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Russia To Strike Immediately US-backed Forces If They Try To Attack Government Forces Near Deir Ezzor – Russian MoD


Russia To Strike Immediately US-backed Forces If They Try To Attack Government Forces Near Deir Ezzor - Russian MoD

The Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-25SM attack aircraft near Deir Ezzor city

Russia has officially informed the United States via a special communications channel that Russian forces will strike immediately US-backed forces if they attack or shell Syrian or Russian task forces operating near Deir Ezzor city, Russia Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.

Konashenkov emphaseized that “any attempts of shelling from the areas where the militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces are based will be immediately curbed.” Russian forces will supress “firing points in these areas” using “all means of destruction”.

The general added that 85% of Deir Ezzor city is liberated and Syrian forces will fully liberate it in the coming week.

Since early September, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have repeatedly claimed on an official level that the SDF would not allow Syrian governent forces to cross the Euphrates River and is ready to fight Russians and Syrians if it was needed. However, it seems that making statements and attacking assault forces assisted by the Russians are two very different things. Syrian government forces have already crossed the river and now are developing momentum against ISIS on its eastern bank.



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  • Vitex

    Are the Russians using up their KH-23s before they go stale?

  • Nick

    Is it just me or does it seem we’re being hustled into World War III?

    • Wahid Algiers

      Is it better NOT to answer to land grabbers and destruction invaders politics?

    • antobojar

      .. just you.. :)

    • Barba_Papa

      If you’re worried about a nuclear exchange I’d be more worried about North Korea. Common sense seems to have evaporated in all parties concerned there, who are now captives of their own rhetoric.

      On the plus side, if it were to come to a nuclear exchange there it will be local, at worst the US West Coast. It will cause a major economic depression for the rest of the world, but maybe if nukes were to get used again they would put the fear of God into their use again. MAD no longer seems to be working because I suspect its been to long since Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened. We’ve forgotten how horrendous they can be. Maybe a nuclear exchange will remind us why it is bad to go challenge nations that are armed with nuclear weapons.

    • Dim

      We’re already in it!

  • Wahid Algiers

    “where the militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces are based” – remarkable: the Russian spokesman uses the word “militants” regarding the so-called SDF. Mititants are set free to be attacked and destroyed and won’ t be taken in any agreements. Well prepared of the Russians. All doors now are opened to react on US-led aggressions and aims to grab land and resources.

    • Kell

      Good, I hope they have some Air defense in the region.

  • SOF

    ” Russian forces will suppress “firing points in these areas” using “all means of destruction”.”

    This is the Russia I like. Decisive, unforgiving, ruthless.

    • Nigel Maund

      Totally agree! It’s time to kick arse and make it clear in no uncertain terms the to evil US Deep State that there’s a “red line” under their continued actions in Syria and if the boastful and “gung-ho” USAF gets a littlle too ambitious that their aircraft maybe downed from a variety or combination of missile sources from Manpads, Pantsir’s, patrolling RuAF fighter aircraft to S300 and S400 missiles. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT THE US IS IN SYRIA – ILLEGALLY & IS BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAW.

      • FlorianGeyer

        You are 100% correct.
        Russia has been strategically pragmatic in the past to the nefarious US actions in Syria and has attempted thus far to convince the Americans to stop interfering in a country where they have NO legal mandate to be.

        However the attempted capture of Russian Military Police in Idlib and the commingling of US/SDF/ISIS in the area of Deir Ezzor City has bought events to the next stage. I would think that the ISIS the US are now involved with belong to the Arab tribes that aided ISIS to plunder the oil and gas resources of Deir Ezzor.

        The US now has to consider whether WW3 is worth the risk they take .She has much to lose.
        Russia has much to lose if she does NOT stand her ground as the US will try again to cause another Colour Revolution and plunder Russia of resources to feed the failing US Empire of Chaos.

