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JUNE 2021

Russia To Expel 60 US Diplomats, Close US Consulate General In St. Petersburg

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Russia To Expel 60 US Diplomats, Close US Consulate General In St. Petersburg


Russia will expel 60 US diplomats and close the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg, the country’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov announced on March 29.

“US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman has been summoned to our ministry, where my deputy Sergei Ryabkov is briefing him on the tit-for-tat steps against the US,” Lavrov said, according to the sate-run news agency TASS. “They include the expulsion of the same number of diplomats and our decision to withdraw consent to the work of the Consulate General in St. Petersburg.”

Under the Russian decision, the building of the Consulate General in St Petersburg should be freed from US officials not later than March 31.

58 employees of the US Embassy in Moscow and two staff members of the Consulate General in Yekaterinburg “have been declared personae non gratae for the activities incompatible with their diplomatic status.” They have to leave the contry by April 5, 2018.

The Russian move is a response to the earlier US decision to expel 60 Russian diplomats from the US and to close the Russian consulate in Seattle.

U.S. Announces Expulsion Of 60 Russian Diplomats, Over Dozen Of States Follows. What Is Behind?

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Claire Langoulant

What did those jewilish yankees expect ??? Well done Lavrov !


How the Arabian prince spend their money

To see how Saudi prince get the girl

To be honest if I had so much money as much these Saudi princes have and I was a Saudi king or prince then definitely I would never sell my raw oil rather I would produce thousands of products of this oil that is fabrics, plastics, domastic products, packages, fertilizers, cosmatics and so on and then I would sell in international markets but not in US dollars but in my own currency that is Riyal. I would set the conversion rate of my country currency Riyal myself.

I would produce and sell 5th generation fighter jets, commercial jets, tanks and other defence hardware to other friendly countries. I would produce bullet trans, nuclear power plants, ICBM, manned space rockets etc jointly with China, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan etc.

Majority of Saudi princes wasting their time and money on birds, women, nice personal aeroplanes and cars. So that is their priorities because of lack of proper education. LOL.

Ron Wheeler

Just obnoxious does not describe this.


Good news , go home war instigators !!


The Russia decision is absolutely right. Russia should never cooperate or coordinate with these warmongers and terrorist supporters.


Right- cos when MI5 carried out the false flag, it did NOT expect zionist appeaser Putin to tit-for-tat expel ‘diplomats’. Oh, wait- that’s EXACTLY what they knew zionist appeaser Putin would do- so logic dictates the Deep State is 100% HAPPY with Putin’s lame dog response.

Good god, how thick our side is. In the Great Game, you NEVER tit-for-tat unless the original offense is trivial and of no real consequence. No- when a Great Power dares to seriously use the tactics of a bully kicking a WEAK kid on another Great Power, the insulted Great Power must punch the Bully Great Power on the nose. Hard. So hard the population of the bully Great Power immediately feels great fear and uncertainty, undermining the confidence of their leaders.

Zionist appeaser Putin’s tit-for-tat actions confirm Russia is nothing but a PRETENDER, a ‘paper tiger’ in the minds of the population of the West. This boosts the leaders of the West, enabling them to ESCALATE againt Russia.

Feudalism Victory

Yea full break of contacts diplomatic and military wouldve been a better response

Bird of Prey

Truly bad times for Russia. Turns out that Israeli F-35s fly with impunity over Iran…and, as we experts expected, Iran’s S-300 systems (advanced version PMU2) didn’t even see them.


Never trust in this article. Mr. Putin knows very well that Zionist Israel have created civil war in Syria. Zionist have done the 9/11 incidence in New York. Zionist have damaged the power of USSR through Mujahideen due to which USSR disintegrated. Still in Syria Zionist Israel fully support majority of terrorists in Syria against Syrian and Russian forces.


“Trust” the article is a big word…it’s in a newspaper….but I think you always have to look at it from all sides…:)


The Washington defense analyist declared that there are some defects in F-35 and that need to be fixed. At the moment F-35 is not the front line fighter jets. F-35 can be easily shootdown by S-200 without any doubt. F-35 is not stealthy from all directions.


