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Russia, Syria Accuse U.S. Of Abusing COVID-19 Threat To Arm Militants In Al-Rukban Camp

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Russia, Syria Accuse U.S. Of Abusing COVID-19 Threat To Arm Militants In Al-Rukban Camp

The Rukban camp, sandwiched between Jordan, Syria borders and Iraq, Feb. 14, 2017. Raad Adayleh | AP

The U.S. is plotting to ship equipment to Syrian militants under the pretext of providing medical aid to refugees in the al-Rukban camp amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia and Syria warned in a statement on March 28.

“The US side seeks to make use of coronavirus spread and tries to exert pressure on the UN to pass shipments and equipment to the terrorists under the pretext of medical and humanitarian aid to the besieged persons in the camp,” the Russian and Syrian coordination committees on the Return of Syrian Refugees said in a joint statement.

The al-Rukban camp, which hosts around 40,000 refugees, is located within the 55 km U.S.-occupied zone in southeast Syria, right on the border with Jordan.

The Russian and Syrian coordination committees held the U.S. responsible for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the camp, stressing that all needed procedures to evacuate the besieged people in the camp were taken by Moscow and Damascus.

Many of the camp’s residents were evacuated to government-held areas over the last year. However, tens of thousands are still trapped inside the camp, which is controlled by militants linked to U.S. forces in the nearby al-Tanaf Base.

The attempt to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to restore support for militants in the al-Rukban Camp is an example of how the U.S. have been trying to take advantage of the camp’s crisis, instead of ending it.


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Xoli Xoli

This is Putin responsibility to face US directly not sitting back and seek Syrian opinion and sending rubbish criticism. Putin were invited by Syrian government to help.Putin through one man decision back door agreements behind closed doors settle USA in Altanf. Putin deescalation zone settle Erdogan in Idlip by relocating terrorists with smart green buses to Idlip.Putin still prolonged the war by giving traitor killer Erdogan ceasefire to reinforce and arm terrorists.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Turkey is stuck between Russia and the USA. it needs to lose but make a good show of losing. or the USA will bend them over and fk them till christmas

Russian diplomacy has helped in stalling fake chemical weapons attacks. when there is a fake chemical weapon attack imminent. then a ceasefire is produced, this stops western politicians and MSM from circulating fake chemical attacks and garnering support for a war against syria and Russia


Nahhhhhhhhh…no war against Russia and Syria. But against Islamist Iran? That’s a totally different question.

Jens Holm

Its forbidden to write anything about making peace. They only ccan make peace among friends:)

Icarus Tanović

Very stupid and dumb idea.

Jens Holm

I am afraid that mainly rubbish.

But some might be true. USA could have bended Turkey over very hard by in high risk. They didnt.

A result could be the SDF then was am USA protectorate covering the parts of Syria which are the ones Assads did not cover well and ISIS cpuld exist or even regain.

Here the the result also could be SDFs by reforms as well as oil could make a stronger alternative to the rest of Zyria and its quagmire.

Obama promised SDF should be affiliated to Assads as well as Turkey should be kept out. That was not kept.

Trump promised a retreat in his election campaign and has kept it. And its so funny strange eo many in the Region take that as a great Victory done by them. Its not. Trump disnt know where it was. He didnt care. He cares for no amricans should not die for lowlifes of any kind in that Region.

Most of the ret of their parlament more or less support that. USA should be, where its needed.

Things in Your world is bizar and shown again and again. I have just been reading here on this site, that ISIS has sold fuel to Turkey, which sold it to Israel.

There You go with barking madness of the worst kind. Much as chemicals has hit You and many others long time before USA and dor that matter Nato even was invented.


Why is this only Putin’s responsibility, Xi might at least say something.
Do you have any proof Putin or Russia agreed to the US, self created, al Tanif Hiway block.
Green buses saved countless lives, and the Russian Air Force isn’t finished yet in Idlib.


Yes, Kerry-Lavrov secret agreement.

Icarus Tanović


AM Hants

Don’t tell me, found amongst the potatoes they traded?

John Kerry – leaked audio tape, explains it all. Oh sorry, it was Saudi officials he was talking to, not Sergey Lavrov.

Leaked audio of John Kerry’s meeting with Syrian revolutionaries/UN (improved audio)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4phB-_pXDM

(the video is interesting from 16:50, especially Kerry’s reply around 18:33, when he starts mentioning having to work in accordance with international law. Admitting the US is not invited and is not legally in Syria, unlike Russia).