        • Rodger

          Also there will be a lot of support behind the scenes from all countries (China, Iran, Qatar, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey etc etc) the US is being bellicose against. And also a lack of support for the US from its European and Asian allies. The Europeans don’t want more conflict in the ME and the Asian countries don’t want to have the US attention away from the South China Sea/NK.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Exactly ,I agree. What will be the outcome that COULD envelop the world.
            The US Elite are so crazy that they think their lives could never end in a fireball or a nuclear winter.
            I suspect that the US hubris is made worse by the huge use of Anti Depressant drugs taken by all classes of Americans.

          • Rodger

            The problem is that at this point, now the US has lost the global economic war, they kinda need a hot war to push the reset button.

          • Turbofan

            Its difficult to pull back when you realize you arent as powerful as you thought you were.The US never anticipated that Russia would end up with Crimea if it destabilized Ukraine.It didnt forsee Russian intervention in Syria.It didnt forsee Russia becoming less isolated despite trying to isolate Russia.

            Imagine the worlds only super power has been reduced to feet stamping matches with NK

          • Rodger

            And it didn’t foresee that Iraq would turn to Iran over the US despite it being a majority Shia country…… That was the first and dumbest mistake. And it all came down to the simple decision to disband the Iraqi army. That was the stumble. After that it was all just day-by-day panic moves, with most of them dumb. Supporting the MB in Egypt, alienating Qatar, putting more boots in the Afghanistan swamp, etc etc.
            And like you said now they think to regain their glory by ‘taking on’ NK….. Champagne must be flowing every day in Peking.

          • Kell

            The Germans trained the Russian troops that took Crimea – interesting.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Many countries Militias had Soviet surplus gear in the 90’s it was everywhere as Surplus no country could afford the Armies after the collapse. They were stupid and useless economic reforms that were western backed ideas which brought the collapse on.German/US soldiers training the Ukrainian Right Sektor militants who killed and then burned people with Kerosene and lighter fluid are disgusting Nazis, why the US is referred to as the 4th Reich.

            Personally am glad for Crimea separating and had High hopes for Maidan and Odessa for separating from the Banderites in Kiev. The government was appointed by the US and it’s invasion force same airborne group was involved in Kiev from Italy as the ones who ripped down Saddam’s statue.

          • Nigel Maund

            Correct and that’s what they’re desperately trying to do!

          • Kell
        • Nigel Maund

          Thanks FG! Very interesting commentary I had not appreciated these new developments! The stakes are being raised all the time. The stage has now been set where neither side can back down given their agenda’s and commitments. The US Deep State invariably “double down” even if the consequences are pretty awful.

          The reasons why they are unlikely to back down this time around are not merely focused on the actual Syrian situation but on the Globalist Bankster Cabal’s need to “go to war at all costs” to distract people from the real reasons behind the coming global economic meltdown for which they are wholly responsible. The sky is no longer the limit for these maniacs as they actually have no limit, just as they can create digital money to infinity.

          Our enemy lies within as it has largely always been. For the past 200 years in Europe the International Banksters have been behind every significant war and political upheaval which in each and every case has resulted in an increase in their political and economic power. They engineered the US Civil War; they engineered the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution and the creation of the Communist State, Finally they created the social and economic foundations for WW2 and funded Hitler and the rise of the Nazi’s. The EU was also their construct as their first superstate aimed at the destruction of Nation States with the creation of a unipolar world controlled by them through their Central Bank, their one world currency and their global political and economic system. US Military might has been their “hammer” to beat all non conformists into shape through “Regime Change” and the US$ has been their economic “anvil” against which the non-conformists states are beaten against through detruction of their economy via financial controls, commodity price manipulation and sanctions. As this mechanism starts to fall apart they will become increasingly desperate, dangerous and nasty taking ever higher risks with the creation of ever more extreme false flag terrorist events to coerce the frightened sheeple to support their solution to the evils they have foisted on society.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Yes ,all that you say can be researched and seen to be the TRUE facts. The The Jewish population that was expelled from Britain for circa 200 years only managed to scamper back when their bankers agreed to fund Oliver Cromwell’s armies .

