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JUNE 2023

Russia: Syrian Experience Won’t Be Wasted

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How the Russian military is going to implement the Syrian expirience

Russia: Syrian Experience Won’t Be Wasted

Originally appeared at Svpressa, translated by Comrade Korolyov exclusively for SouthFront

In the first days of June a summer period began in combat training of the units of Southern military district. In the various regions of the South, and also in neighbouring Abkhazia and South Ossetia trainings and exercises were conducted among regular units of the army, navy and air force.

There will be swimming with weapons in Abkhazia

The units located in Abkhazia and South Ossetia will also be prepared to combat training in summer conditions. In this Caucasus republics there are two Russian military bases – 7th Krasnodar, of the Orders of Red Banner, Kutuzov and Red Star military base (in Abkhazia) was created in 2009. On 1 June 2016 a summer training period began here. In its main focus points we can include a 1.5 times increase in field combat training. On the training fields, every motorised infantryman will spend about 2.5 months – practically the entire summer. If we consider the climatic conditions, the command ensured that the soldiers and officers were comfortable. They will be dressed in special summer beige uniform. This uniform was specially developed for service in hot climates and increased humidity. Also, every infantryman will be issued 3 litres of boiled water a day.

PT exercises will be conducted on water, at the Black Sea’s coast. Here, the troops will be learn military swimming, that includes swimming in uniform and kit. About a 100 soldiers can train there at the same time. Altogether, in the summer period the Red Army troops in Abhazia will conduct over a 100 of various exercises and over 500 special field missions.

Russia: Syrian Experience Won’t Be Wasted

The quality of training in South Ossetia will be the same as it was in winter

Troops of the 4th Guards military base in Tskhinval (capital of South Ossetia) will continue to work on their skill level in summer. The 4th Guards Vapnyarsko-Berlinskaya, of the Orders of Red Banner, Suvorov and Kutuzov, military base was also created in 2009 – from the units of 693 and 135 motorised infantry regiments of the 19 motorised infantry division. On 1 of June the base was inspected and the vehicles prepared for summer conditions. The number of vehicles ready for summer exceeds 1000. Now, it’s up to the soldiers and officers serving there.

By the way, the winter 2015-2016 was very effective training-wise. Throughout the winter months, on the mountain training zone Dzartsemi, where the troops of the base train, there were over 1000 training tactical and special exercises. Soldiers, sergeants and officers honed their skills in weapons operation, vehicle operation, alpine fighting. BTR-82A, T-90, AA and artillery systems were tested in these conditions. The drivers travelled about 1.5 thousand kms in alpine conditions.

Russia: Syrian Experience Won’t Be Wasted

Su-34s over the Don skies

While the land forces of the Russian military practice in these neighbouring countries, the pilots exercise in Rostov and Volgograd districts. There, the crews of Su-34s began their exercises. Su-34 – is a multipurpose fighter-bomber that is able to strike at multiple land, sea and air targets at the same time in any region.

These aircraft are part of the separate bomber regiment of the Southern military district – and behind the controls will be true professionals – pilots of no lower than 2nd class that passed certain courses.

Russia: Syrian Experience Won’t Be Wasted

The pilots will work on flying the aircraft on the heights on down to 200 meters. Apart from that, the crew will hone their skills in dealing with emergencies. The pilots will also work on evading enemy attacks in radar jamming conditions. The bombers will take off and land during night time as well. Obviously, the ground crews will train as well. On 20 May, Russian defense minister, general Sergei Shoigu stated, that during Russian military drills new methods will be used, from experience gathered in Syria.

“Aviadarts” competitions have started in Crimea. According to the chief of the Aerospace forces of Russia, colonel-general Viktor Bondaryov, at the Chauda military training facility the pilots test Russia’s newest aircraft. To make this happen, the area is equipped with all necessary equipment – such as targets, that the aircraft will be required to destroy. The situation is as close to real combat as it can safely be.

“Tatarstan” is ready for battle

The Navy also takes part in the drills. On 2 June the modernisation of missile ship “Tatarstan” was announced as finished. “Tatarstan” is the flagship of Caspian flotilla. This ship was built on Zelenodolskoe shipyard in 1993. It is a guard ship of 11661K project and is design to hunt and kill surface ships, submarines and naval aviation aircraft. It is also able to conduct patrolling and convoy services, guard the maritime economical zones. The ship is armed with modern AA, artillery systerms and modern anti-ship weapons.

Russia: Syrian Experience Won’t Be Wasted

Thanks to the upgrades made during “Tatarstan’s modernisation, the capabilities of all the ship’s combat and non-combat systems were drastically increased. The ship is now equipped with a new radar station that allows to watch and follow air and sea targets more effectively. Now, the crew of the ship will hone their teamwork as the ship sails through the Caspian sea and conduts operations as part of a squadron and as a single ship.

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