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Russia Successfully Tested ‘Nudol’ Anti-Satellite Missile System

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Russia Successfully Tested 'Nudol' Anti-Satellite Missile System


This post is based on the article released by BMPD blog

On March 26, Russia conducted a successful test of the anti-satellite missile “Nudol from the range in Plesetsk, the online news magazine “The Diplomat” reported citing US defense officials.

In US reports, the “Nudol” missile system has the index PL–19 (“PL” – the index of a rocket system, firstly tested from Plesetsk).

The cited US officials claimed that it had been the sixth test of the “Nudol” (forth successful) and the first done from the mobile launcher, worked out for this complex.

According to the Diplomat resources, firstly, system “Nudol” is a space (satellite) defense system, although it possesses characteristics of the missile defense system.

The report also noted the continuation of tests of the 53T6M upgraded in interceptor missile by Russia.  The 53T6M may see deployment around Moscow in the end of 2018.

According to reports, there have been five missile tests of the Nudol missile system:

  1. August 12, 2014 – from the range Plesetsk – unsuccessful (according to planet4589.org was succeed);
  2. April 22, 2014 – from the range Plesetsk – unsuccessful (according to the DoD and planet4589.org);
  3. November 18, 2015 – Plesetsk – successful;
  4. May 25, in 2016 – Plesetsk – successful;
  5. December 16, 2016 – accomplished from the central Russian part (the Kapustin Yar range) – successful.

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The US are doubtless making a ‘ very powerful and awesome’ bigger and better version made by the makers of the F35 :)


Hopefully it’s as “good” as the Patriotard missile.

Hideo Watanabe

Joke,isn’t it? With my long experience in manufacturing sector both in Japan and the US I am desperate of them. You know that only half of F-35 made delivered can fly. Can you imagine that the insulation material was somehow broken into pieces to get in fuel tank of F-35? Last year the outer panel of same model flew from Kadena air base of Okinawa to join the massive drill off Korean peninsula dropped off and F-22 halted taxiing after landing at the base in South Korea according to Stars & Stripes which says they don’t know why it happened. Anyway, it is the country where cars were sold forgetting to put break pad into the breaking system. This is a true story happened in 2010 when GM started selling Sonic.

Joe Ching

i like hideo helped g.e. and lockheed computerized the design of reagon’s and bush,jr’s space reactor, respectively. g.e. at least understood my work, the lockheed people couldn’t. i guess, since bush, all the good immigrant engineers went back to their own countries.

Pave Way IV

The reason the US is concocting the ‘Space Force’ is because our military would mostly shut down without recon, GPS and communication satellites. Especially in places on the other side of the planet, like… oh, say Syria. Or Iran. Unfortunately, a little too late – satellites are easy to kill. Poke the bear and you might lose an eye… or two.


Their supposed “5th generation weapons” would become useless without the and GPS input.


Further proof that a chain is only as strong as your weakest link.


Im fairly certain that the strategic weapons can have a “hardened” flight path programmed in to make it invulnerable to emp and EW effects…correct?


Yes it is but the A.I limited behavior will limit the complexity of their attack pattern. This complexity however become unnecessary as the weapons reach hypervelocity speed. For the record most modern missiles and military drones have built-in inertia guidance that uses it’s downloaded maps as reference when all else failed.

Vince Dhimos

In the translation provided by newsilkstrategies.com, this was tested before and is designed to carry a nuclear warhead that destroys the incoming ICBM: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/military-affairs/russian-defence-it-takes-a-nuke-to-kill-a-nuke

Frane Frlan

Video in that source shows A-135.


He is promoting his own blog and a subtle jewish propaganda; just saying


US satellite launches rely on Russian rocket engines, it is ironic that US sattelite deployment is dependent on the good will of an enemy.

Nudol system can be used to kill satellites and provide some good ABM defenses around strategic targets.

Robin Morritt

If anyone goes blowing things up in orbit, all the bits will be flying round at 25,000 mph for a hundred years. All satellites will get wrecked and space exploration made impossible. Perhaps it’s all a cunning plan by the lizard people or the Martians to imprison us on planet earth. The way we behave, I can’t say I’d blame them.


Debris in LEO will rather quickly fall back to earth. Most GPS and spy satellites are in LEO.

Alan Reid

Most GPS sattelites are a a very high altitude not leo…


All GPS/GLONASS/Galileo satellites are in Medium Earth orbit (MEO).

Alan Reid

Navstar 53, 12530 miles above the surface of earth, Not MEO most firmly in the High earth orbit realm,

But that’s just one Alan, surely you can tell us more then…

Ok, Navstar 16, that is 13202 miles over your head… Also high earth orbit…. even as old as it is.

Or the GLONASS, COSMOS 2289, 11887 miles.

None of these birds is considered low or medium altitude,

http://www.n2yo.com Have a look for yourself

Point is these GPS birds are not put into LEO or MEO because they want them high enough to avoid atmospheric drag AND high enough to avoid as much Van Allen rad as they can… LEO is for temporary use because it requires fuel to keep up the drag war, Orbits over 10000 miles the drag war is not an effect, this is why they use the high realm to do geostationary and GPS


All of those birds are considered MEO because HEO is at altitudes above that of a geosynchronous orbit (and 20,000km < 35,786 km).

Alan Reid

Oh well I guess you don’t get it, So again Navstar 62 20264 Km, Navstar 57 20000 Km, …… All The GPS Navstar satellites are flying at these HIGH levels, Splitting hair over the line in the sky is silly, GSO is 22236 miles and all GPS satellite are at mostly this level. My claim was GPS do not work at 100-1200 miles or LEO, MEO or up to 22236 covers altitude to GSO being that most fly at GSO i would class them a High or top of medium if you want… what ever.