            You said quite correctly “these maniacs as they actually have no limit, just as they can create digital money to infinity.” That is true BUT without the dollar being the worlds main reserve currency, especially with the Petro Dollar, the US would suffer hyper inflation of Weimar Republic proportions.

          • Tudor Miron

            “Jewish population that was expelled from Britain for circa 200 years only managed to scamper back when their bankers agreed to fund Oliver Cromwell’s armies”(c) Let me suggest that you ponder this – what if that was “the other way around”? What if Crommwell WILLINGLY funded by jew banksters? What if they groomed all that movements the same way they did in Russia in 19XXs?

          • FlorianGeyer

            That is quite possible I agree.

          • EL ZORRO

            Nigel Maund: I want your permit to pass this post around to others, what you said is 100% correct.

          • Nigel Maund

            El Zorro – thanks! Go ahead!

          • Tudor Miron

            That’s right other than one important thing – that’s going on much much longer than 200 years :)

          • Tommy Jensen

            300 years.

          • Tudor Miron

            Much much longer. One can say that the process of globalisation started with that famous “Sinai tour” if you know what I mean.

        • Nigel Maund

          Agree with al you say above! We now inhabit very dangerous times; especially those living in the US. When a controlled and utterly corrupted hyper power goes down one can expect matters to get very very hairy as the situation is getting increasingly unstable. The US is close to going critical as the collapse nears. It’s 11.55 pm for the US Empire and they know it. Expect the Globalist Bankster Cabal to stage a series of big events to promote a major war.

      • christianblood

        U$ is a ROGUE State!

        • Nigel Maund

          The biggest of them all!

      • Ronald

        US has forgotten that Syria is Russia’s ally , not a US play toy .

      • EL ZORRO

        Nigel Maund: You are 100% correct, the DEMONIC ZIONIST UNITED STATES, DEEP STATE, has not authority or right to be in Syria, it’s time for Russia and the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY to show this GENOCIDE AND WORLD CRIMINALS that their time of BULLING THE WORLD ARE OVER.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Someone ought to sue US.

    • 1eeripsa

      Agree! God bless Russia and Syria!

      • martin aguilar


        • Tommy Jensen

          …and China.

    • christianblood


    • Turbofan

      Oh yes…

    • Kell
  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Pure Russian pride in fullforce.The Russians are coming .You push them and their will break you.Seriously wipping you off.

  • Behold a Pale Horse

    Keep saying it. Putin hasnt spent all this money to share the oil.

  • MD Ranix

    to russia with love … great safety check … God bless the russian led coalition

    • christianblood

      Great AMEN to that!

  • Thegr8rambino

    Such a nice article :)))

  • Ono&Dsz

    Finally! Someone Has The Guts To Say It !!!

  • χρηστος

    its s very simple statement….US has done many ‘accidental’ bombings until now. the Russians arent going to make a mistake. they will wipe out the enemy no matter what uniform he wears.simple as that. they have received fire from the sdf positions. fire supporting the isis units!!!well sdf has chosen sides in the most obvious way. they have a made a deal with isis. they will support them and isis will let them take all the land they want.thats how they reached dez in just moments without firing a single shot. when SAA appeared all us pawns started to fight

    • SKY

      The peshmerga were no one just typical Kurds that were crying out for weapons and help, and now they are adding Threats on the table even to all mighty Russia, hah poor Kurds, they think if they say, if RU and SAA cross the river we will respond, what you were thinking, you are so stupid KURDS, who do you think you are, and what you represent, you are nothing just a proxy pions for the US wars, and you think by just saying that, the Russians will not call your bluff. You are no one, 40% of your Kurdish forces are 17-19 year old girls that ran out of high schools to fight. LOL. And that kids will go against SAA and Ru special force. My God what are this Kurds drink and smoke.