As reported where, by whom ?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

where did u read this?


Israelis lie, what is new? why make it public if they supposedly have done this? The distance from Israel to Shiraz and Esfahan the jet supposedly overflew is over 2000kms one way. Refueling tanks or aerial refueling would eliminate the stealth factor, subsequently the statement made by Israel that the F35 could fly a complete mission twice without any refueling is sheer fantasy.

The report : “””“The report states that the two fighter jets, among the most advanced in the world, circled at high altitude above Persian Gulf sites suspected of being associated with the Iranian nuclear program. It also states that the two jets went undetected by radar, including by the Russian radar system located in Syria. The source refused to confirm if the operation was undertaken in coordination with the US army, which has recently conducted joint exercises with the IDF.

The source added that the seven F-35 fighters in active service in the IAF have conducted a number of missions in Syria and on the Lebanese-Syrian border. He underlined that the fighter jets can travel from Israel to Iran twice without refueling.””””

Ricky Miller

Bull. Iran doesn’t have enough S-300’s to cover all her coastline, not to mention all her territory. All this says, if true, is that F-35’s have smart enough operational commanders to plan flight routes away from S-300 strong points. Note: Russia is already aware that American stealth tech is hard to detect. S-300 system radars are only expected to detect both F-35’s and F-22 at some distance between 90-100 km and to target lock them at around 55km. No problem though. A country like Russia has enough s-300 and s-400 batteries that many launchers can be hidden with radars off until the right moment. Alerting inert batteries is one of the advantages of the Voronezh Radar network.


…’as we experts expected’…

Never underestimate the scale of self-delusion found online.


Load of BS, israelis are like always telling fairy tales.


Nonsense the Israelis wont even fly them over Syria – Iran is 1100 mile trip so the F35 would need to be refuelled midair – which Iran would detect.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Where you get your Hasbarat Fairy tales Haaretz or another Israeli teller of tall tales.



Iran has taken control of the RQ-180 by EW and landed it in Iranian territory and has warned many US drones as well as a U-2 OUTSIDE its’ territorial waters.

Not stealthy for Iran…



I find it fascinating that the blond bimbo holding press briefings in the US, is completely ignorant about any evidence in the UK’s Skripal false flag, but suddenly, when Russia responds to the false accusations against it and the expulsion of it’s diplomats, the blond bimbo knows that there will be further repercussions against Russia, as Russia has no reason to act that way towards the US. You can’t make this stuff up. She really fits the stereotypical image of a blond bimbo. Together with the wicked witch of the west at the UN, they paint a sad picture of intelligence among women on the world stage.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Heather Nauert is from Fox NEWS that should say it all. It’s not the color of hair look at Nikki Haley she is not even pointing at the train tracks and calling them Moose tracks when she goes hunting.


Haley would look better pictured on a broom wearing a pointed hat.


Russia does not really need many diplomats in the US or Europe , as there is little in those countries that Russia needs or wants.

Whereas the US and EU use their staff to interfere with Russian domestic issues and would like to plunder the assets of the Russian people. Again .


Thats correct. The US and EU members states diplomates are having a covert operation agenda to trick and destroy the nation.


I just read that the Times wants EU countries to seize Russian assets like airplanes. Can you imagine the repercussions when Russia begins seizing theirs? Whatever these folks are eating, drinking, sniffing etc. ought to be found and banished before their stupidity contaminates anymore of the planet. They need to pull their collective heads out of whosever a*s it’s buried in, and quickly get some fresh air.


Yeah I know…. I’ve been posting it everywhere…. thanks and do likewise.

Pave Way IV

Jesus… chlorine gas intensifier? [chuckle] So much for Duff’s mad sleuthing skilz.

Hill Rom Medaes only existed from 2000 – 2003, so that’s when the medical air supply plant (compressor) was manufactured and labeled. The other two cabinets are the motor controller and a gas line sensor alarm. They’re what you would find for supplying medical air and gas to something like surgical suites in a hospital.

