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JULY 2020

Russia Tested Armed Variant Of Orion UAV In Syria (Video)


Russia Tested Armed Variant Of Orion UAV In Syria (Video)

Source: mk.ru

The Russian Aerospace Forces used an armed variant of the advanced Orion unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV) to struck a terrorist position in Syria for the first time ever, Russian newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets reported on April 6, referring to a video released by the Syrian pro-militant Step News Agency.

The video, which was released on April 4, shows what appears to be an armed Orion UAV carrying out an airstrike on a terrorist position in the town of Zaka in the northern Hama countryside.

Experts told Moskovskij Komsomolets that the Orion UAV was likely sent to Syria to conduct live combat tests, after successfully passing its flight tests.

The Orion is one of the biggest Russian-made UAVs with a wingspan of 16m and a body length of 8m. The UAV can fly as high as 7,5km for 24hours with an operational range of 300km.

The UAV was designed to carry out reconnaissance and signal intelligence (SIGINT) missions. However, last year the UAV was seen armed with guided munitions, which revealed its attack capabilities.

By successfully developing and testing an armed variant of the Orion, Russia has made another step to join the club of states (the U.S, Israel, China and Iran) capable of domestically producing combat-capable UAVs.

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  • It is not ethical to transform Syria into a Russian laboratory for testing of various Russian weapons.

    • Tony B.

      It is much less ethical to occupy one third of the country as a direct enemy as well as bombing civilians at will.
      It is also much less ethical to have stolen a part of Syria while claiming it as it’s own criminal nation’s property and bombing Syria at will.

      • Okay, you seem also think me being an American. As I wrote to @Cedric@cedrichunter:disqus : To have the United States as a measure of the ethics in warfare is to have Josef Mengele as a measure of medical ethics.

        • Tony B.

          Nope. Your name gave me the idea you are likely NOT American. Just wanted to put your statement in reasonable perspective.
          I’m the “American” and I totally agree with your quote above except that it’s not “the United States,” as the whole country, its the satanic bastards who have stolen the government and built a police state out of it as well as helping its real owner, the Rothschild cabal in its City of London, make the whole world their police state.

    • BillA

      and the US is behaving ethically introducing/testing new planes and munitions?
      you must be an exceptional american

      • Wow, giving me only US as the only choice in the world, tells more about your imaginativeness than my statement …

    • Human kind is doomed

      Not at all, as long as those tests kills scum terrorists!

      • No wonder “human kind is doomed”

        • Human kind is doomed

          Yes, yo are right.
          As long as civilized west uses this kind of human scum, there is no hope for everybody else! That is why we are doomed!

    • goingbrokes

      It doesn’t get more ethical than that! It is a perfection of weapons testing in battle. A small country (and yes it’s Idlib only, not Syria) invaded by and occupied by 100% bona fide terrorists. What’d you want? Dropping bombs on innocent civilians, or some sort of “equal” battle. Come on!

      • My statement is quite clear. Not acceptable to experiment on people in need and without choice. Regardless of affiliation!
        Even worse experimenting on friends…

    • Cedric Hunter

      Why not? America tested Agent Orange on Viet Nam.

      • Having the USA as a measure of ethics in warfare is like having Josef Mengele as a measure of medical ethics.

    • viktor ziv

      Headchoping children, turning females into merchandise is ethical, and killing creatures doing above is not ethical? Please enlight us. There is no ethic in war, since truth is first victim. To war goes thieves, holly men and guns.

      • It may be so that there is no ethics in war but hopefully among friends …

  • Prince Teutonic

    Idlibstan a perfect “laboratory” for testing new Russian military equipment…

  • Cedric Hunter

    Armed drones is a healthy development for the elimination of the terrorists in built up areas. The false flags of previous air strikes is now history. Drones will be perfect for Idlib and Afrin and Raqqa once the SAA get there.