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JUNE 2023

Russia Switches To Western Diplomatic Language: Russian MFA Briefing

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Russia Switches To Western Diplomatic Language: Russian MFA Briefing

Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova

Dear friends,

Recently, significant changes have taken place in the diplomatic policy of Russia. It seems that Moscow has finally changed its rules and switched to a language that has long been used by the West. For example, such a change can be seen in the speech of the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova at a recent press briefing on March 26. We bring to your attention a part of this briefing that addresses US policy around the world and highlights shift in Russian public diplomacy.

On illegal operations by the United States

I would like to tell London, NATO that in a historical context, and I am not speaking about some distant times, let’s look through the latest history, what really threatened the world not only in theory, but also in practice (I mean the actions of the United States). Against the background of the fact that the USA, NATO, Great Britain are constantly accusing our country; we are constantly told of being engaged in some kind of hybrid operations, undermining Western democracies, striving to influence the outcome of elections, etc. Here I would like to make a brief remark.

The American elites, as well as ordinary Americans,  tend to stand for of ​​a special role of the United States in the world, a kind of American messianship. The notion that the United States allegedly has the right to interfere in any affairs all over the world is their justification for having a bearing upon other countries. They feel free to give the law to others, they feel free not only to dole out lessons to the whole world, but to impose on other countries, peoples, civil societies around the world their idea of ​​how these countries and the whole world should evolve.

I repeat once again what our country and our leadership are talking about on a regular basis. We are not engaged in regime change, interference in the internal affairs of other states, or staged provocations abroad. We call for respect and compliance with the fundamental premises of the U N Charter. At the same time, we note that such technologies have been perfectly mastered by those who, in particular, blame us for this, namely the United States, which have accumulated very ample experience in this area. The list of their merits and examples of bad behavior around the world is impressive. Previously, there were still doubts, but now we will definitely open a section in our briefing and we will regularly acquaint you with such examples.

The United States regularly violates the national sovereignty of other countries by interfering in their internal affairs. The favorite tactic of the American intelligence services is to intervene in the electoral processes of foreign states and carry out coups in order to change inconvenient regimes.

This is recognized both by experts and former employees of the American special services. Former head of the Russian department of the CIA, S. Hall, in an interview with The New York Times in 2017, said that “the United States absolutely certainly undertook operations to interfere in the elections of other countries” and he hopes that this practice will continue. The same newspaper gives the assessments of an expert professor at the University of Pt. Georgia L. Johnson, who claimed that the CIA had interfered in foreign elections since its creation in 1947.

According to a study by political scientist D. Levin from Carnegie Mellon University, based on declassified documents of American intelligence, in the period from 1946 to 2000 the USA has interfered in elections more than 80 times in 45 countries all over the world (without including the military coups and “color” revolutions, i.e. only those that were done by peaceful means). Those were secret operations that included financing and preparation of electoral campaigns, disinformation and propaganda, as well as economic pressure on the leadership of certain states. According to D. Levin, in 59% of cases the Americans achieved the desired result.

Independent experts, for example, N. Turse (investigative journalist, historian and author of the site TomDispatch.com, researcher at The Nation Institute) argue that the United States is waging a hidden war in 141 out of 190 countries across the globe. He is not the only one to have such opinion. W. Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, gives similar assessments: “Most Americans will be surprised if they learn that US special operations forces are deployed in three quarters of the world’s countries. There is little or no transparency about what they are doing in these countries, whether their actions are enhancing security or provoking more tensions and conflicts. ”

Spokesman for the US Special Operations Command in Europe M. Weisman once said: “Excluding Russia and Belarus, we are involved in training personnel in almost any country in Europe, either bilaterally or on the basis of various multilateral agreements. Special Operations Forces have been deployed on a permanent basis and at the invitation of our allies in the Baltic States and Poland since 2014, as part of the broader US European Command and Department of Defense Containment Initiative. The ongoing presence of US Special Operations Forces and our allies carries a clear message of US commitment to supporting our allies and protecting NATO. ” Now, at the last meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers Council, were these data discussed or the United States is again in an exceptional position and their actions are never discussed?