Since it supplies a lot of air at low pressure, the head-choppers thought it useful in whatever they were cooking at the lab. It isn’t practical as ‘just a big compressor’ and doesn’t produce enough pressure for, say, filling tanks with ‘intensified chlorine gas’ or anything else. And compressing chlorine in a regular air compressor should shorten its life by, oh, 99% – give or take.

Since this was a Jaysh al Islam lab, I’m guessing they were using the chlorine for ghetto plastic explosives instead of wasting it on chlorine bombs. Head-choppers are frugal with their chemicals, if nothing else.


Every body know that the U.S Embassy/Consulate in any country is a NEST OF CIA SPY, the International Nations should allow only the Ambassador an two more employee in the U.S EMBASSIES in their countries.

John Mason

Exactly Florian, Russia should throw out all of the US, UK, French and German diplomats and negotiate Russian conditions on their return.


France has great interests with Russia but couldn’t do anything else. The president initially publicly said they were no evidences from england. We are being pressured, I don’t know how but its against our interests to worsen our relations with Russia. (think about our business ties, Renault-Lada, Total Yamal project, Soyouz rockets in Kourou, and others)


Assuming there was even a poisoning in the first place – what if this old ex spy just played along in a charade organised by the intelligence services.

Regime Force

yankee does not like strong country

Jozsef Osztronkovics

Dear Russia please send home those zionist nasty ISIS rats and close their rat hall for ewer please tell those us-ISIS Luciferian rats to get Fucked we support Russia because Russia s Protecting Christianity in this world


The only truth worth posting. God bless you and all of us.

Ron Wheeler

Russian is protecting all religions not just Christianity.


excellentes news bravo moscow!!!

Jim Prendergast

Now the U.S. Consular employees will have to learn to flip waffels.


I don’t think the US will let the current waffle house waitress go just so other agents expelled by Russia can have a job. Then again, Haley does have that other job as the wicked witch of the west.


It’s useless. Russia is always reacting. When US will decide to stop the sanctions, Russia will stop also.

The better answer will have been to stop providing oil and gas to Europe.

John Whitehot

“The better answer will have been to stop providing oil and gas to Europe”





John Whitehot

we’ll see who’s gonna laugh last.

in general, not you in any case.


Thats ok, I have a horse and lots of trees to burn. :)


Russia is pretending to do something for the sheeple, but, in reality, it’s nothing. No consequences for USA.

UK and USA has denigrating Russia with this affair.

Like someone said “It is more difficult to smash a prejudice than an atom”.

That’s why people who trust Russia will be deceived and the loosers.

In the same way, USA is making sunnis look like terrorists all over the world. Sunnis are denigrating. And those who folls Saudi Arabia who do nothing against it will be deceived and the loosers.


“It is more difficult to smash a prejudice than an atom”. Remember this very true statement.


Now, most people think that Russia did it just like most people think that sunnis did 9/11. After to much propagenda, it’s impossible or very very difficult to reverse the process.


It doesn’t seem like Russia is taking this affair very seriously. The consequence of being freely denigrating is too high to only respond by expelling 60 stupid diplomats.

In the same way, sunnis don’t take ISIS or Al qaeda very seriously. No sunni country ask where is Al Baghdadi or is making investigations.

So, each one choose his “partner”. I do not choose weak partner.


Also, are the Russians sure they need a big embassy in London, surely a small branch consulate would be sufficient now England’s soon to become a small island off Europe’s shores


And many of the Russians in Britain can also use the Israeli embassy :)


Maybe Russia can rent a room on a weekly basis for one low level commisionaire.


Zionist appeaser Putin responds in the weakest and most pathetic way possible. First of all, it was RUSSIA benefiting from its links to the West, not the other way round, so Trump has forced Russia to cut off its nose to spite its face. And before the usual dribblers deny this, why do they think it has been the STATED POLICY of Russia since the end of the Soviet Union to build trade relations with West Europe and the USA? Putin is now forced to ruin his OWN efforts.

