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Russia, Syria Say U.S Is Hindering Health Mission To Al-Rukban Camp

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Russia, Syria Say U.S Is Hindering Health Mission To Al-Rukban Camp

The Rukban camp, sandwiched between Jordan, Syria borders and Iraq, Feb. 14, 2017. Raad Adayleh | AP

The U.S. is hindering a plan to conduct an assessment health mission in the al-Rukban Camp in the 55-km occupied zone in southeast Syria, the joint coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria announced on April 22.

The joint headquarters said in an official statement that the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent an official request for the UN to conduct an assessment health mission in al-Rukban to assess the humanitarian situation and study the real situation with the spread of COVID-19 there.

The UN supported the Syrian initiative. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised a questionable plan to implement it.

Under the WHO plan, 23 trucks with humanitarian supplies will be included in the mission. The aid will be handed over to “representatives” of the al-Rukban Camp and nearby villages, who would distribute it at their discretion.

“This procedure creates the preconditions for the seizure of humanitarian aid by pro-American gangs and the use of militants for control over civilians, as it has happened repeatedly from the experience of past convoys. In addition, contrary to the initially stated medical nature of the mission, UN staff did not provide for any survey of the residents of Rukban in the plan,” the Russian-Syrian headquarter said in the statement.

The joint headquarters said it believe the advised plan was developed under the influence of the U.S, which wants “to provide the illegal armed groups … with food and essentials at the expense of the United Nations.”

“We emphasize that the only solution to the humanitarian problem of the Camp, guaranteeing the return of ordinary Syrians to normal life, is its final disbandment and the evacuation of Rukban residents to their chosen places of residence. All the conditions necessary for a decent accommodation of refugees on the government-controlled territory have been created,” the joint headquarters added.

Russia and Syria have been in talks with the U.S. to disband the al-Rukban Camp for more than a year now. More than 40,000 civilians are living in the camp under catastrophic conditions.

A small number of civilians managed to leave the camp to government-held areas over the last year. Recently, a group of 25 U.S.-trained militants escaped the 55-km U.S.-occupied zone with their families and handed themselves over to Syrian authorities which granted them amnesty.


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misery and death is the name of the game disintegrating states of A presents to the world.

Pave Way IV

We prefer to call it freedom and democracy – that way it doesn’t make us sound so f’king evil. I don’t think anyone is really fooled by our alternate name anymore (aside from US citizens).

Assad must stay

Well stop them from hindering it!


USA’s little Satanic Misery camp. Amazing what the US Deep State is capable of in a country, where nobody invited them.

Jens Holm

The deep state is made by You having total censurship for most things and not even allowed to understand the rest.

Most of Your deep state can be found on internet or by official documents in Our countries decided by public elected free parlamnt and Governess.

There is no deeep state. More like Allah or someone else has created the dark for You, which includes so many tabus of the worst kind.

No wonder pigs emmigrated from You. They are strange meals for You too even 6 billion people eat them and they taste very well.

The pigs never like You related them to muslims and for that matter jews. We also has no curly hair, they say in a complaint to UN.

Azriel Herskowitz

US is trying to get aid into the camp but the Iranian militias that surround the camp are besieging it. And Jordan has shut it’s border with the camp completely.


give the civillians that want to escape weapons and a way to destroy the us led terrorists and american terrorists there.

Peter Jennings

I not sure why Russia and Syria are even bothering with the UN. They should just do it, as an american advertising campaign once said for Nike, who now make their rubbish in any country other than america.

The US want to control the deaths of everyone in the camp, apart from the terrorists and US spies who are hiding from Syrian forces amongst the civilians there.

The UN should pack up their stuff because they are ineffective and ignored by certain admins who just use them to rubber stamp their warmongering. Everybody knows this and everybody now sees them as a bad joke. The world needs an alternative to the UN. One which sticks to its guns and to its mandates.

Jens Holm

Only a very small group almost starved to death by that Assads woulrd join anything named Assad.

Jens Holm

I cat see those people is any problem for any. Just feed them.

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