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Russia To Begin Industrial Production Of COVID-19 Vaccine In September 2020, Mass Production By 2021

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Russia To Begin Industrial Production Of COVID-19 Vaccine In September 2020, Mass Production By 2021

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In September 2020, three Russian companies are to begin industrial production of the first COVID-19 vaccine in Russia, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said in an interview with TASS.

The vaccine was developed by the Gamaleya National Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

“The Gamaleya Institute is working on serial production with three enterprises with facilities in the Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Moscow regions, those are Generium, R-Pharm and Binnopharm. <…> We very much hope that serial production will start as early as in September,” he said.

Several thousands of vaccine doses per month are planned to be produced at the initial stage this year, whereas by the beginning of next year the companies will increase output to several millions, the minister added.

On July 31st, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev said that the vaccine against COVID-19 developed by Russian scientists, has created immunity in 100% of volunteers who took part in its trials.

“I can tell you, from first and second phase we have hundred percent of people developing immunity after day 21. It doubles after the second shot. Hundred percent of animals were also protected [against the novel coronavirus],” Dmitriev said.

When asked when Russia would publish its findings, the RDIF head replied that all information would be released in August.

“We selected the safest approach, it has been extensively tested not only now, but also in Ebola vaccine we got approved, in MERS vaccine that was approved,” he went on. “We chose the safest possible delivery mechanism.”

According to Dmitriev, more than 20 nations have demonstrated interest in buying Russia-developed anti-coronavirus vaccine.

“More than 20 countries approached us on our vaccine,” he said, adding that five nations were planning to take part in the production of the Russian anti-coronavirus vaccine.

Prior to the announcements by Manturov and Dmitriev, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova also said that industrial production was planned for September 2020. Apart from that, in her words, the first batch of another vaccine, developed by the Russian sanitary watchdog’s Vektor Research Center, would be manufactured in October 2020.

Of course, MSM reports that the vaccine was stolen from the UK and/or the US and others are sure to follow, as there already were claims that Russian hackers attempted to steal the vaccine information from Great Britain.


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Jens Holm

I dont believe any of that. If so its a stolen pilot recipy from west only making random help being inspired by the Bolsjoj Theatre:(

Lone Ranger

Aaaaand you are still on LSD…

Антон С

“Stolen” Tu-144 made its first flight 2 month before “Concorde”. The same thing with this vaccine – Russia did it first.)

P.S. I think it’s not LSD, but something natural, not brohibited by the law. Danes are law-obedient people.)

Jens Holm

I remeber that. The result also was a very bad plane, where You inside and outisde had to ude earplugs and they only hasd fuel for few hours.

It also was moe and more hidden inside USSR instead of bringin the message it actualy was possible to make a good time fast long time.

Concorde at least did the job even it was no succes,

Jens Holm

Well, some here use LSD as too. He writes like that every time he dont understand. It seemes there is a lot of things, he has not even internet for.

Maybee he divorsed from Wikki :)

Harry Smith

What make you think he is Dane? Some danish people wanted to speak him in Danish and Jens failed. He could be a miserable Ukrainian piglet typing his posts for 10 cents each, as well.

Антон С

May be. He speaks about Denmark from time to time, that’s why I thought he is from this country.

Jens Holm

I compare with the rest of the world.

Captain Freedom

yeah… Its not like there needs to be testing done first for 5-10 years for a vaccine. They’ll just skip it, because the coof is soooo dangerous, right? What could possibly go wrong?? Not even Russia can be trusted on this…



I don’t know for others but no vaccine for me including Russian one


If this is a safe and effective vaccine. Then this technology is part of the counter measures to the Jew world order’s bioterror omnicide campaign to decimate the population of Russia and humanity.

The medical establishment in the US is so corrupt. That I wouldn’t take a US vaccine. Which is almost certainly a Jew bioweapon.

The Rockefeller study outlining the scamdemic 10 years ago was written by Jews. The Johns Hopkins Event 201 global pandemic exercise a few months before the scamdemic is from Jew Bloomberg’s alma matter that he has donated 3 billion dollars to.


With Jew infestation on this planet we can have a bad future or even no future if the Jew world order’s omnicide project succeeds. If we dejudify the planet so that it’s Jew free. We can have a good future. Jews are the planet’s biggest trouble makers and the primary threat and problem facing our species at this time. Judaism and Israel should be abolished for the safety, security and betterment of humanity.

chris chuba

A more impressive accomplishment is their development of two anti-viral medications to improve the recovery rate. If you compare deaths / recovered cases, the U.S. (and W. Europe) is at 7% death rate while Russia is at 2%.

Russia used Favipiravir (generic anti-viral available in Jan), developed and started using Avifavir since 6/11 and now coronavir since 7/9 all anti-virals. So why are we messing around with Remdesivir which is unproven and in short supply?

AM Hants

Mention dodgy politicians, Open Secrets and vaccine backhanders, over on Gateway Pundit and notice how they remove all your comments. I wonder why? Plus, do not mention supporting the work of Ron Paul or Robert Kennedy Jnr. Do believe that is what cheesed them off, oooops and ha-ha.


Some Hope from Germany. You may be aware of the massive march in Berlin on Aug 1/2020 that western media have ignored. Estimates of 500,000 to 1.8 million protesters. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/protesting-germans-revolt-against-muzzle-facemasks-and-pandemic-restrictions

Now a new inquiry; Germany – The COVID – 19 Extra – Parliamentary Inquiry Committee – YouTube


cechas vodobenikov

vaccines are effective sometimes, other times they poorly address the afflictions they r designed to prevent—in USA they create huge profit for big Pharma and r expensive and required for US children….in Russia where there is universal health care they r paid for by the govt and r not compulsory….the future will demonstrate whether or not they r effective

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