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Russia To Reconstruct Over 100 Airfields To Increase Air Force’s Operational Capability

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Russia To Reconstruct Over 100 Airfields To Increase Air Force's Operational Capability


The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that more than 100 airfields would be reconstructed throughout the country to increase the operational capability of the aviation.

The development of the airfield network of the Armed Forces in the short term and the construction of new air traffic control facilities, taking into account the growing requirements for the operational efficiency of aviation, were discussed during the regular Board of the Russian Defense Ministry under the leadership of Army General and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Apart from the aviation issue, another topic was the future plan of the Northern Fleet and the further development of military infrastructure in the Arctic zone in Russia.

Finally, the preparations for the 5th International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY”, in which more than 130 countries and 1500 companies are expected to attend was also discussed.

First: Aircraft

The Defense Minister announced the plans of the military department to modernize the aerodrome network. This plan will be implemented through to 2028 and provides for not only the repair of the existing infrastructure throughout the country, including the Arctic zone, but also the creation of a new infrastructure, taking into account the requirements of prospective aviation complexes.

“Currently, the Ministry of Defense is preparing a draft plan for the reconstruction and repair of 106 airfields,” said Army General Sergei Shoigu. “In addition, more than 700 air traffic control, power supply, aircraft maintenance and repair facilities will be built, as well as infrastructure for promising air complexes will be created.”

In 2019 alone, plans include putting into operation six modern aviation simulators, training complexes in Vyazma, Domna, Morozovsk, Pushkin and Torzhok.

Over the past five years, according to the minister, the reconstruction of the tarmac of the runways of 12 airfields has been completed. Currently, work is continuing on four airfields, two of which are located in the Arctic zone. In total, it is planned to repair more than 13 million square meters of tarmac by 2028.

“Further development of the airfield network of the Armed Forces,” the minister concluded, “will allow for more efficient use of aviation and its safe operation.”

In terms of aviation, Shoigu further said that in 2019 the plan involved significantly expanding the aviation cluster and the operations dedicated to peacekeeping activities of the Russian forces in Syria.

Second: The route of Russian Polar explorers

The next item on the agenda was the Northern Fleet plan for the period 2019-2025, including the construction of military infrastructure in the Arctic region. According to the Minister of Defense, the construction of military camps continues to accommodate units and formations on the Arctic coast.

In particular, the first block-modular military camp in the village of Tiksi was commissioned.

Finishing the construction of the infrastructure of the entire garrison will make it possible to deploy a new air defense mix of the Northern Fleet,” Shoigu said.

The delivery of 368 state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment to the Northern Fleet this year will bring the share of modern weapons to 59%, according to the Defense Minister.

He further said that the Northern Fleet being actively involved in international exercises testifies to the state of combat readiness of the strategic command.

According to him, in 2019, the fleet forces will be involved in 4,360 combat training events, including 450 command-staff and tactical exercises, 1,800 combat exercises, including rocket firing. Without going into details, Army General Sergei Shoigu listed the most significant ones:

“In the second half of the year, an interspecific tactical exercise will take place, during which it is planned to work out joint operations of the Northern Fleet and the Airborne Forces in the Arctic. Missile firing will be performed by the Bastion coastal missile system from one of the most northern Russian archipelagoes,” the Minister of Defense said.

Northern Navy commanders are and will be taking part in expeditions along the routes of the Russian Polar explorers.

Third: The “Army” International Military-Technical Forum

The “Army” forum will be held between June 25th and 30th Patriot Exhibition and Convention Center, Moscow.

According to Shoigu, five years ago, still at the concept development stage, the idea of ​​creating the largest exhibition of armaments and equipment for promoting domestic military products and strengthening intergovernmental cooperation in creating modern weapons in the world was laid.

And the plan came true. The number of declared participants and the performance of contracts concluded on the forum’s fields speak for themselves. In 2018, more than 1,200 enterprises and organizations took part in it, and they presented over 26,000 of their developments and product samples, the Defense Minister said.

“This year we have tried to make the program of the ARMY forum even richer and more attractive,” Shoigu claimed.  “We expect the participation of more than 130 countries and 1,500 enterprises, which will present almost 27 thousand samples of their products.”


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Toronto Tonto

Russia has no money for the populace but it does for the fleet of junk .


Rule number one of running a nation: secure your territory/population, then grow the economy.

As is being done now with the infrastructure investments.

Toronto Tonto

A little late for that now EH .

Jim Bim

Crawl back to your Canadian Russophobia hole…..brainless creep.

Toronto Tonto

Whats up lardazz .


Amazing what you can pull out of your ass after visiting Taco Bell isn’t it?

Toronto Tonto

Sorry no taco bells around here dufus .


dufus?? ouch. And I though we connected. No Taco Bells in TO huh? No worries you’re a champ at this Taco bell or no Taco Bell …. Keep digging and post what you find.


I’ve got a question for you. You said previously that you thought Putin was a bad, self serving leader …. or something to that effect.

You say here that Russia should be spending on “on the populace” instead of defence.

Lets say you depose Putin and give power to anyone else in Russia …. who would you give power to?

I’ll even give you a cheat sheet with all of Russia’s political parties on it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_parties_in_Russia

Putins party is United Russia btw.

Maybe if you knew something about Russia and what the alternatives there are to Putin you’d be a little less inclined to want to see him disappear.

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