In 2019, the Joint Special Operations University, which is the training unit of the US Special Operations Command, published a 250-page report entitled Supporting the Resistance: Strategic Mission and Effectiveness, in which the author, a former Army Special Forces officer USA W. Irwin analyzed in detail the approaches, practice and results of known cases of direct US interference in the internal affairs of other states.

The author emphasizes that his research relies exclusively on open and declassified sources, noting that the overall picture of the Pentagon’s subversion against other states is in practice much broader than the facts set out in the report. Nevertheless, the author does not deviate from the usual propaganda patterns. So the US-backed forces are almost everywhere called “rebels” or “resistance”, although often they were directly created by the Pentagon or the CIA. But this is also a factual confirmation of the subversive activities of the United States, interference in the internal affairs of other states, manual control of electoral processes in countries that declare themselves to be democratic.

This report clearly shows that the US policy towards other countries has always been based on the principle of Washington’s “exclusiveness”, which implied the “legal right” to interfere in the internal affairs of other states that was declared by the United States itself. The point is not that it is impossible to interfere in the affairs of other states; the point is that everyone else, except the United States of America, cannot interfere in the affairs of other states. And the United States, as they believe, has an absolute right to this, because they are “exclusive”, and because only they know how the modern world should evolve.

To justify such a one-sided position, U. Irwin even has to go for a direct forgery, stating that all the victim states at the time of the special operations were under the control of a “repressive, authoritarian regime”, or, when it looks absolutely ridiculous, to assert that their governments were formed out of “unfriendly and occupying forces”. In fact, this is what representatives of the American establishment are declaring now on a regular basis, even if the governments were formed as a result of normal democratic procedures.

In addition, the author of the report emphasizes that the document does not deliberately address current operations,  because of “the secret status of information about them or the uncertainty of the final result.” However, the author himself is forced to admit that none of the administrations of the White House (with a view to those after the Second World War) in the end could not avoid conducting special operations against other countries – even if officially, when elected, the U.S. presidents declared their rejection of this kind of policy.

US readiness to intervene, including through the military or special services operating under diplomatic cover, in almost any process, political dispute, is well illustrated by an anecdote invented on this topic, which, unfortunately, has already become a reality: “Why are there never coups in Washington? Because there is no American embassy there. ”

As it was clearly demonstrated at the beginning of this year, Americans try not to ignore problems in the United States. And they simply called all their internal problems (without thinking that it looks both funny and scary at the same time) “internal terrorism.” Once again, I want to say that we will return to this topic on a regular basis. Our American partners left us no other choice.

You can read the full text of the briefing here: Link.


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Western Sanctions Help Resolve Russian-Chinese Differences on Joint Wide-Body Airliner

China entered into a joint project with Russia to build a new long-haul, wide-body jet several years ago not as a “little brother”—having relied on Russian technology for decades—but as an equal and ambitious partner…. https://anti-empire.com/western-sanctions-help-resolve-russian-chinese-differences-on-joint-wide-body-airliner/ https://antiempire.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/71500_cr929-cockpit-cabin-mock-up-zhuhai-air-show-2018_77584.jpg

thomas malthaus

Russia shouldn’t share or license technology or production techniques with any country.

viktor ziv

Why not? It’s not Russia deploying nuclear bombs, like ‘we know who’ does. Beside tech Russia exports is export version in millitary sphere, when it comes to civilian, I ask again, why not?

Davide Herzog

Because Russia prefers NOT , beeing perfectly right . And that’ s all .


“Cooperation” is not straight forward “sharing” of tech. It is a compromise to build something together. For which each side doesn’t have full capacity doing it alone ( for different reasons ). Being under Western blockade Russia is running out of the options and must cooperate with somebody at some point…

thomas malthaus

“Russia and China still have fundamental disagreements about the project, however. Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov summarized these in the summer of 2020: “The Chinese entered this project with one objective—to obtain technologies and keep their own market for their own airplane. Our objective was not to share technologies, but to get access to the foreign market. Nevertheless, we are looking for a compromise and continuing joint financing of the program.”

