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Russia To Develop Advanced Radio-Photonic Radars For 6th-Generation Fighter Jets

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Russia To Develop Advanced Radio-Photonic Radars For 6th-Generation Fighter Jets

Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

Russia’s state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

Radio-photonic radars for unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft will be created in Russia in several years to get an accurate target image, the press office of RTI Group told TASS on Monday.

As was reported earlier, radio-photonic radars are expected to be mounted on Russian sixth-generation fighter jets. This station sees considerably further than a conventional radar and will be capable of building actually a photographic image of the target that will be identified automatically.

As the press office said, RTI Group is completing R&D work in 2018 on creating a mockup of the X-band radio-photonic radar. Following its results, specialists “will determine a principal scheme of building the radio-photonic locator,” which will make it possible “in several years to build prototypes of super-light and small-size radars for unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Such radars “will be able to provide radio wave imaging when an image has greater details with the possibility to identify the target type,” the RTI Group press office said.

Such radars will have a considerably smaller weight and size and consume less power both on drones and aircraft.

Russia starts producing radar components

The new station will generate a radar signal by converting photonic crystal laser energy. The production of such lasers is already beginning in Russia, the press office said.

“RTI Group is launching the first technological line in Russia for the production of lasers for making promising radio-photonic radars,” the press office said.

RTI Group CEO Maxim Kuzyuk was quoted by the press office as saying that “we in RTI are seeking to make the production cycle of integral radio-photonic circuits for radars fully local to participate effectively in the rapidly developing area, which can become a guarantor of the country’s security.”

RTI Group has been carrying out work on developing radio-photonic radars on its own initiative for several years now.

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People ask, why is Russia now leading the way in weapons development? The answer is simple, education. Whilst the US and UK Governments have dumbed down their people, to stop them from analysing the performance of Government, Russia has embraced education.

Wise Gandalf



Your lack of self control is showing solomon kupec, you stupid Israeli jew animal.


That is very true Sinbad.


It probably helps that the Russian government seems to have a far tighter lid on defense spending corruption. On the one hand it looks like Putin allows a certain percentage of any defense order to fatten up the bank accounts of some oligarch, yet he is not in the habit of writing open ended cheques, like the US DOD seems to be doing. You apply for a defense contract and want to line your pockets? You better well deliver. And deliver on time.

And it probably helps that from time to time you throw an oligarch into jail as an example to the rest. When was the last time a CEO or banker was thrown into jail in the West? All the guys responsible for the banking crisis are still out there. Or have even gotten government jobs.


Well said!


Difference between corrupt crony capitalist owned contracted out military industrial complex, and directly owned government defense industry which isn’t going to overcharge and under-deliver itself.


Haha, now tell us what you think.


Stupid Israeli russophobe solomon kupec posting here what a surprise, I got news for you, greedy and stupid kazarian beast like you solomon will always be bested by the Russians.


There’s an identical program in the US Navy and Italy, there are some small working prototypes and a lot of technical issues. Simply put, it’s a radar that uses lasers instead of radio waves. Which means it can be small due to the lack of antennas and in theory could foil traditional radar absorbing materials in stealth. Who knows what it’ll do in a decade or two because that sort of speculation is called science fiction.


“X-band radio-photonic radar” May be more about painting a picture with focused radar looking at pixels. Low power lasers will be defracted by atmosphere at long range don’t you think.

John Whitehot

what you are talking about is called LIDAR and it’s another type of technology.

there are no similar project to the article one in Italy or the US.

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