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Russia Suspends Work of Hotline with Pentagon in Syria

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Moscow has suspended work of a hotline with the Pentagon on Syria after a US missile strike on an airbase of the Syrian Air Force.

Russia Suspends Work of Hotline with Pentagon in Syria

Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov (Photo: TASS / Press Service of the Russian Defense Ministry / Sergey Bobylev)

The Russian Defense Ministry suspends work of a hotline with the Pentagon, envisaged by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), since April 8. A US military attache has received a corresponding note, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, told journalists on Friday.

“About an hour ago, the Russian military department summoned a military attache at the US Embassy in Moscow, to whom the Russian side officially handed over a note on suspension of fulfilling its obligations under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Defense Ministry and the Pentagon on prevention of incidents and ensuring safety of sorties of the air power during the operation in the Syrian Arab Republic since 00:00 of April 8, 2017,” Konashenkov said.

The Major General denied reports of US media that Russia had preserved the hot line with representatives of the US military department in the framework of the Memorandum on preventing aerial incidents in Syria.

He also noted that the corresponding note had also been sent to the Pentagon via military-diplomatic channels in the afternoon of Friday.

The fact that the Russian Defense Ministry was going to stop contacts with the Pentagon within the framework of the Memorandum became known on Friday. The Russian side decided to take such a step after a strike, carried out by US destroyers with cruise missiles on an airbase of the Syrian Air Force in Shayrat.

The Memorandum was developed in October 2015. It contains a set of rules and restrictions, aimed at preventing incidents between the air powers of Russia and the US in the sky over Syria. A round-the-clock operational communication was established between the two countries, a mechanism of interaction, including mutual assistance in the event of crisis situations, was defined.

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USP DT emerged another scum like ExUSPB.

Petros Tsemtsekis

Uauuu! That was very hard man. Russia shows her teeth…


Russia is not USSR because USSR had their tanks near Frankfurt. And they had many. Today NATO has their tanks near St.Petersburg. More and more every day.

Russia is trying to look/act like a superpower, but they are actually scared. They are pretending they are not, but they are… I don’t blame them: another western crusade on Moscow is on the horizon, just look at this insane WAR propaganda in western media, it’s not about Syria, it’s all about Russia; their strategic position is bad, they cannot win a conventional war with NATO (plus all other American ‘allies’/vassals), and no one can win a nuclear war (again, they are in worse position even there). And they can’t even trust China, Xi JIngping was in Florida yesterday partying with Trump (while he was bombing Syria!).

But I do agree they need to define their ‘red lines’, soon. The Empire is after them, Trump or Clinton doesn’t matter obviously.


the US and its allies should be scared too, because russia is no pushover/third world country and has many weapons and nukes


True, but they have many ‘allies’/vassals to sacrifice, NATO has 5-6 times more people than Russia, and they will sacrifice Americans as well – war is good for business after all… it was the American Civil War, and both WWs that made America ‘great’ in the first place. I’m not sure they are crazy enough to risk a full scale war, but maybe they’ll try to humiliate and defeat Putin in Syria (limited conflict); their main goal is to overthrow him, one way or another – the russian presidential elections are soon (2018).


You are both correct.

Russia cannot win a protracted war with Nato as it just has a small population, a weak economic base and not the best strategic position.

On the other hand, because of Nato underinvestment in military hardware, there is a five to ten year window for Russian adventures and after the Crimea Nato believes Putin to be adventuresome and feels vulnerable, hence more troops towards the frontier.

Both parties have to some extent been foolish and should take measures to decrease tensions.

Production lines for several key pieces of military hardware have been or are upgraded. Best to stop now at both sides.


well its countries like israel who are using the US and NATO to do their dirty deeds. if push comes to shove and the US attacks and is retaliated upon, would NATO still help, if they were the aggressor?


I cannot answer that as I am not in any government of a Nato country. As far as the Nato charter goes, article 5 clearly states if attacked. The Netherlands would not be obliged to aid the US if they were an agressor and were counterattacked.