Tit-for-tat is wrong in this situation- the WRONGEST move imaginable. This situation calls for the STRONGEST response- and that’s the ‘punch on the nose’. A blow that hurts the Deep State to its core.

1) An immediate demand by Russia that the UN is relocated out of the USA, and placed in a non-West nation.
2) An immediate order for all West forces to leave Syria
3) Moves to bring Iran and Syria into the Russian Federation.
4) An immediate move to begin the partition of Ukraine into two or more new nations.

Each of these four can be achieved trivially and safely by Putin, and don’t even directly contradict his zionist principles. But they would destroy all the Deep State plans for the next two decades at least.

So who is it that tells you Putin cannot do the above? MUST not do the above?


Are you insane! move to bring Syria & Iran into the Russian federation! there is no historic or cultural connection between them. Putin wasnt willing to integrate the Donbass which at least was ethnic Russian. Syrians or Iranians dont want to be Russian they have their own identity


Withdraw !! Withdraw !! It’s a trap. Personnaly, I will not trust Putin. I have no reason to trust him.

As I said before, at the end, Russia will be alone. 23 europeans countries made sanctions against Russia. Now, imagine, without Venezuela, Ukraine, NK, Syria, Iran, … Russia will be alone when the west will start the end of Russia. Then, 180 countries will sanction Russia. And China will be no support. China is opportunistic and will turn back in due time.


Most of said 23 European countries are essentially useless, militarily, for this scale of conflict – just territories to park US hardware and supply few divisions of local canon fodder. Russia has enough nuclear capacity to turn them them all into glass and then some – when will Europeans grasp that the US Neo-Cons want a war with Russia played out on the European continent.

Bjorn Metaal

Several representatives of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria had a meeting with President of France @EmmanuelMacron in Paris. There are several reports that France plans to send troops to Manbij and to SDF-held areas at the Euphrates river soon .


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been reelected for a second term with 92 percent of the vote, preliminary results showed on Thursday State media — This was a shame election because all opposition political leaders were arrested before election. This was just one horse run election that run for three days instead of one day but still turnout was just 20 -40 percent due to which he lost his legitimacy to hold the office for next term.
The election Boycotters could face a fine of up to 500 Egyptian pounds (22 euros), the electoral commission has warned.
SISI also failed to wipe out the Islamic State group in its Sinai Peninsula stronghold.
Let me guess, he will be the President of Egypt for next 2/3 decades winning all elections with over 90% votes? LOL


jpost, RT and huffingtonpost have the same commenting section.

Once, in RT, I said that RT was a zionist site and my comment was deleted and then, I was banned.

Too much evidences that USA, Europe and Russia are owned. The so-called “brave and smart” europeans are the most owned people on earth.

Brad Isherwood

US is economic meltdown. ….Retail Apocalypse as 1000s of decades old Label stores to recent Metro sexual trendi go bankrupt or close stores
Gov says unemployment will be near 4% …lol…lie and lie and lie.
1 Fed rate increase = Stock market plunge and over 1 $$ Trillion wiped off the market.
Last week the Market in NY and Asia tanked again as Asia Tariffs has capital in panic.

Brexit Perfide Albion is having Money war with Brussels. …
The Wealthy Elites/Oligarchs are Shark frenzy/blood in the water.
The Diplomatic drama queen show is sideshow…. as its Always about the fugging Money $$$!

Putin and Xi should both end relationship with the BIS/Rothschilds Central Bank system.
From sanctions to tariffs….both have cause to end the game with the Evil Jews.
If neither does…..History will damn them both.

John Whitehot

“The so-called “brave and smart” europeans are the most owned people on earth”

By you? I’d rather put a pistol to my head.

Feudalism Victory

Is this guy even poisoned? What if theyre just lounging around some where? This makes the entire planet look stupid.


Scripals daughter is getting better now after being in contact with a ” Nerve agent ten times more lethal that Sarin ” :)

Perhaps they both had flu :)

Ron Wheeler

Correction – Skripal.

Ron Wheeler

Skripal (the criminal) was seen in a pub just 2 days ago drinking a Russian beer.



Ron Wheeler


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very good

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