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JUNE 2023

Russia To Do ‘Everything’ To Take Back Palmyra From ISIS – Deputy FM

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Russia To Do 'Everything' To Take Back Palmyra From ISIS - Deputy FM

© AP Photo/ Militant Photo

Deputy Foreign Minister, Vladimir Titov, said on December 12 that Russia will do all what is possible to take back Palmyra from terrorists.

“We consider the liberation of Palmyra to be a very important result of our joint actions. Obviously, we will do everything to prevent terrorists from returning to these areas,” he said.

On December 11, ISIS terrorists seized the ancient city of Palmyra from the Syrian army as result of a 4-day long offensive operation.

Syrian government forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, liberated Palmyra from ISIS for the first time in March, 2016. The city was under the terrorist group’s control since

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I am curious what “everything” will mean in the end….

Takumi Fujiwara

probably ground forces

Heiko Demonus

Hopefully a most strong answer, since they have more power there as they ever had with all these warships, troops and warplanes

Trustin Judeau

Palmyra can be taken easily after Aleppo is freed.This means that the counter offensive can begin the next week.But I dont think this is very high priority for SAA.There are others – East Ghouta,pockets, and Aleppo countryside like Khan Touman and etc.


you are a big dreamer. if they let go the terrorist, they will be at waestern side of aleppo. that mens, can not remove the soldiers from aleppo.


Didn’t they move the civlians from Palmyra and now they have 4000 ISIS and equipment sitting there, like ducks, waiting to be razored?

Mahmoud Larfi

Evacuate civilians and drop a neutron bomb.

Paulo Romero

After 5 years of combat , war weariness has definitely set in for the SAA. The lack of manpower is also telling. Isis had a 1:4 numerical advantage in the Palmyra fighting. How did that many jihadists and their vehicles cross the desert without being detected?? I am of the opinion that the Americans knew about this move as they have adequate satellite coverage and intelligence from the Saudis and Turks. They said and did nothing in the hope that it would halt the Aleppo fighting and relieve pressure in Mosul. The Russians should have picked up the chatter given their superior electronic warfare capabilities. However I think that the Russians need more boots on the ground as their resources also seem to be stretched thin in Syria.


There was a sandstorm. Americans and Israelis give satellite data to ISIS which has CIA operatives embedded. It is a very dirty war.

Gabriel Hollows

Didn’t Saudi Arabia organize the transfer of 9000 ISIS members from Mosul to Syria? This “ofensive” is no surprise.

northerntruthseeker .

You are partially correct… The criminal US facilitated the movement of their operatives aka “ISIS” across the open desert and gave them the weapons for this assault on Palmyra…

Once you realize that the US itself is ISIS, then you fully understand exactly what is happening here…

Brad Isherwood

US is ISIS….yes. And ISIS is 80,000 trained foreign mercs from bases in UAE,Saudi…to Pakistan and ISI** Recruit these. These mercs can operate ammo dropped to them or what they capture from Syria. Self sustaining force…understand real time com direction from US..or Turk MI.

They do roast glorious like from Syrian and Russian TAC air… Afterwards….somebody pockets their back pay.

Brad Isherwood

Politically…..Kiev is bankrupt …fish rots at the head. Yet still. …Kiev artys Donbass and nothing happens to stop that. US have supply bases now in Syria. …it’s probable they still supply via Jordan. The treacherous Turks appear to be against Assad again….so much for gestures To Putin.

Russia’s picking teeth up off the floor and wipe it’s bloody nose, Yes!…. it has been punched out by Poroshenko. ..Erdogan. ..the Caliph of Raqqa and Obama.


Need to totally eradicate a disease, not disable it as it will return. This is total global war.


China & Egypt should bring in forces to kill attacking terrorists & protect Palmyra.


syrian givernment SHAL mobileze and form 5 new division!!! no foreig man should die for cowards.

Marek Pejović

whats wrong with foreigners dieing to kill foreigners? syrians are not a very martial people, and they’re facing a practically endless supply of fanatical, trained well led international terrorist. i think you know the saying: “don’t just watch if your neighbour’s house is burning”. as we’ve seen, a 1000 fighters can make a huge difference in fighting, so IMHO if they have allies, and if additional 10.000 troops could flip the tide fast (retake palmyra and connect Deir Ezzor, for example) then it’s a most welcome thing. after all, it’s not like someone mobilized YOU to go there and fight.

Brad Isherwood

IRGC are in the fight…yet Iran’s main army is not. US Sanctions Iran….Israel threatens Iran…. Iran is blocked by leverage on Euro banking to not fund projects with Iran. Yet Iran runs like a desperate teen to buy Boeing Airliners. Empire humiliates Iran….and Iran Grovels and supplication. …” Please give new Airliners” This conflict with Syria is bizarre for Cut deal with the Devil. There must be hardliners in Russia telling Putin he is Chump and Wine taster For Poroshenko.


syrians are not a very martial people

then must die.


Russia To Do ‘Everything’ To Take Back Palmyra

Russia will do all what is possible to take back Palmyra

two different things ;)


What a perfect chance for the Russians to test the VDV troops.

Brad Isherwood

I’ve been posting this for months back that Syrian gains are fragile and having Russian Airborne standing by would block these surges on Der Ezzor and ya…Palmyra. The Palmyra perimetter was attacked from numerous directs last week. This is a Russian/Syrian command/Intel FUBAR. Iran’s Regular military could also step in here to. These are blocking actions and not full time Brigade level opps where they remain for months. IMHO…..Syria needed the above expenditure. …and not the Aircraft carrier and other Battle group.


If Russia did not destroy these terrorists in Syria tomorrow they will be fighting Russian on their homland. Just use and test all types of weapons on isil to show them the real terror

chris chuba

How about a motorized Rifle Brigade or paratroop division? I know that the Russians want the Syrians to learn how to fight on their own but here is a chance to kill about 5,000 ISIS fighters in an exposed location and the Syrians don’t have the forces to simultaneously attack Al Qaeda North and ISIS. I am not talking about a sustained offensive, just a mobile force to opportunistically kill a bunch of terrorists to help the Syrians do some firefighting.

gfsdyughjgd .

Let Lavrov who implemented the cease-fire on behalf of Kerry Without consulting Syrian government rescue Palmyra nonsense.


As one can see on the comments here, everybody is disappointed with russian capability in Syria ¿ how is possible not to see 5,000 terrorists coming to attack Palmira, and doing really nothing about it ? Maybe russian have a surprise to these terrorists, but I do no see how. Let us see if Russia really have what they claim to have.

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