My honest reponse is, it would depend on circumstances

Nelson Benjamin Vieira

Russia should close the airspace of Syria and enforce no fly zone in the whole syria and stop to cooperate with pentagon because they do not want good relations with russia. Russia must use her super weapon / Electronic warfare and switch off all the power of pentagon and force pentagon to humble himself for negotiations because Russia is indeed the only Superpower with the new Electronic warfare and stop the war in Syrian by desarming the warlords of NATO by switch off all the communications in USA and declare her sanctions against Wall Street/senate and hot war/ war 3 because pentagon knows well that they can never go hot war with Russia and people of USA will revolt against pentagon and the senate when Russia declare HOT WAR 3 against NATO. So peace will come on earth when Russia attacks and NATO be fearful with the senate because will win the world War 3. The sanctions of USA senate against russia will be a declaration of WAR 3 because anyone who blocks you to eat means he wants war 3 , so Russia must declare war3 against the economies sanctions by switch off the communications of the sanctionists and they will respect Russia that is now the sole Superpower. Russia should stop seeking approach USA because USA that needs now Russia because of her Electronic WARFARE SUPERWEAPON. Befiore Russia has good relations with USA , russia must demonstrate her SUPERPOWER so everyone will respect Russia and all will come to the table of negotiation where Russia will be the sole LORD OF THE WORLD. peace comes always after the hot war where everyone knows one another not by medias.

Nelson Benjamin Vieira

The next world war 3 will never be nuclear war because God will never let that to happen , that why God gives wisdom to Russia with the Super WEAPON of ELECTRONIC WARFARE TO SWITCH OF ALL THE SATELLITES, MISSILES, COMMUNICATIONS, ETC, and the war will won in one hour by Russia and desarme all the warlords and be the sole LORD OF THE WORLD. That should be happening by 2025 , times set by GOD for russia to rule the world by peaceful desarming all the warlords. But if they are now pushing Russia and do not want to recognize the miracle of RUSSIA, then God will even hang early the power to Russia By 2022 and there will hot war 3 for one hour so everyone will know the Truth by true actions not anymore by medias. Russia is anointed by God to rule the world by 2025 after Mr. Trump 2 mandates to enable the USA and Russia to settle peacefully, but if they refuse the PEACE OF MR. TRUMP, they will be having HOT WAR and bring Russia to the LORDSHIP EARLY THAN 2025 , because no power in this world will even change the will of GOD for Russia to rule peacefully the world and Mr. Putin will be in power until his last day on earth over 2037 where they will a young man who will take over from him after his death. That young man is in his early 30s and Mr. Putin does not even know him but God will show him the man as God showed Mr. Yeltsin Putin in his last days in power. So the world must recognize Russia as the NEW LORD OF THE WORLD to avoid HOT WAR 3. AFter the rule of Russia, then ISRAEL WILL BE THE LAST RULER UNTIL CHRIST IS BACK FOR RAPTURE. BECAUSE GOD IS EXTENDING HIS MERCY OF CROSS TO ISRAEL BY SEPARATING ISRAEL FROM USA FOR ISRAEL SAKE IN ORDER TO ENABLE ISRAEL TO REPENT AND EMBRACE THE CROSS OF JESUS AND JESUS CHRIST AS THE MESSIAH. ONCE ISRAEL EMBRACES JESUS CHRIST IN THE LORDSHIP OF RUSSIA, THEN THEY WILL LEAD THE WORLD AND CHRIST WILL BE BACK BECAUSE OF THE LOVE OF GOD FOR ISRAEL. BECAUSE OF THE MERCY OF THE CROSS UPON RUSSIA THAT WHY CHRIST IS DELAYING TO COME BACK AND GOD WANTS TO LASTLY BRING ISRAEL TO HIMSELF. BUT ISRAEL KNOWS THAT SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE PROTECTION OF USA, THEN SHE WILL SEEK GOD FACE AND EMBRACE CHRIST, AND GOD WILL GIVE HER ANOTHER WISDOM TO LEAD THE WORLD UNTILL THE COMING OF CHRIST . AMEN

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