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JUNE 2021

Russia To Build New Base For Caspian Fleet

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The Russian Ministry of Defense will build a new naval base of the Caspian Fleet in the Republic of Dagestan, Russian news website RBC reported on May 30.

The 31rd State design institute of special construction will conduct design and exploration work, according to a contract signed on May 18, RBC reported.

Military Town 71 in Kaspiysk will be turned into a main homeport of the Caspian Fleet. The square of the base will be 129 ha. The construction of the base will be carried out in 2 stages. The first will start on July 11 and must be finished by February 14, 2020, according to the document.

Moorages will be constructed at the first stage; at the second – a complex of defensive hydro-technical utilities and waterfront infrastructure and dredging operations.

According to RBC, the worth of design and survey work will be more than 459 million rubles issued from the Armed Services Procurement. However, according to RBC sources from construction industry and close to the Russian Ministry of Defense, general building costs will be at least a few billion rubles.

On April 2, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu stated that the Caspian Fleet would be redeployed from Astrakhan to Kaspiysk for security reasons in the region.

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Caspian fleet is an important naval unit capable of projecting Russian firepower all the way to straight of Hormuz and into the Arabian Sea. It is amazing that corvettes costing less than 100 million ( maybe even less since they are bought in rubbles) can project such impressive firepower.

Wise Gandalf

What will happen, when dries up like the Aral see?


The PRICE is so important or that they “swim” in a bathtub .?
The only explanation would be to have a massive transportation for military material to IRAN (??!!)
But how the things develop… Bibi runs again to MOSCOW and cuts a DEAL about this, too, so as we know him.
This is SHOW, to FORCE the West to deal with Kremlin instead of bullying and hanging sanctions.


When is the Caspian Sea, going to dry up?
The price in rubbles is cheaper than the price in dollars.

Wise Gandalf

No way.


C’mon.. “Caspian Sea”.,. That is a LAKE, the warships cannot get out on the Oceans. And shooting missiles from there can be solved from DRY-LAND, ON SHORE, around that LAKE.


The ships do not need to get to the oceans, they are corvettes, they can get to the Black Sea, or Mediterranean easily.
“””And shooting missiles from there can be solved from DRY-LAND, ON SHORE, around that LAKE.”””
More Hollywood script? Maybe you would like to elaborate on some details of your Hollywood script?

You can call me Al

You war-mongering Russkies, we see this as a direct threat to the exceptional United States of America.


Not many brain cells left – John “the traitor” McCain.


A second long I thought it’s written by SMAUG :))))
Yeah.. :) “Warmongering RUSSKIS” :


Could this be related to Kazakhstan shifting orbit into the American camp?


An idea… but for Kazakhstan the Russians have their CLASSIC CONTINENTAL ARMY-strategy, and huge units of TANKS and AIR-FORCE that brought them from Stalingrad to Berlin. NO NEED of warships on that completely CLOSED LAKE.
Kazakhstan is almost ideal for LARGE TANKS-UNITS..


In the Caspian SEA” ?? That is a LAKE.. Build one in VENEZUELA or CUBA, WTF do you need a BASE in the.. Caspian “Sea”, when you have ONLY SEVASTOPOL in the Black-Sea and in Syria two little bases, where you should have around 10,000 men, 2-3 subs and 2-3 dozens warships, around 200 warplanes by now. :( …
Playing ” Queen of the Seas” in the BATHTUB?

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