You have problem accepting that there is internationally agreed terminology in existence, and I am the one who don’t get stuff.

Alan Reid

Splitting hairs over this is silly… You look at the top limits and i see the median, As to the point i say none of the GPS birds operate at 200 miles up, i.e. LEO, Most operate a 20000+ miles up well over median MEO of 10100 miles… Your looking at it your way and i see it in mine. Point is GPS is closer to HEO than MEO in vast numbers and that is the way it is…. Having a pissing contest about a definition altitude and missing the general gist of a point does not change the point i made.


I initially replied to what Hendrik wrote (because he was wrong). You replied to me like I was wrong too. I am just defending/explaining my initial post.


But you are right that the massive amount of debris would impose a threat for all satellites at similar altitude. This includes many communication satellites, but also the Russian Glonass system. It needs a kind of total war scenario to start killing satellites.

Robin Morritt

How did we end up here, Hendrick? Last big debate I remember was how to spend the “peace dividend” from the end of the Cold War.

Ivan Freely

China is contemplating on using laser-based satellites to “push” space junk into Earth’s atmosphere.

Source: https://phys.org/news/2018-01-china-space-junk-lasers.html


controlled demolition, maybe they hit Washington dc by accident

Alan Reid

Here is a real good story to focus your “spot the bull shit” detector on, 2007 China pissed into the punch bowl by shooting down that dead bird of theirs, The outrage was in the ABILITY, not the effects. Folks like me saw with crystal clarity the reason for this event, The intent was to CLEARLY signal the ability they have mastered. Like shit through a goose the propaganda flew about this demonstration, but China could not care one turd about all that. Now i would like to point to another hefty ‘Signal’ China has sent…


I have a few thing to say at that one too… ” Masher1


Sat, 02/03/2018 – 04:21 Permalink

Ok, lets put it this way, Suppose this rail gun is to shoot down SATELLITES what would you say then?

i can fathom many uses for a EM projectile launcher, but i can’t fathom a better one than as a system to shoot down all those big eyes in the sky and end the GPS targeting of the planet by the holders of that system. Looking at the basic and unthinking path is going to be very unfruitful in the coming major conflicts… Both Russia and China are doing stuff that could be huge game changers in any blundered into conflict the bankers have in mind to carpet the world in. Most news story material is insulting to even small children about any of the topics they might cover… This one is a very good example. China is the world leader in shooting down orbital targets, The users of this space have aa bunch of sitting duck birds up there, and they use them to threaten the entire world, developing a sound countermeasure is just going to happen, stupid claims like ‘they stole the tech’ will not be heard after you are using a string and a pair of tin cans to communicate after the war blows the shit out of your home and you live in a cave of rubble. Big bad America is not going to avoid the harshness of conflict like it did last world war, The bankers doing the money changer thing have looted the land and now the fingers are poised on the flush lever, North Korea seems as good a match as any to light the fuse, so they may do that, I do know the plans of Nose Bleed for North Korea will boomerang on the Yank in ways they will never know the harshness of until they are hip deep in the shit like every country in Europe was during the last big flush the bankers unleashed during WWII. Russia and China are like the USA was during WWII, detached and secure from conventional armies, Americas dependence on this high tech space based targeting GPS and communications system is well understood by the adversary, Dumbing down the masses about such matters is a very well understood tactic of the money changer and his army…. The American people are being groomed to react, Much like the previous populations so decimated in WWII were. History always repeats, these scum are very dogmatic in their plans and planning. You can learn from it or be a victim. (snip) Now for the keep tabs set, i will add some to this idea…. So why do i think this boat is not to shoot other boats like so many drew as a conclusion? Well firstly, putting a EM rail gun on the sea is a hard thing to do, No correct that, A freaking hard thing to do… but why do something this hard? What reason would a MOBIL sea based system be a very good thing to want to develop in the current operational realities of our time? Mobility of the planet can put a whole lot more of the target list into the range of this system… Some targets are a very long distant target to hit, Having access to the many locales to access those orbital pathways is vital. A land based system cannot match the versatility of a sea based system. Today the sky is littered with systems that are going to become a very dangerous hazard to anyone being targeted by those systems, A successful adversary is going to have to do some thinking about negation of those dangers if they are going to get anywhere against them. Just because the vast majority of the North American population looks down their nose a China and Russia does not mean they are right. America is at the edge of a time, that time was carpeted with arrogance and hubris, standing now at that edge, buff and powerful, contemplating another mass ass kicking in some remote land for profit and power for some far off, rarely noticed ruler…. One can see the lay of the land is tilting towards that cliff face and the masses on this tilting slope are assumed to be headed to the course set for them by the command they worship…. The whole while the forces placed on the board to fix a huge imbalance of the previous correction have been gifted with vast game changing technical glory much like the last era of correction was. EM projectile launching systems are going to become a very real thing when they give the go ahead to get it on… America is not the force i would worry about, The loss of the use of space for a time is going to hurt all humans in a most indiscriminate way, Nuclear weapons are another indiscriminate hazard too…. But bringing the conflict into normal and understood parameters is one point oft glossed over in any talk of widespread conflict. The Yank has big might, So the tactic will fit this reality, The other forces following evil will also have to deal with the reality of the game they play. the value of the wealth involved in the systems built upon the last travesty will be reconciled and recycled in formation of the next… But the wild card is also in play, Some times the plans become the problem, the path becomes the end… The fire burns the host instead of the enemy…. then the smart do smart things using the past as a guide to the present.”

Alan Reid

China is the leader, Russia is working the problem, Both know the high ground is the main place to concentrate. Shooting wars will get real messy in orbit, anything with a radio is going to be a target.

Tudor Miron

China is the leader?

Alan Reid

Yes, And i think even America is going to have to admit China cold end orbital operations if cooler heads fail to prevail.

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