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Russia To Simplify Process Of Obtaining Citizenship For Ukrainians

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Russia To Simplify Process Of Obtaining Citizenship For Ukrainians

REUTERS / Vyacheslav Madiyevsky

On December 1, Rusian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia will simplify the process of obtaining citizenship for Ukrainians and will not impose any entry restrictions on Ukrainian citizens in general.

“No, we will not impose any restrictions on Ukrainian citizens. Moreover, we will on the contrary take the path of liberalization and simplify the process for Ukrainian citizens and stay on our territory and obtain Russian citizenship, if some of them want to do this,” Putin told a press conference.

Additionally, he stated that “the analysis of recent events related to this incident or the Black Sea provocation, and what we see in Donbass, shows that the current government of Ukraine is not interested in the regulation of the situation as a whole, especially by peaceful means.”

“This is a party of war, and while they remain in power, all tragedies of this sort and war will continue,” Putin said.

On November 30, the Poroshenko regime banned entry into the country for all Russian men aged 16-60. While formal reason of the ban is the martial law imposed in 10 Ukrainian regions and “Russian agression”, in fact the decision is a common example of discrimination on ethnic grounds.

The Russian response to this move once again showed that Moscow is ready to welcome Ukrainian citizens despite the fact that the current Kiev regime is an obvious enemy of the Russian state. Furthermore, it seems that the Russian government is going to gain some demographic bonus through the ongoing mass migration of Ukrainians to nearby states, mostly Poland and Russia.

The last census took place in Ukraine in 2001. It establsihed Ukraine’s population consisted of 48,216,766 permanent inhabitants and 48,457,102 total inhabitants. Considering the data released from various official sources over the past few years, it’s possible to assess with a high degree of confidence the actual population of Ukraine in late 2018 to be somewhere between 20,759,738 and 26,759,738 individuals.

Another interesting point is that the decision to simplify the process of obtaining Russian citizenship for Ukrainians will also contribute to the further growth of popularity of Russia among ordinary Ukrainian citizens. In case of the further development of this scenario, the Poroshenko regime will highly likely impose a ban on departure of Ukrainians to Russia.

It appears that despite the continual efforts of the Washington establishment and its junior partners from the Poroshenko regime, they have not been able to turn the general Ukrainian population into a front against Russia. Thus, the main result of the Maidan coup 2014 and the following events are the separation of Crimea, the followed conflict in the region of Donbass and the dramatic decrease of Ukrainian population.

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  1. jako says:

    Russia has made mistake not to give financial incentives with ready work permits to all highly educated Ukrainians from the start of U.S. coup in Ukraine.
    To get as many educated people as they could right after the Maidan color “revolution”.
    But better late than never ….of course.

    1. Alex says:

      They did actually, many young ukranian talents are working in Russia now.

      1. Fred Summers says:

        Yep, I remember watching the mass exodus of young men and boys as soon as the word ‘conscription’ appeard in the media. Millions fled between 2014 and 2018.

      2. jako says:

        Not as many as they could have, if Russians reacted in timely fashion.
        Many educated Ukrainians went on the West.

        1. Alex says:

          There weren’t enough places for all educated ukranians in Russia and western europe pays a lot more for the same kind of jobs, plus back in 2014 Russian science sector was kind of poor, not many carrier possibilities , educated russians were moving to western countries too. So …

          1. jako says:

            “There weren’t enough places for all educated Ukrainians”
            And why not?
            Russia had brain drain of their own (with the fall of USSR) and have hard time to get enough experienced engineers even in for them strategically important defense industry sector.
            Ukrainians are fluent in Russian and with right financial incentives they would rather work as engineers with somewhat smaller salary than to be waiters or taxi drivers on the West

          2. Alex says:

            I am well aware that ukrainians are skilled but back in 2014 most of the russian oligarchs were still hoping that Eu would lift the sanctions and they could just continue sitting on their butts selling oil and gas, so they haven’t created that many job opportunaties. I think that Putin has been waiting and hasn’t done much in countering false doping allegation and other nonsense so that russian people and formostly the russian elite would finally understand that the west wouldn’t change it’s course, there were too many people that were doing business with the west so he couldn’t just make a u turn in an instance.

          3. jako says:

            You got few things wrong (too much MSM bias in your optics).

            1)Ukraine was industrial heartland of USSR. So Ukrainians being “skilled” comes mainly from the fact that they had huge (USSR) industrial base at their disposal (before all that industry was destroyed by corruption and greed).
            Destruction of industry have created pool of engineers and skilled workers looking for jobs which Russia didn’t take advantage of in timely fashion.

            2)Russia even today is no match to massive Western MSM propaganda.
            So your accusations on “doping allegations” and such are out of place.
            Russian’s did the best they could to defend themselves.
            You people expect that Russians react like Anglo-Saxons but they are Russians. When it comes to propaganda and deception Anglo-Saxons are the best. When it comes to kicking arse of the aggressors than Russians are the best.

            3)Russian elites are traitors to their own people just like all other elites.
            You can pin down the blame on Putin instead if it makes you happy.
            It is extremely difficult to fight internal and external enemies in the same time… You obviously don’t understand the problems and complexity of situation in Russia.
            Despite all difficulties I personally believe that Russians are lucky to have such good leader.
            He has saved Russia from total destruction singlehandedly when he came to power and brought that country back to the position of world power again in less than lousy 20 years.
            Name another leader in the history of humanity to do the same?!

  2. Snowglobe says:

    ” In case of the further development of this scenario, the Poroshenko regime will highly likely impose a ban on departure of Ukrainians to Russia.”

    That sounds a lot like hostage taking.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:


    2. Fred Summers says:

      Yep. They already lost an estimated 1 Million young men under the age of 18 to Russia. Mom and Pop simply put them on busses and trains with a suitacase and a pcket of cash and sent them accross the border as refugees to avoid conscription when they came of age. Many more fighting age boys and men went to Poland. No idea how many ran into Crimea before the roads and rail lines from Ukraine were blown. If Ukraine keeps loosing young men they will run out of cannon fodder to throw against Donbass and the Russians. No wonder it is full of NATO.

      1. Snowglobe says:

        That is really sad. I do not blame the parents for moving their children out. I would have done the same thing.

        The story never changes. The rich and powerful kill off the young to keep their power and money.

  3. katakanBR says:

    good news

  4. You can call me Al says:


    PS there seems to be many images with slightly different breakdowns, but they all show the same results in general..

  5. Snowglobe says:

    This is good news. It is good that this story is being moved forward now. Lee Stranahan has been working on it consistently for a long time, and after extensive squirming, Comey is set to testify tomorrow.

    MUST-SEE EXCLUSIVE: Congress Needs to Grill James Comey on Ukraine and FBI Election Interference on Trump


  6. iosongasingsing says:

    More than 20 million Ukrainians have left the country, Ukraine after the Nuland cure is not different from Iraq or Libya, and these immense disasters are the fruit of US democracy.

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