Russia to Test Newest Missiles on Syrian Terrorists


The Russian Defense Ministry is going to test the Kh-38 missiles and a new guidance system, SVP-24, for unguided bombs in combat conditions.

Russia to Test Newest Missiles on Syrian Terrorists


The Russian Defense Ministry plans to test new weapons in Syria. In particular, the Russian Aerospace Forces are going to use the Kh-38 missiles and a new guidance system, SVP-24, for unguided bombs in a combat situation.

As it is expected, the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft cruiser with the Su-33 and the MiG-29K/KUB fighter jets, as well as with the Ka-52K Katran helicopters on its board, will head to the shores of Syria in October.

According to a source in the Russian military-industrial complex, an air group of the aircraft carrier is going to test the new Kh-38 missiles in combat conditions.

“We strengthen our air group and equip it with the most powerful weapons in the region.” a representative of the Navy Department said. “The MiG-29K will use a completely new type of the Kh-38 missiles to eliminate terrorists.”

In its turn, the Su-33 fighter jets will get a modern precision guidance system, SVP-24, for unguided bombs. It will improve the accuracy of air strikes and allow to avoid possible civilian casualties. The system adjusts a flight path, depending on a position and motion parameters of a fighter. As result, deviation from a target is not more than a couple of meters.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry handed over the Syrian army an advanced model of the Aistenok mobile radar system.



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  • Battlefield testing of new weapon systems is by far the most effecient method. During World War II both sides discovered the hard way that their torpedoes often didn’t work properly in action!

  • JPH

    Such an improvement on ‘those inhumane barrel bombs’. Nusra/IS do feel taken seriously now. They finally rate sophisticated weapons.

    • Boris Kazlov

      The fuck you talking about, barrel bombs are cheap USrahell propaganda.

      • Jacek Wolski

        Now, now, we can all disseminate this information without resorting to vulgar profanities

      • JPH

        It is called sarcasm.

  • Brad Isherwood