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Russia To Introduce Tariffs On US Products

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Russia To Introduce Tariffs On US Products


Tariffs imposed by the US administration on goods from various countries continue to trigger response around the world.

The Russian Economic Development Ministry has released a statement announcing that Moscow is going to impose tariffs on US products.

“Because the US continues to apply protective measures in the form of additional import duties on steel and aluminum and refuses to provide compensation for Russia’s losses, Russia is using its WTO rights and introducing balancing measures with respect to imports from the United States,” Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said, according to the statement.

“They will only affect products that have substitutes on the Russian market and will not have a negative impact on macroeconomic indicators.”

Oreshkin added that these measures will be implemented in the near future. Preparing of a final list of the US goods affected will take a few days.

In late March, the US imposed a 25 percent tariff on imported steel products and 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum products. Temporary exemptions, which expired on June 1, were granted only to the EU, Canada and Mexico.

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There are certain Steel-Products that the U.S. Can’t produce….so they create problems for themselves…the Rest of the World doesn’t need America….Latersss Trumpy…Good Luck Bro…and take your Military Bases Back Home with ya… Only Norway seems to be interested….go play with Norway…


Most people don’t realize how important metallurgy is in many areas, and how Russia is a leader in the field.


Politicians are ever clueless in any field outside of politics. So it doesn’t come as no surprise that they often the chose option that makes them look good, rather then the one that is actually good.

Wise Gandalf

Russia??? This is joke. Russia al important compinents for energy sector buys in western countries.

FYI: They will only affect products that have substitutes on the Russian market


A perfect example of most people, thick as a brick.

Wise Gandalf

You are the most. silly, stupid, hater, arrogant idot :DD

russia carefully has chosen to let pay tarrifs for unimportant hing, but will buy all necessary equipments what essentially needs. also in crimea the turbines for power plant smugged from siemens. because russia has so shit metallurgy, that in the last 100 years was not able produce own. also for oil, gas yield american technology. after embergo russia stopped the works in arctic territory, because has nothing for this work. everything buys from usa. they habe perfect metallurgy, and in alaska can drill without problems, without russian technology.

you, australians are junk of britain, losers, murders, products if incest. therefore i am not surprize, that you are sooo much stupid.


The Russians bought from Siemens, because they are one of only 3 companies in the whole world who manufacture very large steam turbines.
Some manufacturing fields are so small relative to the cost of production that only a few enter the field. Nuclear power stations and rocket engines are also fields that have very few manufacturers.

However non of that has any thing to do with metallurgy.
So what was the point of your post?


” Russia To Introduce Tariffs On US Products ”
Glad to see how much they love each other :))))

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