Jens Holm

Its partly true Russia and USA divided Syria among them to avoid direct confrontation.

Icarus Tanović

Well said.

Jens Holm

Russia has its own agenda since Israel was made and probatly even before. Its very strange You insist the Russians are under command of Assad and have a responsability.

Putin has promised Assads to be safe in their seat even they should have been repplaced many years ago and in jail or harder.

Russian do it for their bases there and has great succes about that. The have improved those at land and at sea. Yesterday and article even says, that Syria is a good test area for new weapons as well as using upgraded weapons better.

They dont care much about some small Rutbah camp unless they can use it being nioce, so all in the whole world can see it.

And the green buses mainy says how many in Syria dislikes Assads and Russia and Assads made that trade and those Jihadist also was given something. Thats how trade are in my country. If they was given nothing, it was theft.

So the Johadist became stronger in north west and into almost notthing in south west and both were winners – So to speak.

Telling things about backdoors is ignoring old facts about old facts which also has been more or less written. The main thing is, You dont know and deep state and like that mainly is, that Your kind in Your kind of countries and parts of them are kept out from, what we can see in our medias and libraries for free. Go and blame Your own Leaders but start with Yourself prefaring and choosing that kind of infected dark.

We in west see some deep state is there. Main parts are needed. States do have secrets. But its not that SELF CHOSEN DARK of Yours.

We also has possibilities for changes. If thingsbecomes too dark, we can make some less dark by electing some other leaders. You probatly cant becaise You prefare to be runned by fear and bajonets and to keep Your women down, so You are not below anybody.

Xoli Xoli

Please differentiate between Russia,Russian forces and Putin then you will understand.

Jens Holm

Tks I will try that better

AM Hants

President Putin prolonged the war?

Is President Putin the President of Syria? yes of No?

By putting all the CIA associated terrorists in one area, did it not free the Syrian Army, to clean out the other areas and get them back under the control of Syria? Yes of No?

Once that major task was sorted, the Syrian Army, would then have the man power and resources to focus on Idlib. Would they not?

‘You either have a country or you do not’ – President Assad, interviewed by RT, before stating the Russian intelligence, maturity, strategy compared to the insanity and immaturity, coming out of Washington DC.


Yes, of course he prolonged the suffering of the Syrian people by rescuing Assad. The Syrians will never forgive Russia. We know that Assad will never ever be able to legitimately lead Syria. So why did Putin do it? Obviously, to plunder the country. And then Assad will retire to Russia.

AM Hants

Syrians will never forgive Russia? Really?

Don’t you mean CIA funded terrorists, will never forgive Russia. Remind me, but, who funds the White Helmets? Why are White Helmet units always situated next to Al Qaeda/ISIS/Daesh or whatever they are called today units?

You do realise that Dr Assad, the opthalmic surgeon, is the democratically elected leader of Syria, don’t you? The same Dr Assad, who worked in the UK, was hosted by Buckingham Palace, during a state visit and used to be a friend of the West, till he refused to give away his natural resources.
comment image&f=1&nofb=1
comment image&f=1&nofb=1


State visit? Really? Was this before or after he used chemical weapons on his own citizens? If it was after he killed his own people, that must have been an awkward “state visit”. Let’s remember that even Putin was welcomed by the international community until Russia invaded Georgia and Ukraine, shot down MH17 killing 298, and sent assassins armed with chemical weapons to England. Russia could have been a valuable partner to the EU. Instead, Russia leads the Russia-Syria-Venezuela Axis. Putin has sacrificed Russia’s once bright future. Today, Russia is not even welcome at the Olympics.

AM Hants

Darling – chemical weapons was proven to have been nothing to do with the President of Syria? Remember Benghazi and who provided the chemical weapons, as confirmed by Porton Down, back in 2012? If in doubt, try catching up with Seymour Hersh ‘Red Line to the Rat Line’.

Then you have the crisis actors and the staged White Helmet videos. Why did the OPCW ignore the statements of their own people, who confirmed the Chemical weapons were nought to do with the Syrian Government?

Why was there a chemical weapon container, from Ukraine, but, with English writing on it? In fact, didn’t Germany also send some of the stuff to Syria, along with France?


