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Russia To Show Interview With Boy Filmed In Fake Douma Chemical Attack Video To UN Security Council


On April 19, the Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya told the Rossiya-1 TV channel that a TV report about a little boy exploited to stage a Douma chemical attack video will be shown ambassadors of the UN Security Council member states.

“At the forthcoming meeting of the UN Security Council we will let everybody see it on the big screen”, Nebenzya stated.

Earlier, the Rossiya-24 channel broadcasted an interview with the boy who was filmed in the White Helmets’ staged video of an alleged chemical attack in Douma.

After the video was starged, “the militants gave the boy some dates and cookies to eat” and then everybody went home. The man underlined that his son had been well and there were “no chemical weapons at all,” according to the boy’s father.

The Russian Defense Ministry of Defense says that White Helmets-reported April 7 chemical attack in Douma was a provocation. The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in Syria has found no evidence of the chemical weapons use.

Journalists Found Boy Filmed In White Helmets’ Douma Chemial Attack Video. He Did It For Food



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