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Russia Successfully Tests Advanced Anti-Ballistic Missile (Video)


Russia Successfully Tests Advanced Anti-Ballistic Missile (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The Russian Armed Forces successfully carried out the launch of an upgraded missile of a ballistic missile defense system at the Sary-Shagan Range in Kazakhstan, the Armed Forces’ press service revealed on December 1.

“A combat unit of the Air Defense and Missile Defense Forces of the Aerospace Force successfully carried out another test launch of the advanced missile of the Russian ballistic missile defense system,” the press service stated.

According to Missile Defense Task Force Commander Sergei Grabchuk, “the new antimissile missile proved out its specifications after a series of testing and successfully implemented the task by hitting the ‘target’ with the given accuracy.”

Previously, the Armed Forces reported tests of advanced anti-ballistic missiles in February, April, July and August 2018.

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  • meridius

    It appears to have a formidable start up speed.

    • Jesus

      Antiballistic missiles normally have to develop speeds similar to the ballistic missile, 7kms per second.

  • John Whitehot

    it must be the new esoatmospheric intercept vehicle.

    don’t know how it is denominated, but it will probably be deployed around Moscow like the previous Gazelle/Galosh/Gorgon systems.

    Having the US exited the abm treaty though should potentially guarantee Russia the ability to deploy these systems on guard around other sites too.

    • Jesus

      This missile is part of the A235 Nudol air defense system, the video shows a silo launched interceptor, it is quite likely they can be mobile as well, working in conjunction with the S500 system.

      • paul ( original )

        Since the missile was delivered and launched from a cylindrical pod, it look like it could be mobile. After all was it really necessary to lower the pod into the silo?

        • Jesus

          Yes, current ABM defenses around Moscow (A-135) are placed in silos, the A235 would go in the same silo.
          Yes, I see them being mobile like the S400 and S500.

        • John Whitehot

          you need fixed installations to launch it.
          the missile pod is just the “reload”. Once a missile is launched, the empty pod is extracted, and the reload inserted in its place.

          so no, this system is not mobile.

          • paul ( original )

            Very informative. Thanks for taking the time to help me understand these things. I only have a superficial knowledge and am glad to receive help from those who are much more expert than me.

          • John Whitehot

            to add a little more, it should be clear that eso-atmospheric ABMs are nothing short of space-going rockets. They are designed to be able to operate outside the atmosphere, which means that the missile cannot maneuver by using its “wings”, but must rely on a reactive gas system (and its fuel load), in addition to a gimbaling main engine.

            The utmost interceptor would be one with the capability to stop and restart its main engine, and to throttle it.

            Of course to attain that, liquid fuel engines are necessary, which would make such system completely outside its weight and size requirements.

            So these missiles have solid fuel engines, yet their size and the complexity of the guidance systems require fixed installations.

            I wonder if, with today technology, it wouldn’t be possible to design an air based interceptor system. Fighters like the MiG-31 would probably be capable to employ one, although the guidance would likely have to rely on ground stations with an uplink to the fighter or even the missile itself. It probably goes by itself that the end-game guidance would most likely be entrusted to active radar.

            I’m saying this because such system, employed from the quasi-mesospheric altitudes the Mig-31 can reach, added to the fighter’s initial velocity, would require a much lighter and smaller missile, which in turn may have great advantages in terms of reaction speeds and kill percentage. Mounting a small nuclear warhead on this weapon, would probably make it highly strategic.

          • paul ( original )

            Interesting. Thinking about it a bit more I guess that the ABM system must be as ready as the offensive system they are intended to defeat. So I guess they must be able to be launched basically immediately as the warning of incoming missiles can not be more than a few minutes. So fixed permanently ready systems look to have some advantages. I don’t know how effectively they are able to destroy their targets. I think the Russians believe they can defeat the American system.

    • John Brown

      It will probably be deployed around Moscow, Sarmat heavy ICBM installations, SLBM bases so they can survive long enough to launch from the dock if need be, nuclear bomber bases so the bases can survive long enough for nuclear bombers to take off to reach USSA targets and other critical military and civilian areas.

      • John Whitehot

        “nuclear bomber bases so the bases can survive long enough for nuclear bombers to take off to reach USSA”

        Nuclear armed bombers would be already on patrol in the skies, with another portion on runway alert.

        All the bombers would reach their targets, at least for what concern the first wave.

        Second waves and following – it’s way beyond any speculation.

  • ruca

    I’ve never seen a missile jump out of the gate like that! Judging by the photo it’s fast


      Even better, it’s a two stage launch. In the first stage, the missile is ejected from the launch tube and in the second stage, the high speed missile rocket motor starts.

    • John

      That thing was cooking right from the get go.

  • Andrei

    I have to be honest I have never ever seen so fast missile and I am a person ho is interested in military equipment but I can bet that America has no idea what just they witnessed.

  • Extreme_One

    A-235 PL-19 Nudol.
    Compared to A-135, the 2 main differences will be that the A-235 will use conventional warheads and it will be mobile.
    The missile defense systems A-235 and S-500 will form the basis for comprehensive, integrated aerospace defense system of Russia

  • Rob

    This is aerospace defence missile system called S-700. This will not allow any aircraft or missile in the aerospace of whole world. It will also eliminate all illicit satellites in the orbits around the earth.

    • Daniel Miller

      their is no sutch thing as the “S-700”

      • Rob

        Their is no sutch (such) thing as the “S-700”.

        The Russian minister mentioned it recently and then they have turned it to joke. So for cleavers only indication is enough.

  • Romeo Pesiao

    Yes, I absolutely doubted why during the launching, the missile and the launching pad had not focussed..