To be continued.


yes, and?! word is “compromise“…if it can be found…

Fog of War

Not to mention that the ZioWest will just declare these planes ” non-compliant ” and prevent them from entering zio-controlled airspace unless they agree to be fully loaded with Zio-made avionics with numerous built in back doors.

johnny rotten

The time has come to leave the gloves, and then reminds in every public office that are hungering millions of people in Syria and Venezuela and they are preventing access to medical care, accuse them of oil and wheat theft, to burn crops, to finance terrorism, it is good that American citizens listen more and more often in every international meeting, UN or G20 and their fake-media will no longer be able to hide it, maybe some Americans start to get pissed off and mess.


Empires and dictators past and present, have all displayed hatred of being ridiculed with humor. The US is a laughingstock these days and an ideal target that never stops giving. :)


The worst crimes by the Ziocorporate terrorists weren’t even those mentioned by Zakharova, but the enslaving of the world thru neocolonial organizations like the IMF/WB profiteering off the political machinations carried out by the US-led terrorists.

Then, there was the fabrication of the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine with imported terrorist Ziojews, today they’re a centre of spying technololgy and interference in other countries with full US/EU and Russian backing.

Fog of War

” The worst crimes by the Ziocorporate terrorists weren’t even those mentioned by Zakharova, ”

You dont call out your Khazarian overlords, rule number one in the Putin administration.

erwin vercauteren

tell me why he just jailed and sacked one of Russia’s governor and his Jewish ally and wife you are just lying and projecting the US relations with the Jewish in their handling Putin does not like Zionists but not all jews are Zionists just like all Americans are not member of the KKK learn some facts idiot

Fog of War

Whatever you say sweet heart . Kisses ……………….

– The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin –


– Putin’s Chosen People –

What’s behind the Russian president’s close relationship with an Orthodox Jewish sect?


” Officially opened by President Vladimir Putin, the Chabad-affiliated Centre has a library, kosher restaurant, concert hall, gym and art gallery. It also houses the new Maryina Roschcha Synagogue, which can seat 2,000 people. ”


” Putin’s Jewish embrace: Is it love or politics? ”


erwin vercauteren

cupcake you are a lot of crap everybody knows all this is just propaganda , there is no refusal of the fact that Jews are living in Russia and are involved in society but does not mean they are Zionists just like the JEWS in my town are not Israeli and 100% anti Zionists and do not recognize Israel but for cupcake size intelligence😁( like you )it’s a little hard to accept and understand that fact so what ever you say Cupcake kisss my A .. with your highly likelies and conspiracy BS keep watching MSN that is more of your level of reality

Fog of War

A douche bag speaks. How cute.


Just like I said, the deployment of neonazi battalions close to Crimea by the Zionazi coup Kiev regime would allow for the Ziocorporate terrorists’ deployment of some new stuff in Ukraine to ensure “stability” for more Zioterrorist business and partnership with Putin.

“US Makes Large Military Hardware Delivery To Ukraine’s Army After Biden Pledged “Crimea is Ukraine” https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/us-makes-large-military-hardware-delivery-ukraines-army-after-biden-pledged-crimea

thomas malthaus


Russia exports roughly 535,000 barrels per day to America per of 2020 figures.


Saudi Arabia at nearly 300,000 per day. A noticeable change near June of 2020.


Canada supplies roughly 4,000,000 barrels per day.



Mexico contributes about 700,000 barrels per day.

Articles of interest to those who connect the dots. Mexico and Saudi Arabia are in deep stage of oil depletion amidst a global economic crisis. Canada appears relatively “flush.” It seems doubtful Ottawa and Trudeau aren’t US compliant.

