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Russia Suspends Joint Patrols With Turkey On M4 Highway In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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Russia Suspends Joint Patrols With Turkey On M4 Highway In Syria’s Greater Idlib

A Russian soldier gestures during a patrol near the Syrian and Turkish border in north Syria on Friday. Oct. 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)

Russia had suspended joint patrols with Turkey on the M4 highway in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, revealed on August 14.

Zakharova told reporters that the decision to suspend the joint patrols was taken due to the continued provocations by the remaining militants in Greater Idlib.

“Terrorists have increased the number of attacks on government positions and nearby settlements and are not halting provocations in the security corridor along the M4 highway. In this regard, joint patrols on the highway have been temporarily suspended,” the TASS news agency quoted Zakharova as saying.

The spokesman added that the repeated drone attacks on Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base were of a “particular concern” for Moscow. The attacks are launched from Greater Idlib.

“Achieving a lasting stabilization in the Idlib de-escalation zone is possible only if the terrorists are neutralized,” Zakharova.

Russia and Turkey agreed to implement a ceasefire in Greater Idlib and secure the M4 on March 5. The agreement put an end to a dangerous military confrontation.

The joint Russian-Turkish patrols on the M4 faced several challenges, most notable was the July 14 suicide attack. Three Russian service members were injured in the attack. Despite some delays, two successful patrols were conducted on July 22 and August 12.

The suspension of joint patrols indicates that Greater Idlib is heading towards a new escalation. According to recent reports, that militants are plotting a new attack on Syrian government forces in southern Idlib. Moscow is apparently aware of these hostile plans.


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I find it difficult to understand putin bromance with erdogan

Lone Ranger

Putin knows if Erdogan falls the cia will take over Turkey.

thomas malthaus

I think it’s accurate to conclude Erdogan has a grand Middle East plan designed around a Muslim Caliphate.

What should be an important concern to President Putin is whether Erdogan is facilitating radical Muslim ratlines into the Russian Federation.

Lone Ranger

He wants to resurrect ttbe Ottoman Empire. But its easier to deal with him than with the CIA.

Антон С

“But its easier to deal with him than with the CIA.”

Let me prove it. Erdogan’s deputy said that Turkey and Russia has 16-17 wars. As I remember, it was 12-13 times. 1 time was a draw (1717), 1 time Russia lost to coalition including Turkey (1850’s), but the rest 9-10 times… Just look at map of Osmanian empire (as we call it) before wars with Russia and after, in 1917th, date of last war.

http://historic.ru/books/item/f00/s00/z0000029/pic/map25.jpg https://66.media.tumblr.com/78f0ed2e9b1181969805581f6bc07731/tumblr_pgi0ikm8pM1vuavi7o1_1280.jpg

Servet Köseoğlu

ottomans just lost the Kırım which was a vassal state…besides they were already declining like a rocket after vienna siege….Russia used the advantage…but ı have to admit they adapted their state so quickly in every way..(cities,naval etc)..the other wars russia won with the help of their allies Habsburg,english-french navy at navarinbritish assist at ceshme,romanians at balkan wars.ı cant blame them they used diplomacy wisely.There is also prut war 1711 ottoman victory.. Now ıf anyone thinking a turkish-russia war he clearly doesnt understand international relations.. Russia is making serious money through Turkey. Because of shitty idlib there will be no war just air bombings to hts thats it.

Антон С

Who said it’s war now? Turkey is easier enemy than USA in the case of probable war, that’s all.

“Russia is making serious money through Turkey. Because of shitty idlib there will be no war just air bombings to hts thats it.” Exactly. We no need to fight. Another forces should be destroyed by SAA, including terrorist camp in At-Tanf.

Servet Köseoğlu

there are lots of people dreaming about russian-turkish confrontation believe me.. as they managed to succeed centuries ago…(anglo-saxons)…

Brother Ma

Simple…It’s a love /hate relationship. Putin loves Erdogan and Erdogan hates Putin.

Servet Köseoğlu

ı dont think he hates him …Putin deserves respect in every way….he did too many things for Russian people


“Maria Zakharova, a spokesman”

Thanks SF, for not using globohomo gender-neutral newspeak. Even tho Zakharova is a woman, the ‘spokesman’ appellation is appropriate, since men and women are both part of mankind.

Globohomo gender-neutral newspeak is one of the things that make western-controlled fake news media intolerable.

Regarding the subject, it seems like things are heading towards another battle. I am not so sure it will be the cakewalk that some are suggesting. Turkiye is very dangerous, and it’s one of the few NATO members that hasnt had it’s troop proficiency undermined by woke rainbow marxism.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Just a coup attempt, with a few hundred thousands of senior civil, judicial and military members fired but still ready to fall back in if Erdogan outdoes himself.

It looks like the Russians are clearing the decks for a solution to this problem, or maybe that’s what they want people to think.

Concrete Mike

Proper grammar is not globo homo, you uncultured swine. Read a book or two and educate yourself.

Edit: what makes globo homo news unbearable is that they all say the same thing, verbatim. Their job is to mamufacture consent, thats it!


“Maria Zakharova, a spokeswomyn for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia”

Does this jibe better with your woke sensibilities?

“Concrete Mike, Wokesman for the Ministry of Gender Affairs of the western left”

A thousand pardons for assuming your gender. I didn’t see your personal pronouns listed…


So its taken six months for Russia to wake up,end those patrols and get behind the SAA to liberate Idlib,problem is the Turks and their terrorist girlfiends have had all this time to prepare with more weapons and fortifications,it will now cost more lives.

thomas malthaus

Erdogan has made enemies in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Cyprus, Libya, Russia, et al. I think he’s going beyond what passes for a short-term trend.


Maybe but what makes us think russia and syria didn’t prepare more far more ferociously?


I hope they have.


here it comes.

S Melanson

Have we finally buried the last foul smelling remnant of the Astana Process. It has taken so long I was beginning to think to big to fail but the reality is that it was designed to fail.


Outstanding news. Remarkable


Russia probably wants these Idlib joint patrols to continue until 2060..

Cheryl Brandon

good decision

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