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Russia to Rebuild Syira’s Energy Sector


Russia to Rebuild Syira's Energy Sector

Accroding to Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak, Syria has requested Russian companies for a help to rebuild the country’s oil and gas industry.

It’s known that Novak, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft and Zarubezhneft are already invited because they have experience of work abroad and can invest in projects. The invited companies are studying the proposals

“Syria has asked our companies to participate in rebuilding oil and gas projects, infrastructure development, and pipeline construction,” RT cites Russian Energy Minister.

We remember Syria has informed that Russia will participate in a major part of the country’s infrastructure projects.



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  • chris chuba

    Wait for it, western MSM stories on obscure connections between Russian contractors and the evil corrupt Putin profiting off of the misery of the Syrian people. The Haliburton in reverse story only the Russians weren’t the ones who destroyed most of the infrastructure that they are helping to rebuild.