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Russia To Convert Former U.S. Base In Eastern Aleppo To Aid, Reconciliation Center (Video)


Russia will convert a former U.S. base in the eastern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo into a center for humanitarian aid and local reconciliation, the RT TV revealed on November 15.

The large base, which is located north of the town of Sarrin, used to host dozens of U.S. service members. The base’s main airstrip was used to supply coalition forces in Aleppo and in the nearby governorate of Raqqa.

Russian forces air landed on the base’s airstrip following the withdrawal of all U.S forces, which was completed on November 14.

“We went in, took the internal and external perimeter under guard. Set up stationary posts,” a senior inspector of the military police told the Zvezda TV.

RT released a video showing the facilities and equipment which were left behind inside the base by U.S. forces. During the last two weeks, the U.S.-led coalition brought dozens of trucks from Iraq to evacuate as much equipment from the base as possible.

The Russian Military Police will reportedly turn the base into a humanitarian aid distribution point and establish a local branch of its reconciliation center there.

Earlier this month, Russian forces took over a former U.S. base in northern Raqqa and turned it into a coordination and operations center in cooperation with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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