Israeli jets falling from the sky and crashing inside syria and Lebanon!

        russia wil just be the sheep dog in syria who is protecting its own interests! Iran and Hezbollah will be the containing or attacking force against Israel!

        Syria has never been in a better situation although they still need to get these pockets liberated FAST because they could be used to Israel’s advantage!

        Exciting times if u are against Israel! (which I am)

    • You can call me Al

      I would just blow the fuckers up in Al-Tanf.

    • Tommy Jensen

      All you keyboard wise guys.

    • Justin

      yeah but its right near Jordan. Supplies can be flown in by helicopter!
      not sure if u know this but even a C-17 can land on desert or sand (including beaches).
      Plus they still have land access from Jordan!
      Israel won’t allow that buffer zone to go away u can be sure of that!

      Yes I am completely against the al-Tanf region but the only way that buffer zone will be removed is under international pressure to do so! that buffer will be one of the last areas to be liberated! Perhaps even THE last!

      A major highway between Damascus and Bagdad? Why would Israel or the US hand that over to Iran? makes no sense!

  • Joe

    Good idea. If wait for US coalition to do , that size will increase not decrease . Then they send some to Syria.

  • Bob

    From the very outset back in 2011 US was doing everything trying to create formal ‘no fly safe zones’ – meaning protectorates inside Syria for terrorist bases of operations, but neither Clinton and Kerry got broader international community on-board for these plans. So what did US eventually do – they just unilaterally and illegally created their own terrorist protectorates inside Syria regardless of international law, at Al Tanf, and across huge swathes of east Dier Ezzore.

  • Nigel Maund

    The US is an international menace and it’s presence is an assurance of coming mischief via the CIA and UK SIS covert actions and destabilisastion tactics. Peace will only return once the US and UK have been kicked out completely. Otherwise their presence will guarantee unrest, terrorism, sabotage and war until they attain the diabolical objectives of their Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal masters in London, New York and Tel Aviv.

  • Xanatos

    Isis still exists in 5 pockets in Syria. Russia is declaring victory too soon.
    More Isis brainwashed fighters are recruited everyday by the Saudi international jihadi recruiting machine. Many still coming across the Jordanian border, the Israeli border, and to a lesser extent now, the Turkish border.

  • That Guy

    GG, game over :).

  • wimroffel

    It evades me what the purpose of this Russian noise is. The SDF may be slow but the SAA is only a bit faster. It is wasting its resources by attacking on four fronts at the same time. It would achieve much better results if it focused on one front (preferable Deir Ezzor) and took a defensive position on the other.

  • José Ramón Logroño

    US has no interest in suppressing ISIS in Syria, it has been all about supplying, arming and rallying factions and warbands against Assad.