Russia’s remaining oil reserves might be open to question.

Band Itkoitko

No worries. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness and justice shall be satisfied and oversatisfied, filled and overflowing. The proud and arrogant, those cynic and filled with hubris and deceit will be scattered. The meek and humble will be exalted and truly will inherit the earth. I think we will witness that and it will be like an incredible lesson. “Those Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled, and Those Who Humble Themselves Will Be Exalted”. Soon. A bit more patience is needed.

Assad must stay

Inshallah from your keys to Gods eyes lol


Well, it looks like they are going to drag everything out into the public eye. What I am interpreting is that SF will be the first target to be torn to pieces. I suspect that names, dates and activities are to be exposed and counter moves are in store. That will functionally neuter SF and while doing it, will drive the price of those activities to unsustainable limits. SF can´t function if everybody knows exactly when, where, who´s involved and how they are operating. The bell has rung, it is going to be very messy from here on in. My take.

Rodney Loder

Could be a response to Alaska Summit, Russia playing down Chinese aggression.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

What aggression?

Did I miss a Chinese humanitarian drone strike on a land far away from China? lol

Rodney Loder

Aggression isn’t only physical it’s psychological as well, the Chinese Director of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi offered the US representative out, and what did the US do , they ordered the media to leave the room and began frantically apologising to Mr Yang.

A few hours later the President Joe Biden was falling (3 times ) going up a few steps to board his plane.

Makes you wonder why Nixon and Reagin began cow tailing to China, I always assumed it was to isolate the Soviet Union, however going by China’s reaction and also to the lies being told about Xinjiang maybe Nixon and Reagin weren’t as stupid as they made out.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Ronnie would have been setting up deals with China to compete with, or detract from Japan, who in those days were the ones getting the economic war bashing from the States. Too many Hondas, Nissans, Sony’s and Toshiba’s showing up poor quality US made goods. Nixon saw his chance to make sure the USSR and CCP didn’t get their act together after their falling out, and his work bore more fruit. Japan appeased the US, and has hollowed itself out, while China is now booming in all levels of industry and technology, and they are now best buddies with Russia.

That’s what happens when you elect a new leader every 4 years. These days, the POTUS can’t go 4 minutes before he forgets where or who he is. lol

Rodney Loder

Japan was built up and taken down in Reagan’s first term, from top to bottom in one idiotic machination, but Japan wouldn’t import US manufactured goods after that, neither would anyone else, your right.not wrong.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Didn’t the South Koreans also gain from that strip down of Japan? I think LG and other South Korean firms were given licenses to build Japanese products with tech transfers, licensing or other.


At long last the commendable patience of Russian diplomacy with the West has reached its zenith.

Now is the time to reply to the West in a fashion that the Western populations will understand.

Cartoons are a time tested way if connecting with all sections of society and the global reach of information amplifies this reach.

A simple cartoon that illustrates ‘US’ projection of their crimes onto innocent 3rd parties can easily be crafted to illustrate the ‘US’ double standards and lies.


Dick Von Dast'Ard

In Yorkshire they call a spade a spade.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

You get 10 years for that now though under race relations act, lol.

Peter Jennings

It seems the gloves are coming off. There’s a limit to anyone’s patience.

In the past, western press and media have been able to feed lies to their patrons without much in the way of rebuttals or credible counter information from the ‘enemy’. We now live in an age of instant global communication, so lies can be easily debunked if one looks in the right places. Old ‘cold war’ countries have got their media act together too and will no longer allow lies to stand.

From now on the US admin will be getting it back in spades. Or at least Kamala will. Creepy uncle Joe the usurper will be taking a nap.

Porc Halal

… In the basement under its rock

Assad must stay

“Left us no other choice” time for war now

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The Ivy League boys are always shouting that, but since they call the fodder deplorable, they’re on their own, lol.

Lone Ranger

Hear hear.


This is what Smedley Butler said,a former USMC General many years ago and he was spot on,what gets me is many people know what criminal scumbags the Americans are,yet they still support them,zombified cattle.


