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Russia Supports Deployment Of Syrian Air-Defense Forces In Northeastern Region (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have begun deploying air-defense systems in the country’s northeastern region with a direct support from Russia.

On December 4, the North Press Agency (NPA) released a video showing at least one Syrian Pantsir-S1 short-range air-defense (SHORAD) system heading towards the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

The Syrian air-defense system was accompanied by several armored vehicles of the Russian Military Police and even two helicopters of the Russian Army Aviation.

According to local sources, the system was deployed in a Russian base around Ain Isaa. These claims have not been confirmed, so far.

The Pantsir-S1 is armed with two dual 2A38M 30 mm autocannon guns along with up to twelve radio-command-guided 57E6 surface-to-air missiles with an operational range of 20 km and a flight altitude of 10 km.

Russia Supports Deployment Of Syrian Air-Defense Forces In Northeastern Region (Video)

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Last October, Damascus and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reached an agreement allowing the SAA to enter the northeastern region. The agreement is aimed at countering the Turkish-led attack on the region.

In the last few weeks, Turkish drone strikes killed several civilians in northeastern Syria. The deployment of air-defense system could help to limit such activities of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) in the region.

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Mehmet Aslanak

“These claims have not been confirmed, so far.” -> Author is right to cast doubt on those news. Russia still coordinates with Turkey, not with Kurdish Kommunist Party; PKK/YPG. Since US returned to steal Syrian oil, Kurds stopped communicating with Russians. So, until Russian or Turkish news come out about the subject, consider it as fake.

Hanny Benny

watch and see how the turkish terrorists will one for one disappear from Syria. in the end the aggressor turkey will be shattered ;)

Ali Alsaaidi

Would turkish troops attack us forces if they keep give weapons to the YPG ?

Mehmet Aslanak

US forces working with Kurdish Kommunist Party (PKK/YPG) are not giving any heavy weapons to the guerilla. US-Turkey secret deal in 2015 is in that way. No enmity between US & Turkey. US forces working in Incirlik AFB with Turkish colleagues, just like al-Baghdadi operation. Choppers departed from the base & brought the orphan kids at return for the foster families in Turkey.

Ali Alsaaidi

But the S400 row will that escalate and Will turkey get the F35

Concrete Mike

Maybe its turkey’s way to get out of the f35 robbery program.

Karen Bartlett

Whose children were the orphans?

Ishyrion Av

Erdogan’s. Some of his wives passed away of old age.

Ishyrion Av

Russia is preparing to shut down a Turkish F-16. According with the rules, of course.

Pave Way IV

…or a CIA blackhawk ‘evacuating’ our ISIS assets or bringing in fresh sacks of money to the terrorists du jour. If it’s CIA, then it’s not really there and Russia couldn’t shoot possibly one down. It will just be a ‘mystery unmarked aircraft’ in the news and Russia will leave it at that.


North Press Agency, are they SDF affiliated ?

It would be about time that Syria declares all of its nation a “no fly zone”. Both American and Turkish air forces need to pay a price for violations. It will require more than just one Pantsir unit though.


Well, every journey begins with a single step.


SHORAD deployment comes before the medium/long range AD systems. Apparently, Russia or SyAAD will soon be deploying BUK,KUB,S-300/400 to completely shut down northern/eastern Syria airspace. Great news! :)

Ishyrion Av

Yes, they will close it against the turkey first. They like to fly uninvited in someone else’s country.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

An improvement.

Mehmet Aslanak

Next fake news from Kurdish communist guerilla wearing SAA uniforms is Russia supports bringing Santa Clause in order to prevent Turkish air support over peace corridor.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just 1 Pantsir, that’s just an invitation to the SNA to come and destroy it, and no deterrent at all to the Turks, sitting duck comes to mind, a very expensive sitting duck. I suspect there’s more Pantsir and other AA/radar systems being mobilized to the region as well, modern AA systems only work well when linked with other launchers/radars, and also have support/control from a command centre. The command centre accesses all launchers/radars data and then directs the appropriate launcher with the appropriate missile to attack the most viable target, or protect the most vulnerable launcher/radar in it’s defensive system. Just one Pantsir seems to be nowhere near enough for the job in hand, 10 to 15 maybe would be but they’d have to be linked to a good radar system to really be effective, and have a couple of longer range S-200’s incorporated into the system as well. This Pantsir might be just the first to arrive or maybe even the last who really knows, maybe they already have a network of launchers and radars already in position and ready to be switched on, and now the SAA are just waiting for a couple of confirmed Turkish jets to fly over the border before they switch them on and make them operational, or is that just more wishful thinking, mmm, I can’t imagine the SAA being so stupid as to send just one short range AA system into this deathtrap all by itself, at least I hope they haven’t.

Derek Johnson

That convoy could be going anywhere we just have the word of North Press Agency that its going to the said destination.

Watch the video at 0.25 speed you will see what i believe to be a Russian convoy, i see no SAA, just dark green Russian trucks, Military police, ambulances , what looks like two BTR-82’s APC in Russian colors with European numbers (sure SAA use Arabic numbers but i could be wrong)

SouthFront even take this story with a pinch of salt so say “These claims have not been confirmed, so far.” If its going anywhere its to protect Russian facilities, NPA just trying to make feelgood news (wishful thinking as you so rightly put it) for the beleaguered civilians.

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