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JUNE 2021

Russia To Supply Syrian Coastal Guard With New Patrol Boats – Media

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Russia To Supply Syrian Coastal Guard With New Patrol Boats - Media

Russia will supply the Syrian Coastal Guard with new patrol boats and other equipment, the Shephard Military News website has reported.

According to the report, the delivery of boats will begin in 2017 year and will be completed until 2019. It’s not known what kind of boats it is until now, but it’s believed that Moscow will supply Project 03160 High Speed Patrol Boats.

The Project 03160 is one of the world’s most modern patrol boats with a range of 100 nautical miles and a speed of up to 90 km/h. Equipped with a 2,000-hp twin-waterjet power plan, it also has a modern marine radar and several modern electro-optical night-daytime systems. It’s armed with 14.5-mm Uprava-KORD remote-controlled fighting module and 2 7.62mm machine guns. Such boats can be used for counter-terrorism and special operations, or search and rescue operations SAR.

Through this step, Russia aims to develop the capabilities of the Syrian Coastal Guard and the Syrian Navy and help them to secure the Syrian coast against possible terrorist acts or smuggling attempts. Russia had previously deployed two Project 03160 boats at its Tartus naval facility, but it is still uncertain whether Syria would get them. However, Russia is committed to assist the struggling Syrian Navy according to the Tartus naval base agreement.

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This should really be one of Syria’s priorities : boats to prevent smuggling.


Nice also give them more armaments on the boats, and some frigates, destroyers, sub’s, etc


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Brad Isherwood

Kurds are also involved in Opium Trade which spills into Iran which is having increased
User dependency.
Opium could be run out of Kurdish Syria with US/CIA.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The CIA have been doing it for a long time why they need the base at Taqba .

Brad Isherwood

Even though Fetullah Gulen is in USA,his network ran Opium from Afghanistan with
Erdogan having a falling out with him suggests Erdogan wanted access to the Opium
Trafficking action.
Russian Jewish Oligarchs may also be connected to the Opium circuit.
They were long time in narcotics since Lebanon was previous east Mediterranean
Casino and money launder.
Syria controlled the roads to the ports,…getting their cut on the action.
Syrian war has shuffled the deck on who has access now.

John Whitehot

no worries, call Air America…

Brad Isherwood

Yup….that’s what V 22 Ospreys are for.
Pondering if France was operating in Opium Trade out of Syria,…hence their
Angst in the Syrian war….as other players cutting into the action.
Frances long history in Syria would have a narcotics legacy going back to the
Club med /Lebanon and Casino/money launder.
Syria controlled the roads to the Lebanese ports…getting their cut of the action.

After Chili is done…….Tonight’s movie is Air America : )

John Whitehot

didn’t know there was a movie about it.. i’m eager to watch it and already expect some lols and lmaos.


Indeed, that is something never mentioned about Kurds in western media – the Kurdish organized criminal syndicates that smuggle alcohol and heroin into the Iranian Republic.


Is that range correct? 180 km seems very shitty for a craft that can go 90 km/h.


It shoud say operational radius instead of range.
Wikipedia says that CB90 (very similar boat) has range of 240 nmi (440 km) at 20 knots.

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