Peter Moy

Yes, the observations of the two time Medal of Honor recipient were way ahead of his time. “War is a racket” sums up a large part of the US foreign policy of death, destruction, misery, terror, instigation, provocation, infiltration and hypocrisy. The world is definitely upside down for the reckless, degenerate, arrogant, condescending, infantile, little freaks in Washington, DC. (Out of a cat’s sense of curiosity; is your screen name affiliated to the former town councilman, member of the British parliament, major general of cavalry and Lord Protector of England, Wales and Scotland or the British World War II Cruiser Tank Mark VII, with a 75 mm. gun?)


Indeed it is,we know Oliver Cromwell was no angel but who was in those times?i imagined what side i would have been on in the civil war,without doubt it would have been the Parliamentarians under Cromwell.

Jihadi Colin

I reread Butler at least once a year. The man is one of my (few) genuine American heroes.

cechas vodobenikov

much of Western Europe has succumbed to amerikanism—“putrefaction” as Heidegger described amerikan ugliness…by 1969 even Lewis Mumford believed nothing could save the ugliness and immorality of amerikanism…fortunately the degenerate empire is near collapse– for all to celebrate

Tommy Jensen

But unfortunately the ugliness and immorality tentacles are spread across the globe especially to Europe meaning 80% of the worlds purchasing power are in the hands of human degeneration.

Tommy Jensen

The problem with the Russians is that they want to become equal partners with an American.

They cant see that US and our Allies are from the free and civilised world with usury loans, thus we got dollares and they got nothing!…………………………LOL.

ME, China and Russia are not free because the Muslims banned usury loans in the Quran, and Russia and China think they can just make totalitarian communist countries without usury………and call it freedom……………………………LOL.

Thats why we liberate all countries in the world so they also can get usury loans and dollares………and they love it because they got dollares………………………….LOL.


Could you translate that into English, please?


a prerequisite from the wall street cabal/white house is an express willingness to become borrowers on a paramount and bankrupting level, and while agreeing to the terms offered put every last thing/property/gold/commodities etc in hock as security for the loan. it’s brilliant reasoning.


Russia enjoys a clear advantage over the US because Russia does not have to track and orchestrate a grotesque array of disinformation, propaganda and blatant lies in a vain attempt to maintain a semblance of integrity on the world stage.

Russia has merely to point to objectively verifiable events and things in the physical world. That is the mirror effortlessly held up to the distorted countenance of the aging mountebank Uncle Shmuel. And you can bet Uncle Shmuel doesn’t like his own reflection because it puts him in the deplorable position of having to repeat or concoct another batch of lies to cover for the propaganda he already disseminated and that no one believes in anymore. And so it will go on to the bitter end as the US unravels under its own ideological inconsistencies, just like the USSR did in the 1980s.

And this is true for China and Iran as well. And that’s just another way of saying Russia and China and Iran all enjoy the moral upper hand. How times have changed.


I must admit that watching the US, UK and Canada in the news lately is quite amusing as they are all shocked that China dared to retaliate on sanctions imposed on them. The days of bending over for the western world is over.

The same goes for Russia. They will no longer take it where the sun don’t shine. While the US and UK are by far, the two were terrorist states, they constantly accuse others of what they do or provoke on a daily base.

While the MSM will continue to protect western lies, many are now tuning in to smaller sites to get facts. The western world is falling apart while Russia and China are moving forward.

Mike Fink

Until the RF is in a position that it can defend its interest the Americans will continue to run roughshod.


Good article! There was a recent coup in Washington and the same lawless cutthroats are occupying the US Capitol as the wretched bunch of criminals that started arriving from England like rabid rats beginning the 16th century.


Way to go Maria .Finally the gloves are off and we can now speak the same language as the neocons with a little bit of tongue in cheek of course ,just so they understand . Its about time .If diplomacy is not in their language then maybe a more direct language will be understood.

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