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Russia To Press For Putting White Helmets On Trial For Crimes In Syria: Foreign Ministry


Russia To Press For Putting White Helmets On Trial For Crimes In Syria: Foreign Ministry


Russia will press for putting the White Helmets on trial for crimes committed in Syria, including faked videos of chemical attacks, the director of the Foreign Ministry’s department of new challenges and threats, Ilya Rogachyov, told TASS in an interview on February 20.

The leading Western countries have failed to place the struggle against terrorism above their own time-serving political interests. In the sphere of international counter-terrorist cooperation various selective approaches thrive. Terrorists are rated as ‘bad’ and ‘not very bad’. Countries are being forced to agree with the concept of ‘resistance to violent extremism’ and its dangerous elements that create situations for ousting ‘disfavored’ governments,” Rogachyov said. “The Western sponsors are keen to present the contractors on their payroll in a favorable light as ‘envoys of peace’ in order to use this as a cover to push ahead with political destabilization scenarios.”

“We are determined to push ahead with and safeguard Russia’s foreign policy positions in order to ensure the White Helmets’ crimes in Syria and their attempts to mislead the international community by means of fake chemical weapons attacks attributed to the Syrian government forces, just as any other terrorist activity, should be thoroughly investigated and put on trial,” Rogachyov said.




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  • Barba_Papa

    Russia is welcome to try, I don’t expect to see any White Helmet to be on trial in The Hague though. Other then the ones captured by the SAA. It’s not like the West will admit that it was wrong. Maybe in ten years time, or later. But now…….

  • Concrete Mike

    Here here.

    Russia please publish who and where white helmets are in eastern canada.

    Its time to show these pigs the long reach of justice.

    • You can call me Al

      They are also in Britain, but I agree 100% with the intent of your comment.

  • gustavo

    White Helmet must be judge for crimes in Syria, wherever they have came from.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Russia have the truth but no western partners of Putin will help unless Russia uses its might to serious capture and kidnap this murderous helmets.First suppress SDF operations in Syria and destroy Idlip terrorist cells.Russia have smoke cloud bombs which can seal off entire city for special operation purposes.

  • Drogba