‘…President Assad meets Queen
Syrian president Bashar Assad was meeting the Queen today, after publicly rebuffing a call from Tony Blair to shut down Palestinian terror organisations operating in his country.
Following an audience with the Queen, on day three of his visit to Britain, Mr Assad was meeting the Prince of Wales as well as opposition leaders Iain Duncan Smith and Charles Kennedy.

After talks with the Prime Minister in Downing Street yesterday, Mr Assad insisted that there were no Palestinian terrorists in Syria – simply “press officers”…

(REMEMBER the Iraq War and Blair lying to Parliament, with regards Sadam and his WMDs?

Funny, but, wasn’t President Assad opposed to the Iraq War? Even when he was on a State Visit to Buckingham Palace.)

…On Iraq, Mr Assad, who opposes military intervention, said that so far there appeared to have been “good co-operation” from the Iraqis with the United Nations weapons inspectors.

He said he was “optimistic” that conflict could be averted.

“We hope this co-operation will continue until this crisis is resolved peacefully,” he said.

Mr Blair said British officials were still studying Iraq’s declaration of its remaining weapons of mass destruction programmes which was submitted to the UN on December 7 and awaiting the report of the chief weapons inspector Hans Blix.

“The inspectors should be allowed to carry out their work. We have made it clear that if there is a breach (of the UN resolution), then action should follow,” he said…https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-151701/President-Assad-meets-Queen.html

The Queen being presented to Syria’s First Lady and was not a British citizen, together with President Assad:
comment image&f=1&nofb=1
comment image&f=1&nofb=1


Who funded the Rose Revolution, in Georgia, back in 2008?
Who decided it would be a good idea to take out the Russian peacekeepers, over in Russian dependent South Ossetia, whilst Prime Minister Putin was celebrating the Bejing Olympics?
Who was begging for a ceasefire, when President Medvedev provided a Russian escort home?
So remind me, who invaded who, where Georgia was concerned?


MH17 – well we have been through that one, time and time again.

Now why did Ukraine present the BUK missile, they stated took down the MH17, which was still intact and provided the serial number. Which the missile passport showed was a 1986 Soviet missile, which had always been in the sole custody of Ukraine, including upto 17 July 2014?
Why did Kolomoisky, the oligarch in control of Ukraine airways and air traffice control apologise for taking down the wrong plane? Together with the pilot of the SU25, which was upgraded and flown with pilot assisted oxygen, when it returned back to base with it’s ‘air to air’ missiles missing. Even the witnesses, on the deleted BBC video mentioned the military jets, shadowing the MH17, Israel style, did they not?


Skripals – have you read the John helmer book on the subject? Was Sergei Skripal hoping to meet Russian agents, in the hope of returning back to Russia, with his daughter, before his aged mother passed away? How come there were no deaths, following the release of a Soviet military grade nerve agent, at the time?


Why would Russia wish to be a member of the EU? How many MEPs are funded by Soros and do you believe President Putin, would wish to be sponsored by Soros?


With regards the Olympics, is there even going to be one this year?

With regards Russia not being welcome, I bet the Kremlin is more than pleased. Don’t believe they have any gender neutral athletes to send to Japan. Plus, whenever there is an Olympics, well it is normally bad news for Russia. Bejing – the Russian peace keepers got taken out and when Russia was celebrating her Winter Olympics, The Maidan was going down.


You may think that your “note-books” serve you well. To me, it just means that you borrowed someone’s cheat sheets. I couldn’t follow your comments about the Olympics. Russia is not welcome. It seems a Russian medal winner from the previous Olympics loses their medal almost monthly. Kicked out of the Olympics. Kicked out of G-7. On trial for MH17 and the Bio-Chem attacks in England. My my, Russia’s a regular international criminal these days.


” Accept everything just the way it is “, precept # 1, Miyamoto Musashi.
Nana-Chan you were sliced and diced by AM Hants, you couldn’t follow is right.


Oh, do you think her unoriginal cutting and pastings injured me somehow? LOL Such a pity. Actually, I don’t read her comments when she obviously has pasted from her notebooks. Nor do I follow links, dummy.


Obviously you didn’t read her comments, you had no counter.
Injured are your arguments, you failed to score any points against her.
Name calling is the last resort of someone who has lost,
I was expecting more civilized behaviour from you.


And I was expecting someone more intelligent. See? Now we’re both disappointed, dummy. Why would I read the things that she’s pasted in hundreds of other comments already? LOL


Well, more likely to reestablish Russian influence in the Mideast. To have a military presence on the Med. To have an image of an important global power. To threaten the economic life blood of Western Europe by having that military presence near Europe’s and the World’s key energy source and trade route. There’s not much of value in Syria worth plundering.


