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Russia To Block Twitter Within Month If It Continues To Evade Requests To Delete Child Pornography & Other Illegal Content

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Russia To Block Twitter Within Month If It Continues To Evade Requests To Delete Child Pornography & Other Illegal Content

IMAGE: twitter.com/tvjihad

Russia will ban Twitter, if the platform continues to ignore requests on taking down unlawful posts featuring child pornography, calls for suicide and other illegal content.

On March 16, Vadim Subbotin, the deputy head of the country’s media regulator, Roskomnadzor, told media that the social media network will be banned within a month if the situation does not change.

“Twitter does not adequately respond to our requests – if things go on as they have been – then in a month it will be blocked without needing a court order.”

Subotin called on Twitter to comply with the orders to take down illegal content in order to avoid a ban.

Earlier on March, Roskomnadzor already announced that it began slowing down the speed of traffic on Twitter as the company “does not remove content that incites minors to commit suicide, contains child pornography or information about the use of drugs.”

According to Russian authorities, they filed over 28,000 requests for posts to be taken down. However, it seems that Twitter, which is in a permanent rush to censor independent point of views and any other non-globalist/neo-liberal opinions, has no problems with the aforementioned illegal content.

The recent report by Russian authorities stated that “3,168 pieces of content containing prohibited information… remain not deleted”. This includes more than 2,500 calls for children to kill themselves and 450 involving child pornography.


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LocaI-Disc -

FAKE NEWS! They want to ban it because it is a platform where people can openly criticise the little bitch Putin and he got his feelings hurt so now he’s trying to shut it down. Imagine being this pathetic, and to call yourself a world leader yet you can’t handle when people mention killing of journalists and those who fight corruption in Russia. DEATH TO TYRRANY!

Supreme Blyat

Criticising little Putin is child abuse.


Pedophiles and child abusers in Russia will surely agree with you new troll..


Death to tyranny!! Yes!!! Start from the worst criminal terrorist fascist state of US!! 55 milion people killed in the past 70 years according to Chomsky’s “Western Terrorism”


Is well known Twitter regularly suspends accounts (online policing) that report or critique political issues, or international foreign policy, from non-mainstream-media or non-officially-sanctioned political perspectives – meanwhile, Twitter freely publishes accounts (little online policing) of pornographic content, including of an extreme nature, that any child can access with couple of clicks. Twitter itself needs to be reigned in over its corporate standards for its published content.

Joakim Normen

You are somewhat right. It is because Twitter spreads anti-Putin messages and censors the truth / pro-Putin messages. It’s a US deep state platform. Of course any sensible, independent country will ban it.


FAKE account actually.

LocaI-Disc Joined Mar 16, 2021

One comment, and one upvote… your own.

Davide Herzog

Antifascists will arise calling this decision a murdering of democracy , a fascist act .


“The fascists of the future will call themselves antifascists.”


Employing the term ‘fascism’ to describe the acts of neoliberal globalists – inheritors of the legacy which utterly defeated fascism 75 years ago – is a misnomer.

johnny rotten

We must make them understand that Russia is a serious place and pedophilia is forbidden, by the law but also and above all by the popular and democratic will of the Peoples of the Federation, to go to the corrupt West to make evil propaganda, since they have more power than governments, in Russia thank God this is not the case.
I personally am in favor of capital punishment for this type of crime.


Good!! Twetter is a fascist platform where you cannot even dream to express freely your opinion. I was censured several times just because I criticised NATO. They are not democratic they dont deserve democracy

Jihadi Colin

Russia should also ban VK, which permits openly racist and lewd content but terminates anti zionist accounts on made up pretexts.


I made a VK account with zero content, then uploaded a personal pic of me wearing a keffiyeh. My account was quickly banned for ‘extremism’

Jihadi Colin

In my case they said I “uploaded pornography”. When I said I had bender engender posted art nudity and demanded that they prove where I had posted any porno (and VK is full of nudity anyway) they said “OK, it’s not pornography but you posted violent material”. It was a video of an al Qaeda execution in Idlib which I had posted over a year before that explicitly in order to condemn it.

VK doesn’t like al Qaeda being condemned either.

Jihadi Colin

*never even posted art nudity.

Disqus doing the “won’t let you edit” thing again.

Samuel Vanguard

good move Putin got balls twitter is a deep state trojan horse

Assad must stay

do it already

Kay Os

Child pornography is cancer in any civilized society. If companies don’t immediately act to remove it then the ban should be immediate and permanent, screw this month long leavepass.

Black Waters

Completely disgusting what twitter it’s doing, the U.S it’s using their corporations for military proposes, the natural continuation of the fascist germany now is the U.S.

Fog of War

The US corporations were always part of the ” gov “. The difference now being that they are the government.

Fog of War

And this time we really mean it. Yes, sir we’ll give you 30 days and then watch out. We promise, dont make us do it. We’re serious this time. Really serious. Stop now or in 30 days watch out.

WTF ? Is this some kind of Russian humor ?


Long overdue. Long time ago Twitter was actually a decent political platform (with all its deficiencies), a battleground for people with different agendas and different opinions where you could actually defend the truth (Syrian war for example). But since Trump won they drastically increased censorship, even accounts focused on history were banned for no sane reason (‘hate speech’ and other nonsense), I can only imagine how bad is today…. Russia and all other countries still free from the Empire should ban all american ‘social’ media as soon as possible, not just Twitter. Youtube for example.

Arch Bungle

“They Hate Us For Our Freedoms”


Praise Russia, long live the Righteous.

Peter Jennings

The folks at twatter do know that Russia, and the rest of the world for that matter, isn’t american?
The management there seems to think that just because they are allowed to commit treason and break laws in the US, they can do it anywhere.

Russia should do with social media what it has done for their industries. Farcebook and twatter are merely communication conduits for their New Western Order of terrorism.

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