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Russia Threatens To Block Facebook

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Russia Threatens To Block Facebook

Head of Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) Alexander Zharov threatened to block access to Facebook in Russia if the company does not comply with the law stating that personal data of Russian users should be kept in Russia, Deutsche Welle news agency reports.

“The law makes no distinctions. At any rate, either the law will be upheld, or Facebook will cease operations in Russia,” said Zharov.

Facebook has to comply and make the necessary arrangements sometime in 2018.

He added that Facebook while popular was not a unique platform.  Zharov also stressed, that a similar situation had happened with LinkedIn networking social platform in Russia.

According to Roskomnadzor, Facebook representatives are looking into possible solutions, yet has not make an official statement.

On the other hand Twitter reported that they would localize their data by mid-2018.

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Nice if Russia would, they would not be losing much. Besides, it is not as though Facebook is Russia friendly.

John Whitehot

for that matter, Facebook isn’t friendly to any country

Gabriel Hollows

Well, they’re always friendly to Israel…

John Whitehot

I admit that I was thinking just that while typing. Yet it’s probably better left out, could be the definition of “country”.


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You have a point and well said.

John Whitehot

thanks mate

Hansi Hintern

This will set a precedent. Sooner or later a lot of other countries will step up and demand the same regulation. I’m wondering, why didn’t that happen already?

That might severely hurt Facebooks business model, which is to collect data for the NSA, advertising agencies, etc. They wlll still be able to (ab)use data, but setting up a lot of smaller data centres in a lot of different countries will make it much more expensive, the whole administration and management processes will become way more complicated.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This should be a model all countries should adopt towards them and strict enforcement of the laws should adhered to with severe penalties for violations by the day not a one time penalty but with graduated fine system on top of that.

Pierre HU

All country should do it !


To me, it is strange why Russia has not closed it yet.


They won’t miss anything. I left this garbage many years ago.


It’s crap and just another way the state and the power elite can monitor, censor and control you. If Putin keeps it then he should indicate how any good it does outweighs the evil.

Marc Fischer

Facebook already monitors, censors and controls people .. incase you weren’t aware buddy

Igor Dano

Your comment is a crap. FB was setup with CIA money, through it’s investment arm, inqtel. Zuckertard is a moron set up to give the face. FB is not less, not more, than a cia frontend on PR.


You obviously misunderstood. I was saying FB is crap and an arm of the US state. If Putin is not to get rid of it he should have some good reason to allow it.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Facebook which was stolen intellectual theft by the bigot-Zuckerberg from the Winklevoss Twins. In the hands of the global conquering tribe of Zuckerbergs Facebook is an enemy to all people groups. The world must unite in Boycotting Facebook and Google! Use Brave Browser instead! https://www.brave.com/


I’m not necessarily claiming that what I’m about to type is true, they’re rumors that I’ve studied with information to back it up. This time however I will not provide additional information, as the main focus of my comment surrounds the topic of rumors regarding what might be Mark Zuckerberg’s past and his connections with his family and his place among the rest of the globalist establishment.

There’s a rumor going around that Cuckerberg’s grandfather was David Rockefeller, yes the one that died last year.



https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2cb263d7dd6eb1cd1850fb99f261007cdc4304c4c64655431fac7fd13fedb08d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62c3b37bb74865b12e3996b23bf84c2b69a51256577443e448d2584703db6218.png


Jacob Greenberg doesn’t look anything like Mark Zuckerberg, unless he underwent plastic surgery.

Richard Noel Hedditch

Facebook is pretentious, snotty-nosed, Yiddish censorship control personified.

Solomon Krupacek

all noels are jews.

Igor Dano

FB is a CIA tool. Inqtel delivered the main stake of money, and has a control stake, via Zuckerjew another influence in the company. No further discussion needed. Close them anyhow.

Solomon Krupacek

and yandex is fsb tool

by the way, your j´home, russia is enemy of freedom. putin forbad VPN, Tor. soviet-russia 2.




O man, most of these commenters act like they need some special place to hide their communications with others who are hiding in Mom’s basement, fearing the Gubermento is going to give them a whacko for watching porn, or lying about their taxes. I mean the vast majority of us are living lives, so boring, nobody has the patience to read thru our mail looking for transgressions.!! So feel free to go onto ANY social media, enjoy yourself, tell jokes to your friends, post up pics of cute kiddies and your new shoes and assume EVERY message you write, will be read by the authorities. There you have it, BCB’s rules of enjoying yourself on social media……I must end now, some ‘heavy’ is banging on my front door…………

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