There is only one thing: oil. Putin does not think far into the future. He considers only his life-span.


On this we may disagree a bit. Syria doesn’t have enough oil to fret about. They only have about 0.15% of the global oil reserves. Russia has over 30 times as much. There are at least 30 countries with more oil than Syria. Well, they do have more than Japan. But that’s not saying much. Putz Putin is there to try to make that very little pony he rides on look bigger. And try to worry the Europeans and cause them and the US grief while he still can. He and his RF are in for some really bad, if not fatal, times because of his KGB approach to the Pandemic and his stupid oil and gas policies. Their oiled slide into the dustbin of history to join their thankfully dead Soviet and Czarist Russian Empires will be under way this summer. YEH!!!

As an aside, all my grandparents got out of that Czarist shithole over a century ago to come to the US. Thank God…and their good sense…

Xoli Xoli

Dont come with excuses Putin were requested by Syrian head 9f state to help fight against USA NATO and Israel terrorists and influence. So as super power with strong army Putin as a commander in chief have supreme power over Syria territory and safety.Not bias agreement deals with Syrian enemies. As you know also who will stop superpower USA or United NATO or opportunistic Israel against destabilised Syria. Only strong Russia.But Putin overrides the Russian forces.According your stupid reasoning is Putin only 8n charge of make de escalation deals to bring invited USA and Turkey in Syria.Even if Syria were overpower still USA ,France,Britain and Turkey didn’t settle in Syria.Yes the were USANATO , Israel special forces in Aleppo mountain underground bases.Which were bomb by Russian forces and arrested by Military Police and Syrian forces.

AM Hants

What are you on about?

Is President Putin the leader of Syria? Yes or No?

Did President Assad state:

‘You either have a nation or you don’ t’, when comparing the strategic genius of Russia to the insane immaturity of America?

Xoli Xoli

If you argue with fool then you will also look like a fool.Thank for waisting my time .Are you a journalist or a commentator.

AM Hants

Funnily enough, I have the same thought, when replying to comments replies, to some of the posters.

None of your business who or what I am.


What ? USA-Israel-NATO will continue supporting their terrorists, it does not matter what. The idea is to keep destroying Syria and to prepare to destroy Iran. However, covid-19 can make to change their madness.


Yep, it is destroying Islamist Iran for them. And the Iranians are helping by believing the Kremlin disinformation campaign that Vodka cures the Virus. Putz Putin is looking for export revenues to make up a bit for his stupid policy of an oil price war at the worst time. However, they increased the price of Vodka too much so the non-drinking Islamist Iranians, not knowing one alcohol from another, are binging on home brew wood alcohol and buying up industrial wood alcohol as if it was toilet paper.


Oil has power,you and all your floggeds don’t either way you will lose by corona and oil
Russia oil stocks up,for many decades to come too,like it or lump it Puyin is a genius!

Jens Holm

You are worse, that the whole point.

Telling higly sekualar christians should support Islam in its much dirty versions is far out.

These was the only tool Assads has not killed – yet (and later on SDF kurds as second choise).

You are in a place where no mirrors are alloerd. This is not about Your many home made distortions You are raised with.

Azriel Herskowitz

What militants? Al-Rukban camp consists of thousand of refugees who are in desperate need of food, water, and proper medical care. Moderate rebels are defending the camp from Assadists, Russian mercenaries, and Iranian terrorist militias who want to arrest and torture the displaced people.

Lone Ranger

Desperate rapist cannibal headchoppers.
Oy gevalt…

Jens Holm

I didnt know You has family there:)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes


John Wallace

Tongue in cheek with a nod and a wink.

Jens Holm

There are no hostile initiatives form there. In the beginning some few was recruited to US/GB FSA.

John Wallace

Duh !!!!

Jens Holm

You shoul undaduh a. Facts are Rutbah was started by people fleeing from the Eufrat Valley from ISIS just as 3,5 millions was fleeing to Turkey.

They has never been affiliated with the FSA in the Dara regions at all.

If they were allies to USA they would get food from there. USA has denied that many times.