      • casa echavarria

        They smoke pieces of carpet :)

      • χρηστος

        The Kurds for the first time in decades see their dream(of a kurdish-tan) almost becoming reality. Us is backing them up and in their simple minds (they are fighters not politicians) this is a major victory for them. becoming a little crazy is very common….think about Sadam of Iraq. US was on his side for years so his mind was full of air…..the rest is history……they cant understand that they are just pawns in a chess game played by major players .once the US thinks that they are no longer needed they will throw them to the mercy of Turkey, Syria anyone in the area….they will be erased from the map.they will become goerilla fighters again. dont forget 50% of sdf is Arab terrorists….sorry my mistake….moderate opposition groups(call me cia merc)…so once they are gone…

      • EL ZORRO


    • Rodger

      Well everyone there that fires on them is there illegal and is committing a war crime by even being there anyway.

  • r0b1n

    Yankees go home, end of the game.

  • Ivanus59

    Nice! Fuck the land-stealing mercenaries and minions of USA (and Izrael and Saudi Arabia)!! May the terrorist scum die in great numbers.

  • Russian225

    Perfect. Exactly as it should be

  • temujin1970

    That’s what needs to be done. You cannot pussyfoot around with the Amerikkkans. They must know that their proxies will be destroyed if the attempt to impede the advance of the legitimate government to reclaim their own territory.

  • AMHants

    There is an interesting article over on Russia Insider. What happened yesterday and not a good idea to upset Russia and the Syrian legal Forces.

    • AMHants

      Here is the link: ‘US Secret Services’ Tried to Nab 29 Russian Troops in Syria … and Got Their Butts Kicked – Russian Military
      It’s a real war out there … and Russians and Americans are practically in combat… http://russia-insider.com/en/military/us-secret-services-tried-nab-29-russian-troops-syria-and-got-their-butts-kicked-russian

      • Wahid Algiers

        Thank you for providing us with the information/link.

      • ruca

        Wow!!!! That is one hell of a 24 hr period! I can’t even digest the numbers given. So very glad that the good side didn’t lose anyone.

        • Kell

          They heard it on the grapevine :D

          Just waiting for the dickwits to attack.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Thanks for the link.

      • Kell

        Cheers man

  • Wahid Algiers

    Regarding al Masdar ( https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-attacked-twice-us-backed-forces-deir-ezzor-russian-mod/) the Russians could yet have pounded the muzzle flashes of the Kurds. Nowhere is a reaction of SAA or Russians to find…..

  • Vince Dhimos

    The SDF in Deir Ezzor at the southern border is far from its territory at the northern border. It has no more legitimacy than the US.

  • Floyd Hazzard

    What took them so long?

    • Rodger

      You only make noise when you need to. Moving too early is as bad as moving too late. A lesson the US is yet to learn.

  • Dod Grile

    Why its the Putinator! Time to show Murder Inc how to honor international agreements.


  • javier

    What kills me is literally everything the US officials say is a lie, from trump on down they speak in lies. His UN speech really was absurd.

  • Kell

    Hope they have an S300/400 on Thurdar Mountain

  • Claudio

    This is a great day…Thank you Russia


    The only hope the US elite has is: Reboot from last known good configuration. The two big problems involved with this are: 1. What is the last know good configuration? 2. Can the US, and the world survive a war of the magnitude necessary to initiate the reset?

    This will be a global Jubilee of truly biblical proportions. Time will tell.

  • DJ Double D

    We have been waiting for this type of ‘strong statements’ from Russia for a long time and finally it’s here. We know what the final ‘straw that broke the camel’s back is’. It is the Jihadist offensive in North Hama that was planned and supported by the US and Israel.

  • RamboDave

    This is a big deal. This is not just some third world country speaking. This shows strong commitment and willingness to match any escalation from the US Coalition, from a country that knows what is at stake here.
    The US Coalition, which includes the Gulf States, wants to escalate the matter and partition Syria to form a Sunni buffer State in Deir Ez Zor province.. But on the other hand, I don’t think President Trump, and his recently re-organized NSC, will go along with this idea if faced with a firm committed roadblock standing in the way, especially a roadblock with teeth.
    It is the US that will blink first.

  • gustavo

    Really ? I want to see this !! I want fact, not words.