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JUNE 2023

Russia Successfully Test-Launches Zircon Hypersonic Missile From A Warship

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Russia Successfully Test-Launches Zircon Hypersonic Missile From A Warship

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The newest Russian hypersonic cruise missile – the ZIrcon was test-launched from a warship for the first time, TASS reported.

The Project 22350 frigate Admiral Gorshkov shot the Zircon from the Barents Sea aimed at a ground target at a military training ground back in January.

This was reported by two anonymous sources in the authorities of the North-West Federal District.

“In accordance with the Zircon state testing program, in early January of this year, Admiral Gorshkov test-launched this missile from the Barents Sea aimed at a ground target at one of the military training grounds in the Northern Urals,” said one of the sources.

Another source confirmed this information, noting that the “Zircon flight range exceeded 500 km.”

The source also said that tests of Zircon from surface carriers will continue throughout 2020.

“After the completion of the test launch program from the Admiral Gorshkov, these missiles will be launched from nuclear submarines,” the source said.

In November 2019, the Northern Fleet press service reported that the frigate Admiral Gorshkov had arrived at the Belomorsk Naval Base (Severodvinsk) in preparation for testing new types of weapons.

The successful test shows that the new hypersonic missile, the Zircon can be equipped on surface ships, and also potentially on submarines in the future.

Progress is being made along all of the hypersonic weapons, since equipping the Kinzhal hypersonic missile on aircraft is also going along according to plan.

The commander of the troops of the Central Military District Aleksandr Lapin said that by the 2024, the MiG-31K fighter jets of the the Kansky regiment in the Krasnoyarsk Territory would be equipped with the Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Zircon has a speed of about 9 Machs and can hit targets at sea and on land at a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers.

The latest hypersonic missiles will be used from serial surface ships and submarines, including those capable of carrying Kalibr missiles.


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Great. The more Russia spends on these, the sooner it goes bankrupt. Russia can’t afford Putz Putin’s Greater Russia Follies and a new arms race with the US.

Lone Ranger

You are mixing up Russia with the U.S. ukroptrash ;) A few stats for you. Debt to GDP ratio Russia 12% vs 130% in the U.S. Debt per capita Russia $6000 vs U.S. $64,000. Forex Reserves Russia: $560billion vs $120billion in the U.S. Russia has a trade surplus of $300billion.per year vs U.S. has a trade deficit of $640billion.per year. U.S. debt is also growing $1.2 trill per year :) Better luck next time…


I like that, a good response based on verifiable data. ?


Verifiable but near meaningless. The poof is in the market pudding. And Russia has very high interest rates and inflation while the US has near zero. So in the real world Russia is in bad shape and the IS is just fine. You might consider taking Econ 101, Igor.

ivan cohen

tell this to millions homeless you have


And the US has near zero inflation and interests rates while Russia has very high inflation and near junk bond interest rates. So seems those in the know know better than you, Igor.

Lone Ranger

Russian bonds are fine, inflation rate is only 2%. While U.S. stock markets are about to crash :) Better luck next time hasbarat,the U.S. is broke busted and disgusted… It seems in the future you will have to pay for the weapons, no more free lunch…;)

Jim Bim

Reality check urgent needed.

klove and light



sure it was bahrain?


And falling. Plus cost of matching weapons and trying to match overseas bases. The Putz’s RF simply can’t afford it anymore than the late Great Soviet Empire could afford it.


What arms race flog,russia is so far in front,they can afford 20-30yrs development freeze and still be in formidable form,considering they can refine all of their gear towards perfection.


If you missed it, numbers of weapons count. And Russia simply can’t afford the numbers.

Damien C

Very worrying times for the USA it is years and countless billions behind Russia in hypersonics the USA can only look on in envy as their billions was wasted on planes that won’t fly or pilots don’t want to fly. Missile systems that have a 30% success rate, ships that are completely flawed, IFV’s with no protection and a bunch of wannabe captain Kirks in the new space-force

Lone Ranger

Most excellent. Good job Russia. Deterrence is gold. CIA trolls are crying and raging ;)


You can’t “successfully” do something.


explain – too cryptic for the simple minds on these threads.

Harry Smith

I think he tries to say that “success” can be measured only after work is complete. So it has to be “successfully launched” and not “successfully launches”.


You can’t “unsuccessfully” do something.


of course you can


Zircon is also good for penetrating Hasbara-rats media center.


and making rubble of the white house.


ovey leper joke321 is acting up and so be aware of fact that lepers are sort of avoid avoid avoid and the mere sight of a leper should make you run for your life.


Poor Snowflake. Can’t face the heat if opposition. Needs his safe space. Poor baby…

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