John Wallace

Duh was because my reply to Red Pilled was nothing to do with that camp. Duh was because out of ignorance you butted in on something you had no fucking clue what we were talking about. Ignorance Jens . Nothing to whatso fucking ever with that camp. So it was DUH and remains DUH. And an extra fucking DUH because you are DUH. Now butt out of what you have no idea of.

Jens Holm

Facts are like that. They are well descriebed. But that of course in not allowed to know about in Your world.

Assad is Your wikipedia.


http://trim4.me/qTl – a great project for adults who are looking for a partner for sex


Die scumbag.

Lone Ranger

Sink it.

Bilal Abdul Kareem

Assad and his militants are going to massacre everyone at the camp. Only a small garrison of rebel forces are defending the camp. UN NEEDS TO HELP!

John Wallace

Bile is not spelt Bilal although they obviously have the same meaning. Is the beard to hide all the ears of children on your necklace.

Jens Holm
John Wallace

Again you butt in out of total IGNORANCE you dumb fuck. What the fuck are you waffling on as it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with what I was saying to Bile Face. Go learn English you dumb fuck and then you may just get an inkling of what I am saying but I doubt it.Ignorant dumb fuck Jens. Just a dumb moron.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, who were the organ eating head choppers and why are so many of them and their wives and kids, based at that camp?

Why did their paychecks come via the CIA?

Jens Holm

Only about 1.000 of 40.000 used comming “back to Assads”. Thats not many. Even if ir was 2.000 its 5%. Very biased version by the article.

Putting in Corona like that also is as biased as it can be. USA has given them no help for years. They are refugees on thjeir own and as a state in the state. One thing is for sure: They will never go back to the dirty regime by Assad and not even the dead ones.

There is no Syrian-Russian comitty about this at all. Facts are that Russian trucks hired by UN had to be protected from Assads and by that has arrived to there.

Assads do their best to use the ususal weapons such as starvation, threats, stealing any medical equipment fromU and like that.

Facts also are, that we again and again has seen people from there giving themsleves to Assads has been punished hard one by one and many are forced into the Assad army as spendables.

Those are non fighters just as the millions made by Assads by decades of decades of theft and mismanegement . And yes, they are armed for own protection against Assads and robbers. Who should go to Assad in trust.

AND YES. NOT ALL ARE LIKE YOU. Its humanitarian help.

FX Abu Dhabi dont send help to Assads but to help all the victims made by Assads and others. I see the same here. I am sure USA fx wont be given a single soldier from there, but it is true a couple of hundred from there was a american/brittish well equipped FSA.

That dont say they and the rest are that. I am sure those few FSA now are dead and has been like the for years.

The main responsabilty for need of anything are the besieging by Assads. USA dont feel responsabile for them even those are under its Al Tanf umbrella. Jordan dont want a single one of them already having maybe a million and kept pout of the conflict as much as a clever KIng can do.

Lone Ranger

You are mixing up Assad with your mossadisis buddies…

Jens Holm

Maybee they eat the same food, are semites and have their carrots amputated in the same way.

Lone Ranger

You have issues…


Now that we all know so what is Russia, Syria and allies going to do about it? Instead of throwing accusations and suspicions how about doing something positive like shooting down the planes that are carrying the weapons.

AM Hants

US Aid to Syria, which is quite interesting, owing to the fact that they have no desire to provide AID to anybody. As the UN recently found out. When the Secretary General of the UN begged for a worldwide ceasefire, in order for nation heavily sanctioned and in dire need of assistance, like Iran, during the corona virus crisis, finds the US blatantly ignoring his requests. I mean, what nations refuse to allow medical aid going to a nation, during an international crisis, besides the US?

Slightly off topic, but, not really, when you look at the nations without a Rothschild Central Bank and Debt and how regime change pillagers make a rush, to get hold of their assets. Which leads me to Venezuela and then factor in Russia saying NO to Opec.

Rosneft Abruptly Exits Venezuela, Sells Assets To Russian State, Amid US Squeeze On Maduro… https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/rosneft-abruptly-exits-venezuela-sells-assets-russian-state-amid-us-squeeze-maduro

The Zero Hedge article is interesting, but, not as interesting as many of the comments.

Russian pipe-laying vessel for Nord Stream 2 changes course
17:08, 17 March 2020… https://news.ru/en/economics/russian-pipe-laying-vessel-for-nord-stream-2-changes-course/


Why does Putin whine about it then? Once the Russians has confirmed it, DESTROY THEM FROM THE AIR WHEN IT IS BEING DONE!! END OF STORY.

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